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Return to Kyoshi Island, Part 2: The Prophecy

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Return of the Zhiming Assassins

Suki was on edge. All around her there was darkness. It was as if everything had ceased to exist. Suddenly, she heard a voice. "Now, scream for me, Suki." The voice had haunted her dreams ever since she last heard it in reality. "You really don't think you can escape this, do you?" Suddenly, the face of Hong Wu appeared with a cynical smile on his face. Suki reached for her katana, but it was not there. She searched for her fans, but they were gone as well. Hong Wu's giant face got closer and closer and then disappeared.

Suddenly, Suki's hands and feet were bound and she had been gagged. She saw a man with short, dark, spiky hair facing her. "I will fulfill the prophecy," he whispered. "I will fulfill the prophecy!" the man's voice was getting louder. "Did you think you could stop me?! I WILL FULFILL THE PROPHECY!!!" Tai Kun roared. Suki tried to scream, but her restraints would not allow her.

"Suki, Suki!" a voice was shouting.

"Leave me alone!" Suki shouted somehow.

"Suki!" the Kyoshi Warrior recognized this voice and in seconds, a different image filled her vision. Suki awoke to see Bo shaking her awake. At the foot of the bed were Ling and Rong.

"Suki, are you okay?" Ling asked, worry filing his voice.

"We could hear you screaming all the way down the hall," said Rong.

Suki sat up in bed, trying to shake the images and voices from her mind.

"Hey, are you alright? You're sweating," Bo noted.

After a few moments, Suki answered. "Yeah, I'm fine, guys."

"Are you sure?" asked Ling.

"Yeah, don't worry, guys, I'm alright," Suki replied.

"Alright, good night," said Rong. The three heroes left the room without another word.

Suki pulled her covers over her and went back to sleep.

The next day everything was much quieter than it had been the previous night. Bo tumbled out of bed and went into Suki's room to check on her. When he got to her room, he found no one inside. Bo ran to the kitchen in the house the four friends had been staying in and found Ling and Rong. "Hey, have you guys seen Suki?"

"Yeah, she went to the dojo to train," Rong answered.

Bo left the house without sitting down to eat breakfast. As he ran outside, he heard a low growl come from the side of the house. "No, stay here, Feng. I'm just going to check up on Suki," said Bo. He then took off for the dojo.

Feng growled in compliance and lay down to continue his nap.

"Alright, ladies, now repeat after me," Suki instructed. She drew her fan without unfolding it and brought it down to her waist. As the other warriors followed, Suki thrust her fan forward, and then brought it over her head. She then swung it underhanded and jabbed it forward again. She finished by performing a thrust kick and bringing her fan in front of her face, this time unfolding it.

"Well, that was certainly impressive," said Bo. No one had even noticed he was standing in the doorway.

"Thanks, Bo! That is so nice of you," said Ty Lee.

"So, you guys think you could teach me something?" Bo asked.

Before Suki could answer, Oyaji walked into the dojo. "I am sorry to interrupt your training session, girls, but I have a letter for Suki and her friends," Oyaji informed them.

"Keep practicing," Suki ordered. "I'll be right back." She and Bo exited the dojo with Oyaji. Ling and Rong were already waiting outside. Suki opened the letter and read it aloud.

Dear, youngsters, I'm sorry to bother you like this, but I need your help.

Suki and her friends already knew who sent this letter.

I'm afraid those nasty Zhimings are back. I saw a couple of 'em crawlin' around here the other day, and I need your help to get rid of 'em. -Sincerely, your old friend, Mayor Nabi

Suki and her friends started exchanging worried glances. "I was afraid this would happen," Suki said, quietly.

"I'm sure it's no big deal," said Ling.

"Yeah, he did say there were only a few. There is no proof he was talking about any of the superiors," Rong added.

"Even if they are just regular Zhiming soldiers, who do you think sent them?" Suki questioned, aware that her friends knew the answer. "We were stupid for believing they would just go away."

"What ever happened to the Earth Kingdom regions they conquered?" Bo asked.

"I am afraid I do not know," Oyaji replied. "We have not heard anything ever since they fled the island six months ago."

"Well, now that we have heard something, we have to go and investigate," said Suki.

"Alright, let's go on an adventure!" Bo exclaimed.

"Bo, I know you are excited, but try to focus on the mission here," said Ling.

Suki whistled and in seconds, Feng came running to greet her. The giant eel hound gently rubbed his head against Suki's face. "Alright, buddy, it looks like we are heading for Gaoling. You can get us there, right?"

Feng growled in response.

"I knew you could."

As the rest of Team Suki climbed onto Feng, a voice was heard coming from the dojo. "Wait!"

Suki and her friends turned to see Ty Lee standing in the doorway. "I'm coming with you," she declared.

"Ty Lee, I know you want to help, but-" Suki started.

"No buts! I am not going to sit this one out!" Ty Lee objected. "It's like you said, I want to help. And you guys need me, so I won't take no for an answer!"

Suki hopped down from Feng's back and approached her fellow Kyoshi Warrior. Ty Lee prepared for Suki to scold her, but instead, the lead Kyoshi Warrior embraced her in a hug. "I'm sorry, Ty Lee. I just don't want you to get hurt," she admitted.

"I know you are worried, but you know I can handle myself in a fight."

"Well, you are the best warrior in the dojo besides me."

"Exactly, and besides, I owe that knife-y guy some payback from the last time we fought. You know you need my help. Just trust me."

After a few moments of pondering, Suki nodded her head. "Alright, you can come along."

"Oh, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Ty Lee exclaimed, hugging her friend, happily.

"Now, come one, let's go," Suki said. She and Ty Lee climbed onto Feng, and with a whip of the reins, they were off.

"Was the message sent?" asked a muscular man in green Earth Kingdom attire.

"Yes, my lord," answered a woman in orange robes.

"Very good; the Kyoshi Warrior and her friends will be here within a day at least." The man in green said.

"Shall we prepare to ambush them, my lord?" asked another man, wearing a purple kimono.

"You shall not do anything without my permission, Hong Wu." answered the man in green.

"Of course, my lord," the knife-thrower responded.

As Feng was bolting across the rocky Earth Kingdom terrain, Suki and her team were engaged in their own conversations. Ling, Rong, and Ty Lee were playing a game of Water, Earth, Fire, while Suki and Bo were discussing something else. "Suki, do you remember the last time we went to Gaoling and we got ambushed in that alley?" Bo asked. "And then you accidentally kissed me?"

"Yeah, I remember," Suki replied. "It almost put our whole friendship in jeopardy. Wait, why are you bringing that up again?" Suki asked.

"Well, the reason I was so upset was not because I thought it was awkward; it was, because you thought I was Sokka and not me."

"Bo, what are you saying?" Suki inquired.

"Look, I know you like this Sokka kid, and he sounds like a great guy, but I like you a lot and I think you and I would be great together."

Suki made sure the others could not hear this conversation before speaking again. "Look, Bo, you are a great friend, but my heart belongs to Sokka. I don't want to lose either of you romantically or as a friend."

"I understand," Bo said, letting out a heavy sigh afterwards.

"Hey, guys! What are you talking about?" Ty Lee asked.

"Nothing," Suki responded.

In just a few short minutes, the city of Gaoling appeared before the heroes. The group rode into the town, avoiding all of the pedestrians who were scattering to get out of the way. Eventually, they found town hall and dismounted Feng. The team walked up the steps and entered the building, seeing the rude receptionist at her desk once again. Suki approached the receptionist and spoke politely. "Um, excuse me, ma'am,"

"Well, well, if it isn't my four favorite kids in the world!" the receptionist said, sarcastically. "If you guys are looking for the Mayor, he should be out in just a second."

"Thanks," Suki said.

"Yeah, whatever, you lousy kid," the receptionist mumbled.

"Wu Li, that is no way to speak to these fine youngsters," said a familiar voice. Team Suki immediately turned around to see the cheerful figure of Mayor Nabi.

"Hey, Nabi, it's great to see you again!" Bo said.

"The feeling's mutual, but I'm afraid the pleasantries are gonna have to wait," Nabi replied.

"Right, where did you see the Zhimings?" Ling asked.

"I saw 'em around here a couple 'o days ago," said Nabi. "I was walkin' home after a long day at work, and I noticed a few of 'em were scurryin' around in the alleys. The strange part was then none of them attacked me," Nabi explained.

"Don't worry; they won't be here for long. We will patrol the whole city until we find them," said Rong.

"I don't think so," the receptionist spoke up.

"What is the matter? Afraid we are going to make a mess?" Bo asked, jokingly.

"No, it's just that my whole year of undercover work is about to pay off," the receptionist said with a grin. Team Suki's eyes widened as the receptionist lashed out at Nabi, striking him in the chest and knocking him off of his feet with an earth column.

"No!" Suki yelled. She unsheathed her katana and leapt towards the receptionist. The latter tried to strike Suki down as well, but could not pin her down. Suki swiped her katana through the air, slicing the receptionist's head clean off. Her lifeless body plunged to the floor seconds later. Suki immediately went to see if Nabi was still alive. The others had already gotten around him as well. The old mayor's shirt was torn and a large wound could be seen.

"Come on, Mayor Nabi! You've got to pull through!" Bo shouted, urging his friend to keep going.

"Don't give up on us!" Ling said.

"Oh, I'm sorry, youngsters, but I don't think I'm gonna make it," Nabi said, weakly.

"This is all my fault," Suki said. "I should have been more careful!"

"Now, you lis-listen here, Suki, you can't blame yourself. She caught me by surprise. But, now you know that they're back and that it's your duty to stop them and save the world," Nabi said.

Suki nodded in response. The five companions watched as the old mayor stopped breathing right in front of them. A single tear ran down Suki's cheek. "Goodbye, Mayor Nabi. And thank you." She and the others got up off of the ground and went outside. "Come on, guys, let's go." The others complied, mounted Feng, and were off.

Author's Notes

  • The moves Suki is performing while training are based on real tessenjutsu moves.

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