The Lost Princess
The Lost Princess
No matter how fast you run, destiny will always catch up with you
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Princess Aisha


The Legend of Korra

The Lost Princess is an Avatar fanfiction series. It follows the story of a young girl named Raeka and the struggles she goes through to find out who she really is.

During her journey, she meets new people and they become best friends, protecting the world from darkness, alongside the Avatar himself.


In the Northern Water Tribe, in the never-ending winter where everyone is wrapped in cold, lived a girl named Raeka. Best friends, with daughter of Chief Nukka, Ami, Raeka couldn't have wished for a better life. One day, while she and Ami were playing around, they found a picture of the previous dead princess with a crescent-shaped birthmark on her right shoulder, just like Raeka's. There was definitely something fishy going on.

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Raeka is the protagonist of The Lost Princess fanfiction series. She is fifteen years of age and has great waterbending skills. Intellectual and intuitive, Raeka doesn't always rely on her bending in tough situations. But beneath her carefree exterior, Raeka is a hard-working and independent girl who loves her friends and family from the core of her heart. She is known to make her grandma Beyan lots of cups of green tea whenever she asked for it, and is always there for her best friend Princess Ami. This strong minded girl with great leadership skills also has a tendency to get confused in tricky situations but soon overcame it as the series progressed.


Graceful, well mannered and gentle are the three words that make up who Ami really is. At the age of fifteen, she is peaceful and generous, always caring for her family and friends. Ami is also known to be always fighting for a good cause and for what she believes is right. She is a bit quiet which contrasts greatly with her best friend's noisy nature. Although introverted, the princess is known to love fun and adventurous activities. She is also a talented waterbender and has outstanding martial arts skills.

Chief Nukka

Chief Nukka the antagonist in Book One, is a friendly, wise and advising man on the outside, but has a very crooked mind on the inside. He is bloodthirsty for power and will do anything he possibly can to rule over everything. His devious intentions had him on the dark side all along making him do wrong. Nukka always wore a facade, pretending to be a good person and thereby deceiving his subjects, including his daughter.


Brave, strong-willed and stubborn, Hoshi is kind-hearted. He is quiet and a bit distant. Hoshi has a reticent nature and doesn't make much noise. But he can be a bit prideful about his position as the Avatar. Although reserved, Hoshi gets free and more noisy when he gets to know you. He has trust issues which causes conflict to rise between him and Raeka since she easily trusts strangers.




Kimi is an Air Acolyte with a big heart and a bubbly persona. She is friendly and welcoming. Kimi also lacks faith in herself, but with the help of her friends, she soon learns to believe in herself.

She is a skilled archer with impeccable manners. Compared to the rest of her friends, she is a total goody-two-shoes. She is a little too selfless and love-deprived, considering the fact that her parents died when she was very young.

Kimi is sometimes a push over, having major problems with saying 'no'. She is polite and very kind, which kind of annoys her friends sometimes.


Hoshi's best friend is a talkative. He is open minded with a mouth too big for his own good. He isn't very smart, shooting direct attacks at his opponents. Zen's noisy nature is tamed later on in the series. He stops being a know it all and gains more wisdom to the extent that his friends seek his advice.


Beyan is generally calm and a woman of wisdom. She has a simple life and a warm heart. She is amicable and loving, a motherly figure.

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Book One:Self


  • Hoshi's name is derived from the Japanese word for star. He is named such because when his parents had him their lives became easier. They said he was like a star in the dark night.
  • In the early concept art of Kimi, she was meant of have an uneven bobcut for a hairstyle. But it was later changed to a longer hairstyle.
  • Hoshi was firstly meant to be an egoist.
  • The story was supposed to be set in the Earth Kingdom.
  • Even though an Air Acolyte, Kimi doesn't wear their typical attire.
    Kimi - Earlier Concept

    Kimi's early conept

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