The Master of Water
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January 21, 2013

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The Master of Water is the eleventh chapter of The Lost Scrolls.


Battered and separated, Team Avatar continues on their journey to recover the Lost Scrolls as they prepare for a final battle at Soto Gawa unaware that a mysterious beast has followed them.

The Story so Far

Aang, Sokka, Katara, and Momo chase after Dai Nero and Mago to obtain the Lost Scroll while Suki and Toph follow Arena and Shou to Whaletail Island where a mysterious figure chases them. Meanwhile, Azula and Camu manage to persuade Fu Ren to join their team and send a trio of her Peacekeepers to exterminate Aang. Badly beaten, Aang and Momo take Katara and Sokka and disappear with them.

The Master of Water

~~Southern Tip of the Earth Kingdom: Forest~~

Aang panted heavily as he watched from behind a fallen tree trunk. He slumped down, putting his staff on the ground beside him. A small tent had been set up with Sokka and Katara, fainted, around a small campfire. Momo squealed as he came back with a bag full of leechi nuts.

"Did you get some food Momo?" Aang asked.

Momo purred in delight as he flew around his friend's head before dropping the bag and landing on his shoulder. Aang happily opened the bag but sighed as one leechi nut rolled onto the ground. Momo immediately jumped down and started chewing on the berry, spitting the seeds onto Sokka's face.

"Ow, what's going on?" Sokka asked, "Ew, are these leechi nut seeds?" He wiped his face, picking the seeds off one by one. "Where's Mago? The Peacekeepers?"

"I had to retreat. They defeated us." Aang admitted.

"You did the right thing Aang." Sokka said, sitting up. "If we would have stayed, then we could have been y'know."

Aang nodded. "They were just so powerful. But, the weird thing was that not one of them were benders."

"Well, we've seen powerful non benders before." Sokka reminded. "Ty Lee, Mai, and that fish that kept slapping me."

"Hahaha, that was funny." Aang smiled, laughing but quickly turned his joyous face to a depressed one.

"Cheer up, buddy." Sokka said. "What happened back there wasn't your fault."

"No, not that." Aang said, standing up and looking around. "Where's Zuko and Toph and Suki?"

"We have to find them!" Sokka shouted. "Call Appa!"

Aang pulled out his bison whistle and blew. No sound was heard, but the two knew what was about to happen.

"Katara, wake up!" Aang said.

The waterbender instantly awoke, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. "What-what's happening?" she asked.

"Zuko, Suki, and Toph aren't back yet." Aang said while he quickly packed the campsite up and blew out the fire.

"They can take care of themselves. I'm sure they're just fine." Katara protested. "What we have to do is look for the Lost Scroll."

"They might be fine, but we're not." Sokka gulped. "Look!"

Aang and Katara followed Sokka's finger and gasped. Dai Nero and Mago smiled as they walked out of the forest and into the clearing.

"Give us back the scroll." Katara shouted.

"I'm afraid we can't do that." Dai Nero said, grinning and flashing his rotten teeth. "You see, someone else wants this scroll."

"It's ours." Katara screamed.

"Katara, maybe Pakku was right." Aang said, grabbing her shoulder. "Let's just forget about the scroll."

"Whose side are you on?" Katara yelled.

Mago broke into a sprint, running toward Katara with cards in his hands. Katara shot a fountain of water at the bounty hunter but he leaped over it and shot his cards. Aang jumped in front of Katara, swinging his staff. A blast of air ricocheted the cards back, but Mago jumped to the floor and delivered a punch, knocking the Avatar back.

Sokka unsheathed his space sword and sliced at Dai Nero. The hunter side-stepped and drew his knife. He smashed it on the hilt of the sword forcing the warrior to drop his weapon. The hunter swiped with his knife slicing Sokka's chest. The warrior walked backwards while clutching his wound. Dai Nero slammed his right foot on Sokka's chest sending him onto the floor with a mighty thud.

Katara unleashed a pond of the liquid and smashed it onto Dai Nero like a geyser. The trapper flew backwards smashing his head on a tree before falling to the floor like a rag doll. Aang jumped onto a low-hanging tree branch and released a ball of fire from his fist. Mago leaped onto a branch above Aang while the latter continued to launch his volley of attacks. The magician threw more of his cards at the Avatar, but he covered himself in a spout of air and launched into the sky with Momo following.

"Katara!" Sokka pleaded. "I need you to heal me."

"Wait Sokka." Katara said as she walked toward Dai Nero.

"Katara!" Sokka shouted.

"Where is the scroll?" Katara yelled. Dai Nero didn't respond. Katara growled and a torrent of water raised the hunter into the sky. She froze the liquid, trapping Dai Nero in the ice. "C'mon Sokka, Aang needs our help." She walked over to her brother and placed her hands on his chest. The water glowed announcing the healing techniques were working. In no time, Sokka's chest was healed.

"Thank you Katara." Sokka said as she helped him to his feet.

"Where did Mago go?" Katara asked.

"He and Aang were fighting the last time I saw him." Sokka revealed. A loud howl pierced the air. The siblings turned to see Appa descending into the clearing. "Appa, I've never been so happy to see you."

The bison roared and picked up his friends before returning into the sky.

~~Outskirts of Omashu: Beach By Soto Gawa~~

Arena and Shou panted heavily as their boat slid across the sand. They had traveled all night and barely reached the rendezvous point at the Soto Gawa beach.

"Azula, Camu, Dai Nero, and Mago should be here soon with their respective prey. Then, we exterminate them." Shou said notching an arrow with a skull and crossbones painted on it.

"Arena! Shou!" Suki shouted.

The bounty hunters turned around in shock and anger as an eel hound jumped into the air and landed swiftly on the beach. But the biggest horror to the women was the passengers aboard the mammal. Suki and Toph jumped from the beast and ran at the bounty hunters.

"This is my turf Suki!" Arena shouted.

Suki clenched her fingers into a fist and swung at Arena's face. The bounty hunter spiraled underground disappearing from range. She shot out behind the Kyoshi Warrior and kicked two balls of sand at her. Suki instantly turned, drawing her fans. She sliced one of the balls in half, ricocheting the other one back. Arena clasped her hands together, forcing the grains of earth to split on either side of her.

Suki unsheathed her katana and raised it over her head. Arena sighed and stood her ground. She raised a ball of sand into the air as Suki jumped and sliced at Arena's head. The bounty hunter sliced her hand downwards and the sand mimicked her. The grains of earth sliced the katana in half before turning back into a ball. Hardening the ball by pushing her hands together, the bounty hunter thrust her hands outward and the ball slammed into Suki's chest and knocked her down into unconscious.

Toph sighed as Shou hid in the bushes. The archer jumped toward a tree on her left as Toph kicked the sand. The sand tunneled underground before making a sharp turn and slammed into the tree trunk. Shou shrieked as she landed on the sand. As soon as she landed, Toph pulled her arms in and slammed her right foot on the ground. The bounty hunter fell through the sand, covering everything except her head.

"Let me go." Shou shrieked.

"I don't think so." Toph smiled.

Arena turned to face Toph. She unleashed a burst of sand, but Toph easily sidestepped and kicked the ground. The sand tunneled toward Arena but the latter jumped in the air, grabbing a tree branch.

"What's the matter?" Toph taunted. "Not man enough to face me?"

"Still charging in head first Toph?" Arena laughed. "Unlike you, I fight with my head."

"I do too." Toph interrupted. "Why don't you come down here and I'll show you how I use it. Rock style."

Arena rolled her eyes. Toph growled at her opponent's cowardliness and leaped, charging in head first.

"Perfect." Arena said. She jumped onto the ground as Toph charged. The sandbender spun in midair while making a ring of sand around her. Toph sighed as she waited for any sound from her opponent. Silence was the only sound Toph received.

"Where did you go?" Toph asked, bewildered that someone could go so long without making any noise.

Arena smiled as she was supported midair by the ring of sand. The important thing was to not make a sound. She calmly lifted the ring of sand higher and higher in an attempt to escape into the woods. Twenty feet. Toph paced around the floor looking for the enemy. Fifteen feet. Suki was slowly coming to, rubbing her head. Ten feet. Toph could see Suki slowly trying to erase the pain from her temple. Five feet. Shou smiled as Arena neared her.

"Arena!" Shou grinned.

Arena's focus snapped. Shou had destroyed her brilliant plan now it was all coming to end. Toph turned, "So that's where you are."

Arena was frightened. Her chest heaved as her breathing increased. Losing her focus, the ring of sand started to diminish. One grain of sand broke free from the endless cycle and touched the floor. Toph heard and saw the vibration of the particle's impact and smirked. A column of earth exploded from the ground and knocked Arena out of the sky. The hunter turned, raising her arms.

"Arena, help me!" Shou shouted.

Arena was determined. She was going to take down a powerful adversary like Toph and she was going to do it alone. Sand erupted below her like a dome and rode it toward the earthbender. Toph jumped and slammed her fists on the floor. The fists cracked the sand and created a small tremor. Arena screamed as her dome split in half and she fell onto the sand. Spitting her sand-covered hair out of her mouth, Arena rose still determined.

"I am the greatest earthbender in the world!" Toph announced raising her fist. "No one can defeat me!"

"You have the biggest head in the world." Arena snapped.

Suki, fully awakened, unclipped her fans from her belt and ran to Toph's side. "Arena, it's over. Surrender peacefully."

"Never!" Arena snapped. "I will kill both of you!" She clenched her fist and slammed it onto the ground. Toph and Suki screamed as they spiraled into the grainy earth.

"Toph, can you get us out?' Suki asked, craning her neck to avoid the sand entering her mouth.

"I'm trying. She's putting all of the force she's got into this move." Toph revealed.

Arena cackled as her fist was engulfed in sand. She twisted her fist and the girls sank lower into hands of the earth. Suki grabbed Toph's arms as the latter's body sank completely under. Arena thrust her hand even more into the sand, forcing Suki's head under the earth.

"I did it!" Arena shouted joyously. "I defeated two members of Team Avatar!"

A volley of fire balls erupted at Arena's feet, forcing the hunter to leap back. Her back slammed into a tree and she fell to the ground and slipped into unconscious from sheer exhaustion. Zuko panted as he landed on the ground. Toph and Suki erupted from the ground, panting and vomiting sand.

"Anger management you're back." Toph stated.

"What happened?" Suki asked. "We thought Azula killed you."

"She tried." Zuko admitted. "Being in that mental institution has made her more vicious and even deadlier."

~~Whaletail Island: Rebel Village~~

One Day Ago

Azula jumped at the ground and kicked Zuko toward a building. "I'm going to take your throne. First, I need to collect some allies. Then, I'm off to visit some old friends. Sleep well Zuko." Azula said, shooting lightening at the building so it collapsed on Zuko. The princess turned and started to walk away.

Zuko twirled in midair, creating a ball of fire around him as the debris rain down on him. The prince jumped out of the ruins and looked around but Azula was gone.

"I failed." Zuko said, sighing. Azula was gone and she was probably on her way to exterminate his friends. He was in charge of defeating her.

Uncle Iroh's words whispered in his ears. "Admit mistakes when they occur and seek to restore honor."

Zuko grinned. Iroh's advice always helped him in dire situations. He had to find Azula and hope, no, believe in the team. They will be alive. The Fire Lord swiftly ran after the princess. He scanned any signs of Azula in Rebel Village but she was nowhere to be seen. The day soon turned into night.

"Azula must be long gone by now. She couldn't have travelled far. Still, there's only one place to go. I have to get off Whaletail Island."

Zuko ran to the edge of the village and continued along the path until the sun took its place in the morning sky. He stopped and ran behind a building. Three people donned in a white uniform with a p surrounded in light walked ahead of the road.

"If Azula is right, then the bounty hunters should've led them at the edge of Whaletail Island and then into Soto Gawa." The one in the middle, no doubt the leader, said.

"The princess has her mind cleverly set Hexie." A raspy voice, obviously a man, stated.

"Don't give her any credit Tiao." The last one said. "Her reason for success was only because of us, the Peacekeepers." Hexie turned and slapped the last one across the cheek, leaving a red handprint on it. "Quiet Hering! We cannot go around willy nilly stating our name. There might be spies around this area."

"Shut up." Tiao commanded. "Do you hear that?"

Zuko strained his ear, trying to catch any noise. Too late, he realized what was about to happen. The Peacekeepers jumped on top of the building and smirked, their grins reaching both ears.

"A spy. Well, why don't you join us?" Hexie shouted. She yanked her staff and swung downwards. Zuko leaped to the side as the staff struck the wall where his head was, breaking the building. The Peacekeepers leaped into the air as Zuko created fire from his fists and shot it at the trio in rocket speed. Hexie swung her staff, knocking the fire balls off course.

"Who are you guys?" Zuko asked, amazed by their persistence and power.

"Those dedicated to keeping the peace." The Peacekeepers shouted in union as they landed on the ground.

Heping took out small daggers but Zuko shot a blast of fire. Twirling to avoid, Heping shot the knives at Zuko. The Fire Lord spun while creating a ball of fire, melting the metal weapons. Tiao appeared before him, jabbing at his face with a right fist. Zuko screamed as the fist knocked him backwards. The firebender couldn't give up for the sake of his friends and unsheathed his dual dao swords.

He smiled as he recognized the incredible feeling of his hands on the hilt of the weapons. They were one and together they would defeat the Peacekeepers. Zuko sliced at Tiao, but twirled and struck the man with the other one, knocking him unconscious. Heping took out more knives and sliced at Zuko's face with them. The swordsman blocked with crossed swords and kicked Heping back into a wall. He twirled around while firebending and shot the peacekeeper further into the wall.

"Impressive Fire Lord Zuko." Hexie complimented. "Now, you face the real threat."

Hexie raised her staff and lunged at Zuko. The prince spun around the weapon and sliced at Hexie's head, but the latter spun her staff connecting it to Zuko's stomach. The swordsman flew back as his dao swords scattered away. Hexie slammed the staff down but Zuko rolled to avoid it. The staff crushed the earth but Hexie raised it again and lunged at Zuko. The Fire Lord rolled on the ground barely avoiding a swipe from the staff and turned while grabbing his dao swords.

"I expected better from you Zuko." Hexie spat blood on the ground.

"Do not judge on appearances." Zuko quoted before raising his swords. Hexie raised her staff and smiled. She swiped the staff on the ground, creating a dust of earth. The cover blocked Zuko's view and when it cleared, the Peacekeepers were gone.

"Coward." Zuko said, but he knew not to judge. He was growing tired, breathing heavily. His heart pounded on his chest as if it were trying to break free. He only felt this way once and that was when he fought Azula during Sozin's Comet. He gasped heavily before falling unconscious.

When he awoke, Zuko was laying on a bed surrounded by a few people all looking at him worriedly.

"Where am I?" Zuko asked, clutching his head.

"With friends, Fire Lord Zuko." An old man, sprouting a white beard and mustache, while wearing royal purple attire, reassured. His kind orange eyes gleamed with ages of wisdom.

"Who are you?" Zuko asked, uncertain of their allegiance.

"I am Feito, mayor of Soto Gawa." The old man said.

Zuko's ears twitched at the sound of the city name. "Soto Gawa? Take me there. My friends are in danger."

"We would be honored to Fire Lord Zuko, but I am afraid that our allies would not be able to dock their ship until tomorrow. The city has been plagued with misfortune and we fled to avoid being struck by the fever." Feito said.

"I have to get moving." Zuko noted.

"Yes Fire Lord, we will do our best to rendezvous with you and your friends at our humble city." Feito said.

Zuko nodded and exited the room. He walked along the road until he reached the edge of Whaletail Island. "This is where the Peacekeepers were headed. Hmm," The Fire Lord ran his hand along the ground, before picking up a few seeds. "Leechi nuts. Momo." The Fire Lord ran across the earth, following the trail. He shot fire from his fists and floated over the water.

~~Outskirts of Omashu: Beach By Soto Gawa~~

Present Time

"Then I heard your cries of help and changed course to here." Zuko finished.

"We're glad you made it Zuko. Now, if we can only find Aang and the others." Suki said, scratching her chin.

"That won't be for long. Here they come and they bought trouble." Toph said pointing to the eastern edge of the forest. Dai Nero and Mago rolled onto the ground as Aang followed, whipping the air with his staff. Momo, still eating leechi nuts, flew to the air where Appa, with Katara and Sokka on the saddle, loomed into view.

Toph slammed her foot on the ground, and an earthen cage surrounded the two bounty hunters. Mago threw one card on the ground and two more outside the cage. He and Dai Nero jumped into the card and jumped out from another one. Appa roared as he flew over the water.

"Come on Sokka." Katara commanded sternly. "The scroll is waiting for us." She grabbed Sokka's arm and stared at the sea below them.

"Um, actually Katara, I think I would rather-" Sokka started until Katara leaped toward the endless amount of water.

"Stay!" Sokka shouted as Katara twirled her free hand. A spout of water erupted as she landed on it, turning it into a snake. The snake like water slammed onto the sand and cut off Mago form the rest of the team. Katara jumped from her creation and the snake twirled around the two, creating a small arena.

"It's just you and me now Mago!" Katara shouted. "Give me the scroll back!"

Mago's lips curved into a smile and he took out a cane. Aang, swinging his staff, leaped into the middle of the two, and struck the sand. Mago flew backwards, before entering the torrent of water.

"Everyone, grab the scroll. We're ending this battle!" Aang shouted.

Mago nodded and threw the scroll down impressed with their powers. Momo flew in and grabbed the parchment as Katara's water snake broke from its endless circle. Katara controlled the snake and it slammed into Dai Nero, Arena, and Shou. The waterbender threw the snake into the ocean and raised her hands into the air. A spout of water, with the four hunters on top, exploded like a geyser and shot the four into the air. The hunters disappeared behind the blue cloudless sky as Katara fell in exhaustion.

"There, it's over." Sokka said.

The water exploded as the Unagi screeched to announce its presence.

"Really universe?" Sokka groaned.

"What is that?" Toph asked.

"The Unagi." Suki answered. "But it's never left Kyoshi Island before. Something must have angered it."

"I bet the bounty hunters had something to do with it." Aang suspected.

"That or it wants the eel hound as a snack." Toph reasoned. "We were basically screaming live bait. The Anugi or whatever you called it must have followed us all the way from Kyoshi Island."

"We'll be fine as long as we don't enter the water." Suki revealed.

Momo squeaked in terror and flew into the sky. The Unagi screeched and lunged at the lemur but the animal swerved around it and flew toward Appa. The Unagi screeched and shot water at the flying animal. Momo squealed as he was sprayed into the sea, the Lost Scroll freeing itself from his grasp.

"Oh no you don't." Katara shouted. The waterbender jumped into the water, freezing a small circle of it to act as a surfboard. She waved her hands up and down and the water responded, sending her higher toward the Unagi.

"Katara!" Aang shouted. The Avatar jumped while extending his glider and flew toward his friend.

"We have to help!" Sokka shouted. "Suki, you know everything about the Unagi! How do we stop it?"

"Calm down Sokka!" Suki said. "I already told you I'm not an expert on sea monsters."

~~Soto Gawa Road~~

A carriage stood in the middle of the road, not moving or making a sound. Camu walked up to it smiling at Azula. The Unagi's roar pierced the air.

Azula's devilish grin plastered itself on her face. "It seems my sweet pet has finally entered the game."

"How did you manage to convince a giant sea serpent to attack the weaklings?" Camu asked in fascination. "We both share the same dream." Azula answered.

"And what dream is that?" Camu asked.

"We both want to protect our home." Azula sneered. "Camu, stay here. I'll be heading off to the Fire Nation. Rendezvous with me at the Boiling Rock."

"Of course ma'am." Camu bowed.

Azula entered the carriage and it proceeded to move swiftly along the road. Camu watched as the vehicle disappeared safely behind the forest. He grinned madly, flashing his yellow teeth.

"Now it's my turn to test the weaklings." Camu smiled before disappearing in the fog.

~~Outskirts of Omashu: Beach By Soto Gawa~~

The Unagi screeched and roared as it opened its jaws and lunged at the waterbender. Katara twirled while raising her arms, slamming a torrent of water at the serpent before diving into the ocean's depths. The Unagi roared in agony and wailed its tail around, trying to slam the waterbender into pieces.

"We have to get higher." Sokka shouted, eyeing the serpent's height.

"I'm on it." Toph shouted. She shoved her fist into the sand and it hardened around the earthbender, Sokka, and Suki. Slamming her foot onto the ground, Toph grinned as the earth rose the trio into the sky.

Zuko and Aang flew around the serpent, attacking with everything at their disposal to distract the Unagi. Aang blew in heavily and exhaled, slamming the serpent back with a gust of air. Zuko twirled in midair, igniting his foot. With a jump, the firebender slammed his heated foot on the Unagi's tail.

Sokka sniffed the air. "Does anyone else smell sushi?"

The Unagi screeched and slammed its tail on the water, showering Zuko and Aang with a geyser. The two screamed as they sank like a rock, bubbles replacing their bodies.

Katara exploded out of the water, clutching the water scroll in her hand. "Yes, finally." She turned only to be smacked twenty feet into the sand by the Unagi's tail.

"Katara!" Sokka shouted. "That's it, you lousy snake. Get ready for the power of the boomerang. Whack-a-pow!" The warrior threw his boomerang but the Unagi swerved to avoid it and slammed back into the water.

Suki jumped and landed on the sand as the Unagi erupted out of the water simultaneously. Twirling, the fan escaped Suki's hands and struck the serpent in its underbelly. The serpent screeched and a fountain of water slammed Suki back. Katara rose and growled as the Unagi's tail toppled Toph's earth pillar. The two remaining combatants screamed as they disappeared under the mountain of earth.

"I will never back down." Katara said, clutching the scroll with her hand. She watched as the Unagi knocked trees off their trunks, squeezed the water out of clouds, and returned the rocks to dust. Destruction was scattered around the team as Aang and Zuko washed ashore.

The waterbender bended a whirlpool of water around her and rose into the air, coming face to face with beast. She bended the water into whips and started to swing the liquid around. The Unagi dodged with incredible speed and slammed into the torrent, knocking Katara back down.

The Unagi licked its lips as it lunged for the unconscious bodies of Team Avatar. Katara jumped onto the shore and raised her arms. A wall of water protected the beach from the Unagi's wrath, but the serpent slammed against it consistently, weakening Katara's strength with every slam.

"Give up the scroll or save my friends." Katara whispered. Her eyebrows knitted and she smiled. The water exploded as the Unagi screeched, looking for any sign of Katara.

The waterbender swam underwater and raised her hands, spinning them in circles. The water bended at her command and soon the sea transformed into a whirlpool. The Unagi thrashed around as it tried to escape the water's cage, but it was no use. With a final swing of her arms, Katara transformed the water into an element of destruction. The Unagi screeched as the waves caused by the typhoon washed it away.

Katara panted heavily as she glanced around the sand. The Lost Scroll was nowhere in sight. Katara panted and made her way to heal each and every one of her friends. A growl caught her attention and she turned, smiling. Appa landed beside the waterbender as Momo jumped from the saddle, clutching the Lost Scroll with his paws.

"Momo!" Katara shouted happily. "You saved the scroll!" Momo purred as Katara stroked his fur. She glanced at the damp parchment. "Hmm, maybe if I can get it dry." The waterbender bended the water out of the parchment, activating a glow. The waterbender watched, astonished, as the seal blinded her eyes. A click filled the air as the lock fell on the sand. Katara gasped as she cradled the open Lost Scroll in her hands. "I can't believe it."

On top of a tree, Camu watched as Katara fainted from exhaustion. "So, one of the scrolls have finally opened. This is all to perfect." He smirked before vanishing in the shadows of the tree.


  1. This chapter was originally called the Pirates and with said pirates taking the Water Scroll because of the events that happened in The Waterbending Scroll. This original plot was referenced by Zuko in the Rebirth of Revenge, who wondered if the Bounty Hunters would've sold the scroll in the Black Market.
  2. The fights in the forest and beach were never intended but were included to drive Aang, Sokka, and Katara to the beach.
  3. Katara's water serpent was inspired by both the Serpent and an invention by the Test sisters in the Johnny Test episode, "No Bath Time for Johnny".
  4. The Bounty Hunters being blasted off was a reference to the Pokémon anime where Team Rocket blast off.
  5. The Unagi replaced the Pirates as Katara's final push to seize the scroll and finally open it.
  6. Zuko's story on how he came to find Toph and Suki was never intended but was included to introduce the mayor of Soto Gawa and show the Peacekeepers "defeated" in order to not be an Egotistic Action Scene.
  7. Azula was included for the readers to see her calm and collected. She does not make another physical appearance in the rest of the book.
  8. Camu's appearance foreshadowed the next chapter, The Energybender.
  9. This is the longest chapter and also has the longest extras.

Series Continuity

  1. Azula's remark on how she and the Unagi were similar because they both want to kill Zuko for destroying their home. This is a reference to The Warriors of Kyoshi on the Unagi's part and Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang on Azula's.
  2. Sokka's line, "Things can't get any worse" with a serpent appearing in The Awakening is mirrored in this chapter.

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