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Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Lost Scrolls in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Lost Scrolls.

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The Lost Scrolls
If you seek the Scrolls, you may no longer be you.
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January 11th, 2012 - Ongoing


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Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Lost Scrolls is RuleroftheBison's first fanon. The fanon is about Team Avatar's adventures after the war as they head on an adventure to find and protect the Lost Scrolls while fighting new and old foes including Azula and the wrath of the Spirits. So far, thirteen chapters have been released. This fanon was on hiatus since February 20, 2012 but has returned on December 24, 2012 with new chapters expected to be released all throughout winter and into 2013.


Now that war is over, Team Avatar can relax but when Aang finds a mysterious water scroll things change for the worse. Iroh informs about his knowledge on the Lost Scrolls, sacred scrolls that contain information about each nation. Team Avatar then head out on another journey to find the scrolls. Things are in store for them when Azula breaks out from the mental institution she was locked in and swears to rule the world with help from a mysterious man named Camu who can bend the energy in the elements! Team Avatar also has to deal with a trio of Bounty Hunters who's orders are to kill Aang no matter what.

Meanwhile, instead of relaxing in his tea shop as planned, Iroh receives a disturbing news about Lu Ten. Something about his death. As for Mai and Ty Lee, they are watching over the Fire Nation Palace while Zuko is gone but they should be caution unless something or someone from their past returns.

Disaster soon strikes when the Spirits want revenge for something that happened over a thousand years ago.


Team Avatar

  1. Aang: The Avatar, leader of Team Avatar, age 112
  2. Katara: Waterbending Master, age 14
  3. Sokka: Boomerang Master, co-leader of Team Avatar, age 15, Ken Yi's Rival
  4. Toph: Earthbending and Metalbending Master, age 12
  5. Zuko: Fire Lord, Firebending Master, age 17
  6. Suki: Kyoshi Warrior, Sokka's girlfriend, Arena's Rival
  7. Appa: Sky Bison, transportation for Team Avatar as well as their loyal friend
  8. Momo: Flying Lemur

The Bounty Hunters

  1. Dai Nero: Leader of the B.H, he is skilled in traps.
  2. Arena: Sandbender, she is skilled in logic, Suki's Rival
  3. Mago: Skilled in Magic, this man is silent.
  4. Shou: Skilled in archery, she betrayed the Yu-Yan Archers to become part of this group.


  1. Camu: A bender that can bend the energy in the elements. According to Azula, he wants power and money.
  2. Azula: Fire Nation princess, age 14, insane, wants to rule the world and kill Zuko and Katara.
  3. Hama: Bloodbender Master, wants revenge on Katara by killing Aang.


A group of people who are trying to protect the new peace. They think Team Avatar's hunt for the Lost Scrolls will throw the world in chaos and ruin.

  1. Fen Ru: Leader, friends with Azula
  2. Hexie: An executive member, leads Hering and Tiao.
  3. Hering: A member of Hexie's team.
  4. Tiao: A member of Hexie's team.


A team of people from all around the world who hate the new peace.

  1. Ulti: Leader of the rebels in Whale Tail Island, she met Sokka one day when he was lost. Sister of Ken Yi, she uses knives but has more tricks up her sleeves.
  2. Ken Yi: Brother of Ulti, he can use the sword, rivals with Sokka for an unknown reason.


  1. Hei Bai: Spirit of the Forest, gives help to Aang when needed
  2. Koh, the Face Stealer: an old spirit that steals faces, he wants to get revenge for something that happened in the beginning of time.
  3. Wan Shi Tong: 'He Who Knows All', owns a library, Koh's assistant.


  1. Iroh: Uncle of Zuko, trying to solve the case of Lu Ten
  2. Mai: Girlfriend of Zuko, protects the Fire Nation Palace along with Ty Lee.
  3. Ty Lee: friend of Mai, protects the Fire Nation Palace along with Mai, she has just returned to her friends after finishing her Kyoshi Warrior training.
  4. Feito: Mayor of Soto Gawa.


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Reception & Reviews

"Another great fanon can't wait 4 more chapters :)"


  1. FRS Review by Mageddon725. Score of 7.3/10
  2. FRS Review by MibuWolf. Score of 6.9/10

Critical Reception

"I think the idea for this fanon was very creative. It brought a whole new element into the world of Avatar, one that provides a lot of mystery and suspense. We get to meet new characters, revisit old ones, and spend time with the ones we've grown to love. However, this story can improve a lot on several things. First, many of the sentences are short and choppy. An editor could definitely help with this. Secondly, there isn't really any emotion in the story. Some emotion and thoughts of the characters while they battle or talk to each other could really make this story well-rounded and more exciting. I'm mainly talking about the first many chapters. As the story progresses, the chapters do get better and stronger with displaying emotion and complex sentences. Overall this is a really interesting story."
the lucky mango

Overall, the fanon has had a mixed reception. Although comments are scarce with a few exceptions, the fanon has been highly praised by its creative content with the Lost Scrolls bringing great praise to the story. However, others state that the descriptive writing and character development is flawed and needs improvement. MibuWolf, in her review, states that the fanon would make her top ten list if the story is polished.


Book 1

Starting/Rebooting the Story

The Lost Scrolls sparked up in Bison's head when he read the real life Lost Scrolls. He quickly developed a minor plot about Team Avatar locating four Lost Scrolls with Rebels, Azula, and Camu chasing them. However, he discovered Avatar Fanon Wikia and started to create a more elaborate plot to tie up the loose ends left by the series. On January 11, 2011, Bison wrote and published his first chapter. He then quickly started writing and uploading chapters until Aang: Story of an Airbender took over. The Lost Scrolls was reduced to one sentence a day before being abandoned. When the story was reviewed, Bison was shocked to discover that the fanon had scored the highest out of all of his fanons and made a new plot to keep it fresh. He then started to write new chapters, but still remained heavily focused on Aang: Story of an Airbender. When his laptop broke, Bison happily focused on this chapter while Aang is left at a hiatus.

Creating the Chapters

Bison originally wrote three page chapters so he can release chapters quicker and have time working on Aang. However, this proved impossible as the chapters got noticeably longer, reaching its height under The Master of Water, the first ever written work of Bison that passed over ten pages! As such, fanon doubling is no longer an option and chapters will be released whenever they are finished and edited.

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