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The Manarki
Biographical information

The Spirit World



Physical description

No specific gender; most likely male

Hair color


Skin color

Ghost White

Eye color

Glowing Violet

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Uses their sharp nails as their personal weapons, along with Dark Energy, also known as "Energy of Darkness"

Fighting style(s)



None; use Nianzu and his friends as pawns


The Sunachi, Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom, Water Tribes, Air Nomads, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Suki, Mai, Zuko, and all humans.

Chronological and political information



The Spirit World

First appearance

Avatar: The Dawning of Darkness

  • Chapter 4: Long Lost Bender (Dream only)
  • Chapter 12: Will She Forgive Him
Last appearance

Avatar: The Dawning of Darkness Chapter 51: The Last Manarki

The Manarki are an evil, yet Ancient form of Spirits created by the Sunachi roughly 6 million years ago. They are a powerful race of Spirits, said to have discovered many of their abilities while trapped in a cage created by the Sunachi, a cage made of the glow of the Avatar.

When Nianzu, an Airbender that was gifted by the Sunachi when they feared the Avatar would never be freed from his icy prison, began searching for ancient relics that belonged to the First benders of each element The Manarki found an opportunity to escape. They began sending dreams to Nianzu, urging him to free them by making him believe they were helpless creatures who needed his help. Nianzu soon became their pawn, retrieving each of the four relics and making bad decisions along the way.

During their time in their cage of light, while Nianzu was retrieving the relics, the Manarki began draining the Spirit World of its energy. After days of draining energy, four of the Manarki, two being Manarki Kings and two being volunteers who would soon become Kings as well, escaped their cage of light and raked Havoc through the Spirit World. They revealed, possibly, their most powerful ability when they took control of their creators who had locked them up, the Sunachi. The Sunachis' Spirits were taken control of and allowed the Manarki Kings to free their so-called "Brothers" by destroying the cage of light.

They reaked havoc through the Spirit World for days until Nianzu freed the Manarki from the Spirit World, and they are currently within the bodies of Nianzu and his three friends. The Manarki Kings plan to free their brothers by finding what is known as the Dragon of Manarki and the Dark Gem.

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