The Lost Airbender
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November 4, 2012

What if I AM an Airbender?

I'm Ty Lee. I am a teenage girl from the Fire Nation, or at least I was. I was born to a noble family, but I ran away to get personal attention, because you can't even tell me apart from my sisters. I am currently affiliated with The Kyoshi Warriors, this group of girl warriors from Earth Kingdom. Well, I wanted to tell you how me being an airbender clashed through my mind. Of course being a girl in the Fire Nation, who would even think I was an airbender? I mean Aang was the only airbender who survived, or maybe he's not. Maybe I am. Some people often mistaken me as an airbender, but of course, that was impossible. I mean, how could I be an airbender? I am born to a Fire Nation family. Well they didn't told me that we did have an Air Nation ethnicity. Well, I let all of those nonsense disappear through thin air. Now, I will tell you the story of how the twist happened. I went to the Kyoshi Island for a meeting. Well Suki was a bit energetic. She said that Aang was planning to save the Air Nomads culture. He went to and fro the Air temples. Well, He almost lose hope when he thought there was no way he could save the Air Nation. That's when we, the Kyoshi Warriors decided to help Aang out. At first I was shocked. I mean, how can help Aang out when he is the last airbender? Or at lease we thought. We went with Aang to his journey to the Air Temples. When we went to the Southern Air Temple, where Aang formerly lives, I saw something that caught my bare eyes. I saw a pendant with the Fire Wind symbol, a symbol of our family made by my great grandfather. I was puzzled how did it get there. I mean, I'm from the Fire Nation. Or maybe, my great grandfather was one of the soldiers who attacked the Air Nomads. But then, another thing that puzzled me is that why there is another ring with the Fire Wind symbol in it on the treasure box I found on the mansion of an Air Nomad? I was really re-thinking about my whole ethnicity. Aang and the other warriors have found nothing, so we decided to take off. I told Aang about the pendant and the ring, and he also thought about my real ethnicity. He asked me to return to my home, and ask about my origin, hinting that I may be a descendant of an airbender. But there was no way I would return to my homeland. I mean, I'm sure my relatives are mad at me. But then, I had no choice, so I set off for the Fire Nation. When I finally arrived at my old home, no one was there. I broke into tears, a neighbor heard me and asked who am I. I wiped my tears away and introduced myself. The neighbor said that the family moved out years ago. I asked her where did they go, she said they went to Ember Island and decided to live there. My sadness suddenly turned into happiness. They were safe. I was happy. I went to Ember Island and searched for my family. I saw Chan there, and I quickly hid from him. I knew he was furious at me for destroying his house, but believe me, it was Azula's fault. Well at least I only destroyed the chandeliers. Anyway, I asked almost every person if they saw or knew someone who wears a Fire Wind symbol. A girl named Zyla said she has a friend that looks like me, and she wears the Fire Wind symbol. Of course I'm sure that's Zy Lee, my next-born sister. I mean I look like all of my sisters, but it was Zy Lee I'm more resembled. I am the second born, but I was glad. Anyway I asked Zyla where Zy Lee lives. She pointed to a large house near the beach. I went to door, and knocked. Someone opened the door. It was Zy Lee. I thought she's mad at me, so I hurriedly apologized and hugged her. She cried and said she was so worried about me. My mom and dad saw me and broke into tears, and hugged me. When the crying session was over, I stated the reason why I came back. They just stared at me like I punched all of them. My dad said he doesn't want to talk about my ethnicity. Then I knew something was up. I said loudly the thing about the pendant and ring. My dad brought me into a room, with these Air Nomads and Fire Nation emblems on it. I asked why we have an Air Nomad emblem. He was about to say something when a bunch of firebenders ambushed and knocked down all of them. I tried to Chi block them, but for some reason I was defeated. They asked where and who is the lost airbender. I almost froze when I heard the word Airbender. I knew it. I knew one of us was an airbender. Zy Lee said loudly that she was the lost airbender, and if she go with them, they will free all of us. The firebender nodded his head, and was about to lightning-zap Zy Lee when I tried to Chi block them. Instead of getting their Chi blocked, a gust of wind threw them all out. I was shocked. The firebender locked all the doors and windows, and no one knows where the wind came from. Then it hit me. I bent the air. In short, I was an airbender. All of my relatives stared at me. Then when we knew the coast was clear, my dad confessed about our ethnicity. He said that my great grandfather was an airbender from the Southern Air Temple. Before the comet arrived, he married my great grandma, and had a son, who married a Fire Nation woman, and lived as Fire Nation citizens. But before they left, Great grandpa made our family symbol, the Fire Wind. When the comet arrived, My great grandpa was gone. Dad said that there was no airbenders in the family until me, and they decided not to tell me and anyone else about my abilities, thus saving me from being wiped out by the Firebenders. I mean that was some story, because they're like betraying their own nation. But for me, I'm more like of an Airbender gal. That's why I look like an Air Nomad. Gray eyes, brown hair, acrobatic skills, agility, flying in the air. It all made sense. I asked them if I could have Aang have me trained, but they said I should keep it all a secret, and learn for myself. Well, when I went to Aang, I didn't technically said that there were some other airbenders, but I asked him to teach me some of his moves because I would like to pretend that I am a bender. He did, and he wrote it on a scroll, which I mastered secretly at the age of 16. I secretly use it while in battles, but it wouldn't be too noticeable. Then I went back to live in Ember Island, and continued my profession as acrobat when there were no battles around, which seems to be rare as of this state. I was glad. I am unique. I did found something in myself that has to be unique, that makes me different from my identical sisters. I had airbending abilities, and I am proud to be a Fire Nation Airbender.

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