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This is the second chapter of The Lost Princess fanon series. It goes by the title "Moon Fest".


"Which do you think I should wear for the Moon Fest?" Ami asked. "The blue? Or the purple?"

"Anyone that doesn't make you look like a spirit leprechaun," Raeka casually answered, not even bothering to see what Ami was talking about. She was currently reading a book and all of her attention had been drawn to it.

Disappointed by Raeka's aloofness, Ami pulled the book Raeka was reading from her reach. She had, had enough of Raeka's vagueness. For the past two hours, she was trying to make conversation with Raeka and Raeka had been ignoring her.

The two had gone over to Ami's to pick her outfit. They were planning to go to Raeka's afterwards. Ami's room was large and spacious. She had a huge walk in closet with several dresses arranged in it. In her bedroom, a few paintings hung on the walls and she had a few decorations arranged every here and there. It reflected who she was so much.

"Hey, give that back!" Raeka bellowed, reaching for the book.

"Only if you give me a fraction of your attention," Ami demanded, her hand that possessed the book raised above her head away from Raeka.

"Okay," Raeka groaned, unwillingly agreeing. She lifted her eyes to see what Ami was actually talking about. In one hand there was a purple, ankle length gown with full sleeves. Its wrists were adorned with white fur, the same type used for the matching scarf that it came with. The other dress was a dark blue kimono with intricate designs. Raeka narrowed her eyes as she pondered over which was the better dress.

Finally, she made up her mind and blurted out, "The blue one."

"You sure? I mean the blue one is also pretty lovely."

"Your choice, I'm not the one wearing it anyways."

Ami rolled her eyes. "When we go shopping next time, remind me to get a new best friend. My current one is defective."

Raeka chuckled as she threw herself at her best friend wrapping her in a warm bear hug. "Don't deny that you love me."

"Hmm, do I? Because the last time I checked, I preferred food."

"Well check again," Raeka said as she took out a gift box from her backpack and gave it to Ami. "Happy Moon Fest!"

Ami gasped, a big smile plastered on her face. All the anger she felt towards Raeka seemed to have vanished into thin air. Her hands grabbed the gift box and she frantically unwrapped it. As the wrapper made its way to the ground, Ami's eyes set on a beautiful bracelet. It had smooth, round pearls arranged on a silver string.

"It's so beautiful," she wailed. "I take it back; My best friend isn't defective."

"Obviously not. Now come follow me to my house. I need to get ready." Raeka placed her hand on Ami's wrist then hurriedly pulled her out of the room.


While at the courtyard of the Royal Palace of the Northern Water Tribe, Chief Nukka was standing and observing the arrangement for the upcoming Moon Fest. The celebrations were about to begin in a few hours time and he didn't want to let the people down. In the Northern Water Tribe, the Moon Fest is more than just a time of fun. It is meant to celebrate the Moon and Ocean Spirits since they were the most important spirits to the people there.

Suddenly, Chief Nukka saw his secretary walking towards him. He held a bunch of papers in his feeble hands as he clumsily scampered towards the Chief. Nukka's brows pulled together at the sight. What trouble was he going to have to deal with on the day of a memorial night?

"Unak? What's with all the papers?" Nukka asked Unalaq's approaching figure.

Unak straightened up as he came closer to the Chief. He arranged the papers in his hand and replied to him saying, "A shipping has arrived at the borders. They say it's for you. Would you like to clarify?" Unak handed the papers over to the Chief.

Nukka's eyes scanned the papers. They were from the Nikari Industries, one of the biggest industries in the world. A smile graced his facial features. The orders he had place have finally arrived. Things were surely going his way. He took a pen from Unak and signed at the bottom. Returning the papers, he ordered, "Bring the goods in. Don't unload the ships yet. Don't unload it till I tell you too."

"Yes, yes, Sir." Unak collected the papers and trekked back. Nukka watched him closely, a wicked grin plastered on his face.


Raeka groaned, frustrated, as she threw herself into the single bed of her small bedroom. She was literally lying on her entire wardrobe since she had emptied it in search of what to wear. Her, Ami and Beyan had been looking for something she could wear for the past three hours and had come up with nothing so far. Whenever they chose something, it was either it was too old or not 'perfect' as Raeka quoted.

"It's only an hour till the lights are lit and the festival begins," Ami stated. She was clearly exhausted, sat at a corner of her best friend's room with her head against the world.

"Tell me something I don't know," Raeka said.

"You know things would've been much easier if someone wasn't being too demanding."

Raeka shot up into a sitting position. "You think I was being demanding?!"

"Who wouldn't think that if you had been labeling half of your clothes 'not perfect' and clamoring 'NEXT!' like some evil queen."

"Oh, so now you're calling me an evil queen? At least I am not turning all of my stress into anger and pouring it unto an innocent girl!"

Ami stood up, covering the distance between her and Raeka. "Puh-lease. Don't try to play dumb with me."

Raeka also stood up so that her and Ami's faces were only a few inches apart. "And you don't try to push me," she warned in a low voice.

"Girls! Girls!" Beyan's voice filled the room from nowhere. Sensing the tension in the room, she pulled the girls away from each other. "You are all tired. Perhaps green tea will help with the stress," she offered.

Raeka rubbed her temple. Beyan was right; they both were heavily stressed out. "Maybe for once I should give green tea a try."

"Me too," Ami called.

"Lovely," Beyan cheerfully chimed.

And so Raeka and Ami joined Beyan for tea. Their eyes followed every move she made as she served them in two tiny teacups. They each grabbed a cup and took a single sip from it.

Raeka felt the liquid's sweet, minty taste linger on her tongue. She had never tasted green tea before and thought it would taste bitter. But it wasn't. Rather, it was a subtle and mild combination of several soothing tastes. "I have to say your green tea tastes marvellous, Grandma," she commented.

"Marvellous is an understatement," Ami added. She was also enjoying the green tea very much.

"Thanks so much girls. I added a special ingredient to it; frosted ginger," Beyan spoke with her head held high. She was proud of her tea. "Oh and Raeka, I think I know what you should wear to the festival."

"Really?" Raeka asked with her eyes wide.

"Yes. It was one of my favorite dresses. I got it for my eighteenth birthday."

"Well I am done with my tea. Why don't you show me the dress," Raeka suggested.

"Good idea."

Beyan got up and went to her room where she took out a beautiful dress from an old box. It was an indigo, off shoulder kaftan with beautiful designs on it.

"Grandma, it's perfect!" Raeka sang hugging her grandmother tight.

"Well I am glad you like it."

Ami cleared her throat. "Not to break the intimate moment, but we better get going. I am so not ready to miss a single moment of this year's fest."


The Chief shifted uneasily in his seat. He glanced at his side to see it was empty. Where was Ami? She was taking way too much time to arrive which was unusual since she loved the Moon Fest so much. Worried, he got up and went to her room to see if she was done yet.

"Ami?" he called after knocking on door.

"Yes, dad," she answered.

"Where have you been? The festival is about to begin."

"I'll be right out."

After a few seconds, Ami bursted out of the room with her best friend following close behind.

As the two girls swept past him, he noticed something on Raeka that made his heart drop to deep depths. Her crescent-shaped birthmark right above the dent of her collarbone, dark and bold.

How could it be?

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