A Man Known As Kuzon
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17 May, 2011

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A Man Known As Kuzon is a story about Kuzon's fate.


It was another day on the Fire Nation Capital. The birds are singing and the air is full laughter. Aang is strolling along the street.

"Where do I find a vegetables stand in here? It's all meat!!!" he grumbled.

"Avatar Aang, over here! I'm selling vegetables," said a vendor.


Aang enters a store called "Veggies And Fruties" and sits on a wooden table. An old man stood in front of him with a big smile.

"Your orders, Avatar Aang?" asked the old man.

"Uhh, how much does a cabbage ball cost?"

"It's all in the house, Avatar. I should be the one paying you for stopping the horrible war."

"Wait, you don't like the war? I thought all of the Fire Nation was helped by the war!" asked Aang.

"The Fire Lords before Fire Lord Zuko enacted heavy taxation to us for the war effort, but enough of me. I'm going to get that cabbage ball." The old man walked to the kitchen and when he emerged, he was holding a cabbage ball with a fruit tart. And also two tea cups. Aang's mouth drooled.

"Now eat Avatar and let's talk," said the old man, but Aang was already stuffing the cabbage ball in his mouth.

"Tenk..yough..... fohr the...foohd... mistar."

"Don't talk when your mouth is full. Now drink this tea," said the old man.

Aang didn't speak for a few minutes. He was too engrossed in the food. The old man just sipped his tea and looked delightfully at the Avatar. After Aang finished eating he stands up and bows, Thank you for the food mister..."

"I haven't introduced myself to you, forgive me. I am Okuzai, son of Azuro, son of Kuzon and I own this store," said Okuzai.

"Wait, you're related to Kuzon?" asked Aang.

"You know my grandfather?" asked Okuzai.

"We were friends!"

"Well, he was not the greatest grandfather you'll ever met."

"What? But Kuzon was my best friend," said Aang.

"I have no doubt that he was once a good man, but the war changed him."

My grandfather you see, was drafted into the Fire Nation Army. How I know about this, well grandfather Kuzon was always boastful of his deeds. My grandmother Umi, wife of Kuzon, told me that Kuzon changed for the worse because of the traumatic war. My grandmother told me one experience of grandpa Kuzon on his first battle. And she thought that it was that that changed him.

" Well, Jukai, this will be our first battle," said Kuzon.

" Yes, it is. I'm excited. They say that if we take Taku, will be awarded with medals. So Umi, if your husband or me gets wounded, you better be quick or we're dead," Jukai was always the joker.

I am Umi, medic of of the Fire Nation Army and my husband is Kuzon. And this is my first battle too. Taku was our first battle, so all our training will be used to its limits. We have been marching for days in this bleak landscape. Then suddenly, a high wall appeared. We had arrived. Our platoon was assigned to attack the Earthbenders outside the city walls. Our platoon ran towards a group of Earthbenders in a trench. The Earthbenders immediately fired rocks at us but we dodged them. We immediately sent a barrage of fireballs at them, burning them to crisp.

"Yeah! Take that, rock throwers!' Jukai said triumphantly.

"Hey Jukai, you've got a bruise in your arm!" I immediately bandage his arm.

"Umi, I might get jealous because of that, you know,: said Kuzon.

"Hehehe, Kuzon. Very funny." I answered. We were all enjoying the moment. We just defeated some Earthbenders. And a part of the wall of Taku was destroyed by catapults.

The moment did not last.

Rocks flew from the walls and hit some of our comrades. Jukai was one of them. He lost his head. Kuzon was hit in the chest but was not badly hurt. I sent a barrage of fireballs towards the walls, but the Earthbenders created a rock shield. I saw Kuzon stand up and ran towards the wall. He used jet propulsion to jump over the wall. For a few minutes, I saw flames erupting in the wall. And I noticed something, they were blue. Then I saw Kuzon unleashing a stream of blue fire, incinerating everything on its path. Then hed jump over the wall, again using the jet propulsion to slow his descent. When he was already close to me, I saw he was holding something. He was holding a charred head.

"This is what we do to those savages. They deserve to die!" he said, angrily.

And that is why, my grandchild, that is why your father became cruel.

That was what my grandmother told me. And I have no doubt that she was right.

"I can't believe that Kuzon became like that. That he turned into," said Aang.

"Events can change a man, I believe," said Okuzai.

"Thanks for the meal, Okuzai. Can I ask you one thing."

"What is it?"

"Where was Kuzon buried?'

"In the Cemetery Of The Veterans. Here take this map." Aang thanks Okuzai and heads outside to find the cemetery. He walked past the city and into place full of fire lilies. And he found that the cemetery has been covered in flowers. After walking around, he saw something familiar.


He had found his friend. He cleared the ground of the tombstone and put some flowers.

"Kuzon, I hope you have found peace and quite. Wherever you are."

Aang, posing as Kuzon.


I will be writing another fanon concerning Kuzon.

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