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The Masked Ones
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The North Pole

Mission Briefing

Kaine sat gathered around a table with his three-team mates.

"So are we clear on the mission?" Kaine asked his team. Two of them nodded silently.

"Yeah we go in, kill them all, then get the heck out of there." Sky said while stringing his bow.

"That's a rough simplification." Kaine admitted, "We're actually supposed to get and remain undetected as we take out the leaders."

"Which will probably lead to us killing all of them so let's get a move on." Sky countered losing his patience.


Blue Spirit sneaks

Kaine hanging from the roof about interrogate an assassin.

The Masked Ones stood on a roof overlooking the entrance to the Black Lotus base. It didn't take much for them to find it, which left Kaine wondering if this was a trap, or they were just incompetent. If it were the former they would adapt, if the latter this mission would be all too easy. They jumped from the roof and rushed through the open door, sticking to the shadows they snuck through the building until they noticed someone rounding a corner. Kaine motioned the others to hold as he jumped up and grabbed onto a wooden beam above their heads. Kaine hooked his legs around the beam and began to pull himself toward the corner as a middle-aged man turned the corner, right under Kaine. Kaine let go with his hands and wrapped his arms around the man's neck, wrenching him off the ground.

"Now you're going to tell me every thing you know about this place." Kaine whispered into his ear. "Otherwise I'll snap your neck." The man told Kaine everything he knew without much more persuasion. After squeezing the man into unconsciousness the four hurried to the entrance of the underground portion of the base. Once inside they found the halls split off in three directions.

"Commence Operation: Silent Lotus" Kaine ordered as they each split up.

Kaine and Rha

Kaine and Rha stalked the halls of the Black Lotus base searching for their objective. Some old geezer named Lu Ming. They eventually found themselves outside of a large door with what appeared to be scorch marks. Curious, Kaine opened the door and snuck into what appeared to be an arena, with Rha following close behind. They looked around the room and saw no one in the stands or anywhere else in the room. Kaine carefully walked forward and inspected many scorch marks on the ground.

"A great battle happened here." A voice said from behind. Kaine pulled his sword from its scabbard as he spun around and held his blade to a woman's throat as Rha drew two daggers from the sheaths in her boots. She didn't flinch away as she calmly pushed the blade away from her neck. "I know why you are here." She said with a voice that had a strangely calming tone to it. " I can help you and your team."

"And who are you?" Kaine asked lower his blade.

"No one of consequence," the lady said turning around, " so you coming or what. I'm not the only one who knows you're here." Kaine and Rha grudgingly followed the woman.

Sky and Tien

Sky and Tien moved swiftly down the labyrinth of hallways. As they stalked through the halls they had the strange feeling that they were being watched. Sky would turn around every now and then to make sure they weren't being followed. Every time he did there was nothing, but Sky kept an arrow notched just in case. The two rounded a corner and saw a large man walking down the hall towards them. Without a word Sky pulled the arrow back and released. The arrow flew towards the man and would've buried itself into his chest if he hadn't bent the dirt on the floor to catch the arrow in mid air.

"Crap." Tien muttered as Sky notched another arrow. Sky released the arrow as Tien sent a blast of fire at the big man. The man bended more dirt and blocked the arrow but the fire burnt straight through. The man ducked under the blast and launched himself with surprising speed at the two of them. Sky loosed another arrow, this one buried it self into his shoulder. The man shrugged it off like it was nothing and he grabbed both them by the throat. Sky grabbed another arrow and dug it into the forearm that choked him. As he twisted the arrow Tien kept slamming fireballs into the arm that choked him.

"Keeping our guests entertained Des?" an old man said walking up from behind them.

"Yes I am Lu Ming." Des answered smiling as his two victims fruitlessly tried to free themselves.

"Good take them to their rooms," Lu Ming said turning away, "but not before making sure they won't check out early."

"Of course." Des said as he tossed the two masked warriors to the ground. The instant they hit Des bound them where they lay with the dirt on the floor. Once they were secure Des knelt down and gently touched each of their shins. Suddenly great pain shot through their legs as though just Des touching them shattered their bones. The two some how were able to keep from screaming as Des dragged them to their prison cells.

Uncompromising the Mission

Kaine, Rha, and the Woman watched from a darkened corner as Des dragged Sky and Tien away. Kaine and Rha trembled as they prepared to attack Des but the Woman held a hand up.

"I'm sorry but we can't compromise ourselves." She whispered with sadness in her eyes.

"So what we just let them get tortured?" Rha asked impatiently.

"Sky and Tien are trained for this kind of thing." Kaine said with a shaking fist. "We still have a job to do." He turned to the woman "What do you have planned?" The woman smiled slightly and told them to follow her.

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