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The Mad Genius is the eighth chapter of Aang: Story of an Airbender. The chapter is about Aang meeting a mad genius named Bumi who gives him a hint where Airbenders may be hiding.

The Story so Far

Aang has just discovered that he's the Avatar and is told to scour the earth to find missing Airbenders but before the announcement of his identity, the Airbender has fled to a city that was built because of two lovers.

The Mad Genius

~~Shore of the South, Near the City of Omashu~~

Aang sat by the fire, cuddled up against Appa's side. He tend the fire he had made, watching it, examining it, as it danced on the sticks, moving to the left and then to the right. The Airbender sighed and threw the stick into the fire. The fire consumed the stick, chopping it into fuel for its life.

"How can I be the Avatar?" Aang asked to no one in particular. Reaching into his shirt, Aang grabbed the scroll and took it out, unraveling it slowly. He stared at the flames depicted on the map. How could Airbenders just go missing? Was it something to do with the Fire Nation? Were they really plotting something? If they were, what was he supposed to do, knock on the doors to the palace and ask the Fire Lord if he was plotting something to destroy his people? Will he find the missing nomads? What if he fails? Will he be a good Avatar? Or a bad Avatar? What about his friends? Was his win of the Sky Bison Polo Championships a hoax because he was the Avatar? Rumble. Aang's ears twitched as he heard the faint sound of rumbling. Quickly, the Avatar put the scroll into his shirt.

"Was that your stomach Appa?" Aang asked. Rumble. Rumble. The rumbling grew louder and louder until Appa's own roars, was drowned. An earth spike exploded from the ground, ready to spear Aang like a fish. The Avatar flipped into the air, landing on Appa's saddle.

"Appa, we better go!" Aang said. He twirled onto the bison's head, grabbing the rails. "Yip, yip." Appa roared as he slammed his tail on the ground, rising into the sky. The earth was forced upward, blocking the sky bison from the air.

Aang turned as three men dressed in Earth Kingdom attire, rode on the backs of ostrich-horses, surrounding the Airbender. "Who are you and why have you come here?" The man in the middle asked.

"Um, I'm Aang." The Airbender said and Airbended down on the ground, walking up to the men. "Is something the matter?"

"We are the Protectors of Omashu, protecting the city from threats like you!" The man on the left said.

"I'm not a threat." Aang said. "I'm the Avatar, and I have to explore this city for signs of missing Airbenders."

"Yeah, and I'm the Earth King." The man on the right said.

"No more jokes!" The man in the middle said. "Come with us, and keep your bison under control if you don't want any trouble."

The man in the middle turned as the man in the right pushed Aang forward. Appa growled, ready to strike. "It's okay Appa. I'll be all right." The man walked toward his ostrich-horse, trotting behind Aang.

The Avatar walked in silence as he was led away from his friend and toward who knows where. He looked around, spotting a small hill just ahead from him. "We're here." The guard leader said, stopping. Aang peered around him spotting a bridge that connected the hill to a gate. The Airbender looked up to see a city spread over three mountains touching the sky. "Wow." Aang said.

"Move along." The guard behind Aang said, poking his back. Aang's eyes were locked on the city as they neared the gates. A thought came upon Aang's mind. What if Airbenders were hiding here? As crazy as it may be, it is a great spot for Airbenders to hide. The mountains were perfect and the city itself looked impenetrable. Aang snapped back into reality as he bumped into the guard ahead of him. "Sorry, my bad." Aang said. The guard sneered and started knocking on the gates. "We are here with a prisoner. He claims he's the Avatar, but he is no more than sixteen."

"Wait, prisoner?" Aang asked, raising an eyebrow.

~~Southern Air Temple: Mia's Room~~

Mia stared outside the window, tears streaming down her face. "Aang, why did you have to go?" The girl stared at the stars, hoping one of them was Aang. "Please come back." A lemur flew onto the railing of the window. It purred, gazing at the Airbender. The lemur looked back at the stars, and took off without another word.

~~Outside of Omashu~~

"I'm not a criminal!" Aang protested. "I'm just here to find missing Airbenders. Ask your leader."

"An audience with the king is not permitted." The guard said. "And quit your whining."

"Monkey feathers!" Aang said, crossing his arms. At the corner of his eyes, he spotted a rock move. The guard behind Aang walked around the Airbender, catching up with his friend. Aang looked around, as a hole opened up. "Um, hello?" Aang asked.

"Shh!" Someone said. A head popped out from the hole, looking around. "Come in if you want to live." The head returned into the hole. Aang looked back at the guards and nodded. Slowly and silently, the Airbender walked up into the hole and jumped in. A hand quickly covered his mouth. "Follow me." Aang's savior released Aang and walked on.

"I can't see anything." Aang whispered.

"That's what you think. Look up." Aang did as he was told. Shining green crystals sparkled like stars in the night. "Wow." Aang said.

"My name is Bumi." Bumi said. Aang turned to see his savior. Bumi was a boy that looked twelve years old. One eye was shorter than the other was and his brown hair was spiked all the way up. "Now, on to the city!"

"The city? Do you mean Omashu?" Aang asked, following Bumi.

"Of course I do!" Bumi said. "Now, tell me young bald one. Why is an Airbender like you doing in Omashu?"

"I'm looking for my friends." Aang said, taking out the scroll.

"Do they all dress like you?" Bumi asked, taking the scroll.

"They do in the Air Temples." Aang said.

"Then there aren't any here." Bumi said. "I should know, I travel all around Omashu using these secret passages."

"Why do you do that?" Aang asked.

"Let's just say that I don't like being told what to do." Bumi said. "I want to explore the world and open my brain to the possibilities." The Earthbender tapped his head.

"What do you mean?" Aang asked.

"The possibilities in our world are endless!" Bumi shouted. "Why was this city created? Many people state that two lovers build it and some say badgermoles. Either way, it's debatable. I'll give you another example, young bald one." Bumi said, wrapping his arm around Aang.

"It's Aang."

"Anyway, as I was saying Aang, where do you think the Airbenders are? Do you really think that Airbenders will really be attracted to the place where they're being killed. The simple Airbending tactic is to avoid and evade. If I were an Airbender, then I will head to the place where there aren't any flames which is," Bumi said. He spat into his hand and pressed it on the map. A palm made of water was directly over the South Pole. "There! Why don't you try exploring there?"

"I never thought about that." Aang said, grabbing the wet scroll. He smiled at Bumi. "Bumi, you're a mad genius."

The Earthbender started to laugh, but snorting started to take over. The crystals shook and shattered, breaking into a million pieces. "Hmm, it looks like we're lost." Bumi said.

"Lost?" Aang asked. "What do you mean we're lost?"

"We have no idea were we are!" Bumi said. "It seems that we'll have to take another way out. Follow me Aang!" The Earthbender grabbed Aang's arms and ran to the wall. He widened his stance and pushed his fists against the wall. Panting, Bumi locked his fists and forced the earth to break in the shape of a circle and turn. He slammed his foot on the ground and pushed his fists onto the earth, destroying it into pieces. "Come let's walk into our impending doom." Bumi walked into the circle as Aang stood, amazed by the power of the Earthbender. He quickly caught up with Bumi.

"That was amazing!" Aang said. "Can you make a whirlpool out of land?"

"Of course." Bumi said and slammed his feet onto the ground. He breathed heavily, raising his hands into the air. Nothing. Aang looked around, but Bumi stood there not moving.

"Uh-" BOOM! Bumi slammed his foot on the ground and earth shot up from the ground, spiraling around the two friends. The Earthbender forced his hands down, ending the landslide. "And that's it." Bumi continued to walk as Aang stood in silence. "That was amazing Bumi!" Aang said.

"Too bad you can't stick around." Bumi said, coming across a metal wall. "We would have had so much fun together." The Earthbender shot rocks from the ground and onto the metal wall. The earth ripped open the wall and the friends walked through.

"Wow." Aang said. He looked around as two giant holes in the wall poured water onto the floor, roaring like a waterfall. Pillars braced the earth as metal floors covered up most of the water. "What is this place?"

"This is the sewer." Bumi said. "I know a shortcut that will get you past those guards and send you on your merry way to the South Pole."

Bumi and Aang jumped down from the wall, landing on the metal plates. "This way." Bumi led Aang down a hallway where brown water roared through the floor. "Jump!" The two leaped into the brown water as they were tossed and turned. The friends laughed in delight as they went down a small waterfall. Suddenly, a waterfall loomed into view. "Aang, go down the waterfall and into a hole. Open it with your Airbending." Bumi said, earthbending the rocks around him.

"What about you?" Aang shouted.

"I'll see you the next time we meet." Bumi said and Earthbended himself onto a platform. Aang waved goodbye as a huge wave crashed upon him. He screamed as he fell down the waterfall. The Airbender crashed into the water, surfacing at the last minute. Green slime was poured from the pipes landing on the Avatar. Aang rubbed the slime off his eyes spotting a metal object that blocked his path. Aang breathed slowly and pushed one hand forward. A blats of air slammed the cover from its hinges and it fell down the trench.

"Here we go." The Avatar jumped at the last second, spiraling around. Aang blasted air from his hands as he landed on the other side of Omashu. He screamed as the air died out and landed on his face. Getting up, Aang turned around to see the city. He smiled and got up, jumping from tree to tree until he reached Appa. 'C'mon, buddy" Aang said. "We're heading to the South Pole. Yip, yip!"

Appa roared as he flew into the sky. Aang looked back the city, remembering the best advice he had ever gotten. Open your mind to the possibilities.

~~Southern Air Temple~~

Afiko walked down the long hallway until he reached a room. The Airbender knocked on the door.

"Come in." Gyatso's voice said from the other side.

Afiko stormed into the room staring at the Southern Council of Elders. "I am outraged!" Afiko yelled. "You told me Aka was supposed to be the next Avatar. Why is that Airbender the Avatar?"

"Calm down Afiko." Monk Tashi said.

"I will not calm down!" Afiko shouted. "You told me!" The Airbender walked over to the counter, putting his hand on it.

"I agree with Afiko." High Monk Pasang said. "We did indeed tell him Aka was the Avatar, but Aang had something that Aka didn't and that is what he must learn."

"What do you mean?" Afiko asked, quickly turning, putting his hands behind his back. "How will Aka learn this?"

"It won't change the fact that he is not the Avatar, but he can learn. You and Aka will move into the Southern Air Temple." High Monk Pasang said.

"Here?" Afiko asked. "If the council decides, then so be it!" Afiko turned and stormed out of the room. He turned the hallways until he was sure he was out of sight. A small grin wiped across his face. "Finally." He said, stroking the map of the missing Airbenders he had stolen.

Author's Notes

RotB97: Okay I've been gone a long time and that's because I've had other stories in my mind. This chapter was meant to be a filler and open Aang's mind to the possibilities of where Airbenders might be hiding. The Council is training Aka as a back up in case Aang doesn't come back if it was unclear. Thanks for reading. Oh, sorry for spelling and grammar errors but I really wanted the chapter to come out.


- Mia was supposed to leave, but again the author thought she should stay behind.

- The scene with the Council of Elders and Afiko was never supposed to happen, but due to a semi-boring chapter, the author wanted to add more juice to the story.

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