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July 30, 2010

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The Mansion is the thirty seventh chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


Team Avatar enters the mansion of the family that has a vendetta against the Avatar, only to realize that it's a familiar family.


"No way. I'm not staying here. I left here once, I'm not going back." Toph says upon realizing where Aang had led her.

"Yes, you are coming." Aang replies. "The kid said that your family put out an order that said that the Avatar wasn't welcome in Gaoling. And Katara says that they put out a reward for your capture. You're facing them. Head on."

"They sent out bounty hunters after me, they don't really want me back." Toph replies, a tear forming in her eye.

"You might as well find out why. And if something does happen, you can just leave again. What do you have to lose?" Sokka tells her.

"I... I..." Toph begins, but is cut off.

"That settles it. Aang, open the door." Katara interrupts. Aang twirls his staff and sends an air current that blows the doors open.

The team walks in slowly, looking around for their expected resistance. "Nothing? I expected a battle or something..." Sokka notes as they continue further in. After they are in the middle of the Bei Fong property, the team is shocked by a massive crashing sound coming from the door. A soldier raises a massive earth wall that covers the opening Aang made. "There it is..." Sokka adds, taking out his boomerang. He throws it quickly and it lands a blow on the top of the soldier's helmet. As the soldier falls down, more arrive from the surrounding property.

"Toph? Is that you?" one soldier asks, lowering his guard.

Toph stomps the ground and twists her hands. The soldier is knocked sideways into another nearby soldier. "Yeah, it is."

The soldiers surrounding the team quickly raise a wall of earth that surrounds Team Avatar and the soldiers inside. Aang swipes his arm, cutting right through the wall that the soldiers just made. The soldiers stabilize the wall, and Katara whips one of them down. Toph creates a cut in the wall that parallels Aang's cut, with a similar swiping motion. Aang then sends a powerful gust at the soldiers, who are knocked into the wall, causing that portion to fall down. The remainder of the team runs out the hole in the wall while Aang uses Airbending to disorientate the guards. He eventually lifts them up high and drops them while turning to follow the rest of his friends. They are standing just in front of the main door to the Bei Fong's house.

"Mr. and Mrs. Lao Bei Fong welcome you into their home," the doorman tells the team as they stand dumbfounded in the doorway.

"Really? They're just going to let us in that easily?" Sokka wonders out loud.

"Please come in," the doorman replies to Sokka. The team follows the doorman into the house, keeping on edge as they walk through the house. Eventually they end up in a room where Toph's parents sat.

"Toph! You've come home!" Toph's mom says, getting up and hugging her daughter.

"Hi mom," Toph mutters quietly as her father joins them. "Hi dad."

"It's good to have you home Toph," her father says.

"You just want me to stay here. Well, it won't last. We're only here to find someone else. We're leaving." Toph says coldly.

"What do you mean: "You're leaving"? You're not leaving this house again!" her father says, stomping his foot on the ground.

"Dad, you don't know how little power you have over me. If I wanted to, I could bring this entire house crashing down on you," Toph replies.

"Then why haven't you?" Katara asks Toph.

"Well... We're here. I can't very well bring a house crashing down if we're in here." Toph replies, clearly set off guard by Katara joining her parent's side.

"Why didn't you when you were outside?" Katara replies, more forcefully.

"I... I didn't think of it..." Toph manages to get out.

"Well, then why did you only think of it now?" Katara says quickly.

"I don't..." Toph begins before she is cut off again.

"Why wouldn't you bring this house down on him right now?" Katara continues right over what Toph was saying.

"It's because I love him, alright?" Toph screams at Katara.

Lao Beifong

"That is wonderful to hear Toph."

"That is wonderful to hear Toph," her father says, getting closer and holding his daughter for the first time in over a year. "And I think I'm finally starting to see why you had to leave. We were far too controlling, and we didn't see past your blindness. We were the blind ones."

"We've heard that before..." Sokka whispers to Aang, who slightly laughs.

"No more. I trust you, and the Avatar. He helped you become what you are today, and he also brought you back to me today. I couldn't be more grateful, Avatar Aang. You've brought my little girl back to me, all grown up." Lao says.

"Oh, she doesn't seem that different from when she left here."

"You don't see it? She is much more secure with herself, and she isn't afraid to explain herself to me! She used to lie about her life, but now she's telling me everything. Come, you must have dinner with us, so that you may tell us all about your adventures in the past year!" Lao says with a motioning of his hand, bring in a servant. "Make a feast! And make sure it isn't all meat..." he says, looking over at Aang, who nods in agreement.

The Party Crashers

"So that's when I smashed my hands into the sides of the box and made a large dent. I continued, and then I made a large hole. When Yu and Xin Fu got back to see what happened, I stuck them in the box!" Toph says triumphantly.

"Really, you defeated them? You are the greatest Earthbender in the world!" Toph's father adds.

"Perfect for teaching the Avatar." Aang adds.

"And you said you were put into a Fire Nation jail?" her father asks.

"Yeah, this assassin was going to use Katara and I as bait to lure Aang in. And it almost worked until he just stopped chasing us for a while." Toph replies.

A large crash is heard from outside that halt's Lao's next question.

"Stay here!" both Aang and Toph tell her parents in unison. The team runs outside quickly and Sokka closes the doors behind him.

"They're underground!" Toph alerts the group. Katara begins sinking in the earth, but Aang manages to catch her arm. Her sinking stops even though she remains in the ground. Aang stomps the ground and she is raised back up to normal level. A rock is launched from the ground and heads straight for Sokka. Zuko quickly shoots down the rock with a fire blast.

"Guys, you need to do something! We can't hit them if we can't see them!" Zuko tells the group as he blocks another rock headed for the team.

"On it!" Toph replies, stomping hard on the ground with her right foot and causing a massive quake in the nearby ground. "They've stopped! Aang, let's bring them up!" Aang and Toph stomp the ground and thrust their hands up, forcing the agents to the surface, all of them very disorientated.

Sokka runs up to one and grabs him by the front of his robe. "What do you want here?"

The agent suddenly seems to come to and realizes what he's supposed to be doing. "We know that you've come here to hide the Earth King! We're here to get him!" the agent replies.

"Shut up!" a voice calls from behind Team Avatar. Long Feng paces towards the middle and Earthbends Sokka into the air. Aang quickly cushions his fall and Zuko goes to attack Long Feng. He launches a fire ball that Long Feng deflects with a raised earth slab. Long Feng breaks off the top part of the slab and sends it towards Zuko, who jets out of the way. Zuko then leaps into the air and sends a fire blast at Long Feng from the sky.

Long Feng creates an earth dome to protect himself. He begins launching pieces of it into the sky, unaware that Zuko has already landed. His dome collapses as Zuko blasts it with lightning.

Aang and Toph are dealing with the agents, with Toph launching them into the air and Aang knocking them out with air jets. Katara is looking for a water source to bend, eventually finding a small lake. She brings the water nearby to the agents, and begins freezing the unconscious agents to the ground so they can't get away. One agent breaks free from the ice and begins heading towards the entrance to the Bei Fong's house. Sokka turns away from the fighting and throws his boomerang, striking the agent in the back of his knee and knocking him down.

"Take that!" Sokka says as he announces his victory. Long Feng rides past on earth, knocking Sokka slightly off balance.

"He's not here, sir!" an agent calls from near one of the windows. "I've checked!"

"Agents, leave them be! Get out of here!" Long Feng dictates to his agents. He hops over the wall separating Gaoling from the Bei Fong's mansion, and is followed by several other agents. Team Avatar begins following but the sound of crashing from behind them stops them. They turn to see holes where the other agents were. When they turn around, all the agents are gone. Aang twirls his staff and flies above the walls, but cannot find any signs of the agents.

Aang lands, disappointed that he is unable to find the Dai Li. "We need to go. Who knows where the Earth King is; they could find him at any moment." Aang says as he takes out his bison whistle. The blow is silent, but everyone present knew what was going to happen. As Appa appears in the sky, Toph's parents leave their house and arrive in the courtyard.

"Toph, you're leaving to search for the Earth King?" Toph's father asks. "That's what that agent who broke in said. Are you going again?"

"Yeah. That's why I have to leave dad. I have a bigger purpose than just to be Daddy's little girl." Toph replies. "I will come back, but you need to understand: This time I'm leaving because I have a Kingdom to bring to peace."

"Good bye Toph. We love you." Toph's mom speaks up for the first time since Toph's explanations earlier.

"I- I love you too." Toph steps forward and gives her parents a hug before turning to Appa and getting on. As Appa flies off, she looks back to where she assumes the ground is. She wanted her parents to get to see her one last time before she left again.

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