The Malkerman
Chapter information

Time and Time Again



Written by

Junior Ogun

Release date

May 12, 2015

Chapter One: Skysailing

Ryo titled the Skysailer ( his father's ship ) out of the reach of a mountain and into a ravine with a rather small town in the middle.

Ryo: "Strange for someone of so much importance to be in a small village like this."

Ryo looked around the town; it was down and out, but his sources told him that there was a timebender here.

Ryo: "Hello?" he tapped on the shoulder of a surly old man.

"What is it, kid!" growled the old man.

"Uh, well, my name's Ryo."

The old man turned around and left to yell at some loiters.


Ryo tried again and again but was still unsuccessful. On his last try, as soon as he was about to give up, he asked a bored looking girl about the timebender. And this time, it worked.

"By the way, my name's Saph," she said, "and guess what?"

"What?" said Ryo.

"I'm the timebender!"

Chapter Two: An Assault

It is hard to describe what happened after she muttered the phrase, "timebender". To this day, we marvel at how fast it happened.

Theories are that they were simply never there at all. All the matter, Ryo and Saph found themselves dangling under an airship's ceiling with people in gray and white armor muttering to themselves about someone named Quarryhunter and the Malkerman. Suddenly, they both tumbled from the ceiling and were cut open by one of those armored men, who Saph realized were Republic City policeman. And then they realized they weren't in an airship, but in an interrogation room in Republic City. Ryo had heard about Republic City, he heard that it was a great city, but now plagued by timebender gangs, mainly the Malkermen and the other gangs.

Ryo: "Where are we?"

A policeman walked over and whispered to them "not safe."

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