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The Masters

Book 1: Ocean
Chapter 4: Lee

The Northern Air Temple is a temple located just north of the Earth Kingdom. During the One Hundred Year War, the Fire Nation exterminated all of the Air Nomads, except one young boy, Aang. After the genocide, the Air Temples were empty until an Earth Kingdom man, The Mechanist, and his son, Teo, found sanctuary in them after their homes were destroyed. At the end of the War, the last Air Nomad alive, Aang - who is the current Avatar - used a rare form of Bending called Energybending to resurrect the Air Nomads. They appeared as they were an hour before they died, and the Air Nomads - after one hundred years - were once more. The Nomads in the Temples went on to live as they did before. The Northern Air Temple was home of the Flying Bison polo championships, where the teams from the four Air Temples - North, East, South, and West - would compete for the title. The North Temple was also the home of the hermit crabs, small hairy crabs that found other creatures' shells to use as their own. Each Air Temple is ruled by a Council of Five - five monks for the North and South Temples, five nuns for the East and West temples. Because of the high spirituality in the Air Nomads, each Nomad is born with the ability to Airbend. When The Mechanist and Teo, along with their group of refugees, inhabited the Northern Air Temple, they added many inventions and systems to the Temple, to make live easier for their people. They also expanded or built more of the structures of the Temple. The Air Nomads in the Temple decided to leave the inventions there, and The Mechanist and Teo visit often.

Monk Ayatshi walked slowly down the corridor. He looked to the left and saw the beautiful sky over the northern cliffs. The thick scroll he was holding fluttered in the breeze. He heard a loud dong from the temple bell and hurried forward. He turned a corner and ran down the corridor, with Sky Bison floating in the air above the cliffs. As he reached a large wooden door, he pushed it open. Ayatshi stepped into a large room with five golden cushions on a stand in the centre. The Council of Five's throne room. It was empty. Ayatshi sighed. The Council was late.

Ayatshi waited for a few minutes. A knock on the door alerted him and Ayatshi turned around. He swept forward and pulled open the door. A blast of cold air hit Ayatshi in the chest, and he was pushed backwards. Another blast hit him, and he flew back into the wall. As Ayatshi stood up, he caught a glimpse of his attacker - a short bald man with arrow tattoos and one eye - before the attacker twisted his hands and sent a whirlwind at him. The whirlwind swallowed Ayatshi and spun him around, before slamming him into the wall. Ayatshi pulled his glider staff from his robes and swung it downwards. A gust of wind flew from his staff and pushed the attacker out the door. Ayatshi pushed his hand towards the ground and a burst of air propelled him upwards. He leapt over to the large door and landed outside, in the corridor. He looked around and turned his head to the right when something small and hard slammed into his back. Ayatshi went staggering forward, lost for breath. He spun around to see the short Airbender giggling with his foot raised in a kicking position. Ayatshi had never used his Airbending for hurt or destruction, but he thought maybe now was an appropriate time. He swung his arms around, and instantly gusts of air swirled around him, creating a small vortex. Ayatshi powered forward, and pushed his hands in front, causing a huge whirlwind of air to ingulf the other Airbender. The other man twisted around in the whirlwind, before snapping his arms out on either side of himself, dismissing the whirlwind immediately. He giggled again and leapt upwards, lodging his foot onto Ayatshi's head. The monk screamed and fell to the ground. The short man stepped forward and stamped his foot onto Ayatshi's face, squishing his nose. Ayatshi screamed and screamed in agony. The short man jumped onto the monk's face and bounced up and down until Ayatshi's face was covered in blood. The monk suddenly went deathly silent. The short Airbender stepped back, wary of an oncoming attack - but Ayatshi had simply passed out. Giggling loudly, the short Airbender leaned forward over Ayatshi's face.

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