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The Lost Princess







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October 22, 2016

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"Best Friends" is the first chapter of the fanon series The Lost Princess.


In the North Pole of the world, there lived a young girl no older than fifteen. She had just finished her hanging out with her best friend, Ami, and was headed home to her grandmother. The girl spotted her grandmother on the porch of their little wooden house.

"Raeka you're back," her grandmother all but chirped, happily.

"Yes, Granny Bey," the girl replied as she walked to her grandma and enclosed her in a warm bear hug.

"How was your day?"

"Amazing. Ami and I had a great time. And we're going shopping for the annual Moon Festival tomorrow. It's in a week's time. I am so excited!" Raeka said in excitement.

"Oh my perky little snowflake." Beyan flicked Raeka's nose. "Now do me a favor and go boil me some of my favorite green tea."

"Sure thing, Grandma Bey." Raeka went into her grandmother's small kitchen and put all the ingredients into the kettle before placing on the lit stove. She picked up her book and continued reading from the chapter she had left last night.

The kettle on the stove whistled lowly and Raeka knew that Grandma Beyan's green tea was ready. She dropped the book she was reading and moved to the stove, turning it off before grabbing Grandma's little tea cup. Using her waterbending, she made a stream of the tea and used it to fill the cup. Raeka took the cup to her Grandma who was at on the front porch, gardening.

Ever since Raeka knew Grandma Beyan, gardening was her favorite hobby. She spent most of her time out of the flower shop in the garden. It was amazing, how she never got tired of flowers...and green tea.

"Here's your green tea, Grandma," Raeka said to Beyan as she approached her figure. She stood in front of an icicle jade bush, picking the pretty flowers.

Beyan turned to look at Raeka, her slightly wrinkled face brightening up with a smile as soon as her eyes set on the cup in her granddaughter's hand. "Thank you so much, Rae-rae," she muttered, putting down the flowers in a basket and collecting the cup of green tea. Using her empty hand, she grabbed a handful of Raeka's chubby cheeks and pulled it, gently. "You're such a lovely cutie pie."

Raeka grinned at her. "I'll be in my room, reading. Just call me if you need anything.'

She nodded, placing the rim of teacup against her lips and taking a slow sip. Grandma Beyan sighed in content before returning to picking her flowers, while Raeka made her way back into the house and returned to her room.

Beyan and Raeka were both happy, and even though she took very good care of her, Raeka always longed to meet her birth parents. Raeka could clearly remember when she asked Beyan about her parents. Beyan had told her to never speak of them again.

Raeka lifted her book and started reading. As seconds started passing, minutes too passed and soon hours. The Sun soon set, casting orange and pink highlights along the horizon. After that came the thick layer of navy blue that covered the sky making it almost black except for the little white twinkles and the big round moon that illuminated the sky.

Minutes later, Raeka fell asleep after her eyelids gave up on her and she let the darkness pull her under.


"If only the Sun always shined like this everyday," Ami breathed while lying against the cold snow. In the North Pole, the Sun barely felt warm. You could only see it and the light that came from it but the warmth was barely there.

"You know, I want to go somewhere warm some time," Raeka noted, also taking in the warm feeling of the Sun.

Raeka could clearly remember when she and her best friend first met.

It was three years after the tragic mysterious death of Chief Dokka, Queen Luan and Princess Akera, the previous royal family of the Northern Water Tribe. Raeka and her grandma Beyan had just migrated from the south pole to the North. It was the time for the first full moon of the year, and the Moon Fest was around the corner. The city was decorated in royal blue and silver lights and streamers that brightened up everywhere.

"Hurry up, Raeka. The celebration is about to begin," Grandma Beyan urged as she pulled Raeka behind her, urging her to follow along.

"Slow down, Grandma," Raeka said, her words not sounding very clear because of her broken tooth. Even though Beyan was in her fifties, she was still very active. Her age did not affect her perkiness.

"Slow down?" Beyan said in disbelief. "You'll understand why I'm in a haste when you see how magnificent the Moon Fest is."

Beyan swerved her and her granddaughter through the crowd, their bodies pressing against others as they made their way through the jam packed courtyard of the Tribe's Royal Palace.

Raeka gasped in awe as her big blue eyes took in the view. There were several lights that adorned the courtyard with multicolored streamers dangling from all around. Several delicacies were arranged on tables and drinks of dozens of varieties were available too. Out of curiosity, Raeka let go off her distracted grandmother's hand and ran off into the thick crowd.

On a makeshift stage was the Royal family. Chief Nukka was at his rightful place on his throne and his young daughter, Ami who was no older than Raeka was just beside him looking bored.

"Daddy?" the little princess called, looking up at her father who was peering down at her. "Can I go get a drink?"

"But you just downed a cup of juice now."

"I'm just really thirsty. I won't take long, I promise," she pleaded.

Her father chuckled. "Sure thing, my little angel."

Ami jumped off her seat and ran away into the crowd to explore the wonders of her favorite festival. But firstly, she wanted something in her mouth. Her undying love for food kindled at the sight of snacks. She ran as fast as she could, her tiny feet propelling her forward between people. And alas, she was at her Utopia. Ami's little hand punched through a bowl of kale cookies. She packed it all and started stuffing her face with it.

"Aren't all those cookies too much for you?" a voice said next to her.

Ami looked up to see a girl with her brown hair let down and her hair loopies cascading down the sides of her face held by two blue bands on each. The girl was giving her a motherly look with furrowed brows.

"That's none of your business. I'm the princess, Ami so I can have as much cookies as I want," Ami retorted with her head held high.

"Don't be so arrogant. And even if you're royalty, you shouldn't eat so many cookies. They're bad for your teeth." Raeka folded her arms across her chest, narrowing her eyes at little Ami.

"Well thanks for the factoid mom, " Ami said sarcastically, narrowing her eyes to slits as she stared at Raeka.

The two seven year olds widened their stances and clenched their fists beside them as they relentlessly refused to blink. The air around them became thick with silence. Suddenly Raeka's nose twitched, bringing forward with it her loss as her eyes blinked and Ami won the stare down.

Ami poked her tongue at Raeka. "Wooh! I won and you lost," she laughed in victory.

Raeka groaned in anger, her blood boiling as she seethed. In one swift move, she lifted a small whip of water from the snow and splashed it over Ami, soaking her clothes and hair.

Taken off guard, Ami stared at Raeka dumbfounded. "Ha ha!" Raeka laughed at Ami. "Now this is laugh worthy."

Ami frowned as she widened her stance into one of waterbending. Her eyebrows furrowed as she focused and pulled a stream of water from the snow. Then in a single sway of her arms, Raeka was dripping wet. It was now Ami's turn to laugh so she giggled while pointing her finger at Raeka.

Ami was fuming over the whole thing. Her face had turned so hot that if she put her face in the snow, it'd melt into clear, liquid water. As the anger kept on swallowing her, she lifted her arms into the air, ready for payback. But sadly, it wasn't Raeka's lucky day as she heard a very familiar voice.

"What are you trying to do, Raeka?!" the voice growled.

Startled, Raeka dropped her hands down to her side and turned to face an angry looking Beyan.

"I've been looking all around the place for you. What if you got lost?! You're not very familiar with the environment and yet you go around like that?!"

"S-sorry Grandma," Raeka stuttered in fear, her eyes pointing to the ground too scared to dare meet the fiery ones of her Grandma. "It won't happen again."

"It better not!" Beyan said in a final tone. She grabbed little Raeka's hand and pulled her along back to the crowd as the show began.

Ami's laughter came to a complete halt as she saw an elderly woman scolding her new arch nemesis, her eyes wide. She caught the girl whom she referred to as Raeka and pulled her along.

Ami carried another handful of kale cookies before rushing back to her father's side just in time for the celebration's commencement.

"Do you remember the first day we met? At the Moon Fest?" Ami asked Raeka as if reading her thoughts.

"How can I forget? You were my arch nemesis back then."

Ami sighed. "Good ol' days."

"Although I still haven't forgiven you for splashing water on me," Raeka said as she sneakily made a small wave of water, then released it on her best friend.

"Hey!' Ami cried as she scrambled up to her feet and stared daggers at Raeka who had a smirk on her face. "What was that about?!"

"I did say I hadn't forgiven you yet," Raeka stated, her smirk growing into a full blown grin.

"So you're challenging me to a duel?"

Raeka shook her head, her eyes closed as she did so. "Not exactly what I me—" She got cut off when a freezing, wet substance washed over her. Her eyes flickered open. "Oh it's on!" she declared, rising to her feet as she prepared herself to defeat her best friend.

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