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Welcome to The Lost Avatar roleplay series. This RP will take place all over the Avatar World. Here's a guide to the RP:

  • Regular text signifies dialogue.
  • Regular text in *asterisks* are thoughts a character is making in their head.
  • Italicized text represents a character's second personality or long distance communication.
  • Bolded and italicized text is an action a character is making.

So, this roleplay will be done by TheSuperiorOne and Thecryingwolf3553. If you want to join, make a character on this wiki with an ability. Then put a link to your character down in the comments, and we will look it over. First, we'll review your character. Afterwards, your character will be modified according to our instruction. Now, let's begin.


This story takes place after Korra's death of old age and the birth of a new Avatar. An Earthbender. The setting is Ba Sing Se where our 2 main characters, Kenneth Baam and Kai Arlyn, are in a school for benders while something very secretive is going on between a famous bender and the most important people to him. He seems to be gathering very important people to unite this world into a big nation, but what is really going on here?

In a school placed in Ba Sing Se

Kenneth is walking down the hall and enters his class where there is an instructor. They go to a large court.

Teacher: Okay guys! We will now focus on flowing your chi through your body. Everyone get into the stance and get ready to let the chi flow into you.

Kenneth: *Hmph...*

Kai: Gets into a strong Earthbending stance *This is gonna be boring*

Teacher: Okay, start!

Kenneth: He gets into a squatted position and starts running his fingers down his own arm, then the other fingers down his other.

Teacher: Wow, Kenneth! That's really good. With that perfect demonstration, you should be able to summon something!

Kai: *Ken? Oh. That Firebender prodigy. Pftt, what a show off* He holds both his arms out to the left with his hands against each other. He holds out two fingers and moves his arms over him to the right side of his body *Did that even work?!?* 

Suddenly you hear a crackling sound and then when everybody looks over at Kenneth, lightning starts to generate around his arms, then his body is surrounded.

Teacher: Whoa! Kenneth, you can generate lightning?? Everybody watches in amazement as he holds a lightningbending stance similar to Azula's in the last episode of the series, and he shoots it up at the sky, away from everybody.

Kenneth: Whew... Sorry... 

Teacher: It's fine, Kenneth, just be sure to not point it at anybody. Anyway, how is everyone else doing?

Kai: Huh. Lightningbender. *All right, my time to shine* Kai channels his chi around to his hand then condenses the water in the air and releases a cloud of vapour around the atmosphere, blocking everyone's vision, then he slams his foot down while pushing his arms forward like an Earthbender shooting a boulder, causing the vapour to scatter away

Teacher: Nice one, Kai, simple waterbending trick but Earthbending inspired, love it! Who's next?

A girl walks in, sits down meditating, and she stands up as she brings her arms above her and slowly brings them down around her. She then pushes her arms to her side sending a huge gust of air to her side whilst sending a few other students in the direction as well. He then sits back down in a meditating pose.

Kenneth: *Whoaa... She's awesome...*

Teacher: That could've been a better way of utilizing your chi through your body bu-

Girl: Oh you want me to do that? Fine then. She stands up and concentrates then starts inhaling and exhaling at a steady rate then gently pushes her arms in front of her, causing a gust of air to come out but starts spinning violently, causing a mini tornado which is picking up rocks and flinging them around in the courtyard.

Teacher: Woohoo!!! Nice one, Trinity!

After several other students, the last, a female earthbender, places her hands together like she's praying then holds her arms outwards with two fingers out and starts spinning around as sand builds up into a tornado surrounding her, spinning at great speeds then eventually dying down

Teacher: Excellent tornado, Cathrine. All right, that concludes our chi practice, now it's time to play a game of Earthbending Dodgeball. Now I understand that some of you aren't earthbenders, but you still have the skills to make makeshift dodgeballs. Rules are simple, don't get hit or you're out. Okay, here are the teams: He says the teams, splitting the class into two. Kai, Kenneth, Cathrine and Trinity are on the same team

Kai: *At least I'm not going against Fire Lord over there, don't wanna get burnt* Bends some water out of a flask attached to the side of his pocket and hardens it into an ice ball

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