The Masters of Elements
"We rise so we can save bending, humanity, the universe, and all of you..."
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The Masters of Elements is a fan fiction written by Expertnico06. It is about a new Avatar named Curita with masters with different bending abilities. You can see the plot down there.


Chapter 1: Death's Music

A new Avatar is facing enemies, and needs some masters along her side. Avatar Curita once lived with her grandmother in the Earth Kingdom, who is now dead, and Curita has to leave, and she goes to the Northern Water Tribe. There, she met Kaizaon and Hypernota; Hypernota became her friend, she thought she was nice, but she was the enemy. They go to Republic City, and meet benders like Noutela, a firebender, Lauratak, an earthbender, Dawn Li, a firebender, Hakua La, a waterbender, and a non-bender, Lawle. Hypernota is the enemy and she plays it differently, as evil sounds will be surrounding the world, and sooner, the universe.

Chapter 2: Witches

Takes place 10 months after Book 1... After Hypernota got her powers washed out for 1 year, because Curita does not have the enough power to wash Hypernota's power out, she was locked down in a prison, hoping that she will never get out, before she comes inside, she runs to these elemental witches that could help her in revenge to defeat the masters and the Avatar, where they met a new master, that is a witch, which is now friends with the new Team Avatar, the golden tree dies because of the witches, it ends up that Hypernota betrayed the witches, it's Curita versus Hypernota again, with Hypernota's power resting for 1 year, she got more power.


Major Characters

  • Curita: The new 16 year old girl Avatar from the Earth Kingdom.
  • Noutela: A firebender girl that has nowhere to go. A young master, she was a master at age 6.
  • Kaizaon: A waterbender, Hypernota's little brother.
  • Lauratak: An earthbender and has the ability to manipulate the Earth's rotation.
  • Dawn Li: A firebender but was born in the Southern Water Tribe.
  • Hakua La: A waterbender that can make a great big whirlpool.
  • Lawle: A non-bender but can chi-block.
  • Senfield: A girl that came from another world, the world of witches, which she is a nice girl, except for her aunts the witches, but she has the normal power of a witch, she is not an elemental witch.
  • Al Si Sia: An Avatar that died young in battle, she was 8 that time, just to help the animals and spirits, people called her the Heavenly Avatar, and she started showing up to Curita in the War with the slaves.


  • Hypernota (Book 1: Death's Music, 2: Witches, 3: The Slaves, and 4: Heavenly and Deadly): Can create a sound that can destroy things, control people and control animals, and control the universe, she is originally an airbender and his brother is a waterbender.
  • Gairle (Book 1: Death's Music): Hypernota's father that is now dead but uses his soul to stop the team hurting his daughter, he also has the power of soundbending.
  • Emik (Book 1: Death's Music): Hypernota's friend who can soundbend too.
  • Hauzar (Book 1: Death's Music): A dark music monster that Hypernota created, and attacks the Republic City.
  • Zulie (Book 1: Death's Music and 4: Heavenly and Deadly): Hypernota's best friend who avenged Hypernota, she makes people age fastly to their death.
  • Fhi Lia (Book 2: Witches): An elemental witch that Hypernota wanted to destroy Curita, she is a waterbending witch.
  • Drelle Ghuzte (Book 2: Witches): An elemental witch that Hypernota wanted to destroy the Republic City and the whole Avatar World, which Hypernota wanted to do, she is a firebending witch.
  • Uldey (Book 2: Witches): An elemental witch that Hypernota wanted to destroy Curita's friend, she is an earthbending witch.
  • Agani (Book 2: Witches): An elemental witch that Hypernota wanted to get everyone in the Republic City, she is an airbending witch.
  • The Six Slaves (Book 3: The Slaves): The six slaves are "Dolfina", "Meuko", "Hokko", "Igata", "Helmt", and "Yuna", they have always been slaves and were angry, they thought of freeing Hypernota; the slaves wanted Hypernota to destroy their boss, but Hypernota controlled the slaves to defeat the Avatar.
  • Nag Lan (Book 4: Heavenly and Deadly): A dark knight possessed by a dark spirit, from 1 002 BG, which is still living because the spirit gave him the energy.
  • D Venai (Book 4: Heavenly and Deadly): A soundbender who came from 7 AG, she died in a battle in 33 AG, but Hypernota came to a witch and made her back to life, her being a soundbender back then makes her the very first soundbender, not Gairle.


Some are working titles so they might change.

Death's Music:

No. in Book No. in Series Name Plot Summary
1 1 The Soundbender The new Avatar comes to the Northern Water Tribe after her grandmother died, and someone told her about the story of an airbender discovering soundbending, which is the one who is telling her, is the daughter of the discoverer, her brother can't soundbend because he is a waterbender.
2 2 The Musical Hypernota Avatar Curita comes to the Republic City with Hypernota and Kaizaon, and Hypernota makes friends with Curita.
3 3 Heart of Death Curita sees a statue that is called the "Heart of Death" and it was because it was designed by a villain, and it bringed Curita bad luck.
4 4 The Deadly Age Hypernota and Hypernota's brother Kaizaon fights with a girl that makes people age fastly to death, meanwhile, Curita meets masters in an Island made out of Metal by Beifong many years ago, and makes friends with them, and they called themselves the new Team Avatar, they were teenagers.
5 5 Heavenly Clouds Curita gets her bad luck gone after going to the Mysterious clouds above that was thick, where no one can come, unless you can use your bending almost all the time so you can walk above there, a keeper is in there telling that he can see the future, and sees the future that someone will rule the whole world.
6 6 To Ba Sing Se The Team Avatar called Hypernota and Kaizaon, and the new team goes to Ba Sing Se because Curita wants to go to her old house with her father, mother, uncle, aunt, grandfather and grandmother, where Curita found her mother walking around, but without her father, and said that he died after battling with some Firebenders.
7 7 Meeting Bolin and Asami Team Avatar meets the old Team Avatar, but was left with Bolin and Asami, while Mako was in the Spirit World where Korra's soul is living now, because Mako still wants to live with her, meanwhile, Hypernota uses her soundbending for evil.
8 8 Can't Resist It No More The Team Avatar saw Hypernota using her bending for evil, and it was hard for them, they had a big fight in Ba Sing Se, and everyone wanted them to leave, but they did not stop, Hypernota weakens them and leaves Ba Sing Se, leaving them in Ba Sing Se.
9 9 Great Big Whirlpool The team found themselves being left, Bolin and Asami helped them, but Hakua La jumped into the water, and discovers she can make a great big whirlpool, the team hoped that she would come back, but she did not, the team then jumps into the big whirlpool, and rides it to Republic City which took them very long, while they meet some enemies, and Kaizaon thinks of her sister going all evil.
10 10 The Tree The team goes back to Republic City and saw a golden tree growing in the park, they did not cut it down because it was said that in the future, a golden tree will grow in the middle, and it is the new door to a new world, which the team can't open, even Curita can't open.
11 11 One Less Problem The team found Hypernota destroying some of the buildings on Republic City, and thought that they can bring the buildings down that Hypernota has not destroyed yet, and they thought if they can put down some problems that are not that big, so they can fix the City.
12 12 The Earth's Movement Lauratak goes to Air Temple Island and seeks help, while the others are fighting, Lauratak fights with Hypernota's friends Emik and Zulie, when she discovered that she has an ability that the Avatars can't do, manipulate the earth's rotation while she was having a fight.
13 13 Republic City Falls Hypernota creates a monster named Hauzar that is made out off sounds, and attacks Republic City, more problem comes when Hypernota comes in to the Golden Tree and tries to go where it leads her, while she was gone, the team was fighting with Emik, Zulie and the monster "Hauzar".
14 14 Almost the End Hypernota comes back and Curita gets more power when she touched the golden tree, and she is now connected with the old Avatar of the new age, Korra, she unlocked her Avatar State, and she and the team fights with all of them, Hypernota tries to takeover the Universe, it was almost the end, thanks to Curita, that she saved Republic City, the World, and the Universe, but Curita did not realize that taking Hypernota's power was not enough, Curita has only take Hypernota's power for a year, because her power was not enough to get Hypernota's power, or to anyone, any bender, because Korra, the first Avatar of the new Age did not connect to the old Avatars that much, so she can't energybend, and so Curita almost can't.


1. After Months

2. The Releasing of Hypernota's Power

3. The Rise of the Witch

4. The Phoenix From the East

5. Senfield Rises

6. A Witch Story

7. The Death of the Golden Tree

8. Hypernota Escapes

9. Down To the Ocean

10. The Spirit World Unleashed

11. The Movement

12. Awakening the Golden Tree

13. Spirits Flow

14. Discovery of the Goldbending

15. A Touch of Gold

The Slaves:

1. The Rebel Slaves

2. Dark Night

3. The Takeover Of the Bodies

4. Back to Republic City

5. The Glowing Tree

6. Death at the Bridge

7. The Rise Of the Six

8. The New Land of Metal

9. Back To the Witch World

10. Her Everything

11. To the Fire Nation

12. The Day the Slaves are Back

13. Curita Meets Witches

14. The Giant Cat

15. When Time Moves Fastly

16. Falling Into the Faller

17. Destroying Her Slaves

  • A Battle Is Coming (Short)

Heavenly and Deadly:

1. A Deadly Battle (Part 1)

2. The Heavenly Avatar (Part 2)

3. Beginning To Over It (Part 3)

4. Waking Up in Another World

5. The Heavenly Avatar Comes

6. The Air Temple Secrets

7. The Darkest Knight

8. The Adventure of Al Si Sia (Part 1)

9. Spiritual End of Life (Part 2)

10. Al Si Sia: The Heavenly Avatar

11. Nag Lan and His Horse

12. Hypernota's Soul

13. D Venai's Return

14. Waking Zulie Back to Life

15. Back to The Clouds

16. Never Ending Power

Note:This is not the end, the story will continue in a spin-off called "Curita and The Masters", where she overused her new power, that created a Never Ending Guy named "Foj Jak", that has all the powers of the Avatar, at first, they liked each other, and they declared that there is now 2 Avatars, but later, he became an enemy, and then the Avatar and the Masters battled with him, but because there is now two Avatars, he is now part of the Avatars, but was called the Evil one... It will have 3 books, "A Never Ending Power" ,' "The Golden Side" and "The Masters of the Never Ending Power".

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