Aang and Toph
"She's never needed approval before.
What's so different now?"

Baatar Jr. witnesses the explosion

This Series is on hiatus. "I can't believe he actually..."

"History shall choose what it shall remember."
Senzin, Head of the Council of Elders
Roku bending the four elements
The Lost Air Temple
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


The author, Kuzonkid7, loved all the Avatars before Aang. However, he did think that Avatars like Kuruk and Yangchen were not explored enough, and some weren't explored at all. So when he watched a rerun of The Avatar State, he noticed a man who was not Roku, and that is where the story begins. The author had several ideas, both good and bad. For example, the author planned to kill the entire character cast so he could make them come back from the Spirit World. Other ideas were slightly better, and featured in the books. Yet some were so stupid [weredragons] that he would mention it in the series as a joke. As the idea progressed he finally got the page on the portal.


An ever-changing world keeps the Avatar busy, as the Fire Nation changes power from the sages to the Fire Lord. On a peaceful mission, he realizes the Air Temple's children are disappearing. The Avatar must stop the kidnappers, even if it kills him.


Book 1 Plot

Disharmony in the Fire Nation may cause a civil war. Assassins lurk in the temples, waiting to kill. Avatar Gatton, through tragedy, has overcame everything in his path. With the help of his grandchildren, he will uncover a great plan. Conspiracies are normal in this chapter; key to the plot of the next book they shall be.

Book 2 Plot

You have all heard of the four Air Temples, but have you heard of the fifth, the Central Air Temple? In a vision, Gatton sees an evil Avatar being born there, but when he arrives, he discovers that Air Nomad children are going missing. Avatar Gatton, along with his grandchildren, will go on an Air Temple field trip which they will never forget. For the overview, see here.

Main Characters

  • Note: Some characters will be appeared in multiple books.
  • All character artwork was done by Firebender896.

Book 1

  • Gatton - A 67-year-old Avatar, from the Fire Nation.
  • Finosa - A 14-year-old firebending prodigy. She is Gatton's grandchild.
  • Baizken - A 12-year-old "swordsboy". He also is the Avatar's grandchild.
  • Head Sage Amax - The Fire Nation current Head Sage and proud to be the ripe old age of 84.
  • Sven - A 35-year-old firebending master, son of Gatton the Avatar.
  • Duma - The Avatar's Iron Tale Dragon, 62 years old.
  • Raingeous and Bard - Conspiring sages, 59 years old and 54 years old.
  • Grandma - A 61-year-old woman, the Avatar's wife.
  • Smoke - mysterious man found in the jail cell, 29 years old.

Book 2

  • Halois - A Fire Sage and leader of the Lotus Project, age 53
  • Sala - Finosa's best friend and has a slight crush on Baizken, age 13
  • Cori - Air Nomad kid who loves to prank people, age 12
  • Senzin - Old airbending rival of Gatton's and Cori's master, age 66
  • Osla - Girl from the Western Air Temple, age 16
  • Cid - Black Lotus recruit and former monk of the Northern Air Temple, age 14
  • Wong - Representative from the Central Air Temple, age 18-19
  • Father Geno, Leader of the Central Air Temple and Wong's father, age ??

Book 3

  • Senjar and Lort
  • Ramaar the Ruthless
  • Lilia
  • Damoke
  • Sulu
  • Mother Laang
  • Eed
  • Yangchen
  • Cepheus

Book 4

  • Poe
  • Turrut
  • Yato
  • Giso
  • Chief Ralo
  • Fire Lord Lonton
  • Kalo
  • Avatar Dioux


Since, I loathe shippings, this will be fan generated only. Feel free to create.

  • Salaizken (Baizken and Sala)


Book 1 - Fall of the Sages

  1. Avatar Gatton
  2. The Consultation
  3. Legend
  4. Next Generation
  5. The Plot
  6. The Coming Evil Part One
  7. The Coming Evil Part Two
  8. The Color of Fire
  9. While The City Sleeps
  10. Blazing Dawn
  11. Sun's Power
  12. Siege of Sages
  13. Chasing The Sun
  14. Fiery Finish Part One
  15. Fiery Finish Part Two

Book 2 - Rise of the Deathbenders

  1. Recap
  2. Journey
  3. The Northern Air Temple
  4. Council of Elders
  5. Wisdom of the Avatar
  6. Under Ground
  7. Playing Pai Sho
  8. Night Terrors and Dreams Part One
  9. Night Terrors and Dreams Part Two
  10. The Hunt
  11. Swords and Sacrifice
  12. Stained Footprints
  13. Escape!

Book 3 - Rebirth

  1. Dealing With It
  2. Son of an Idol
  3. The Fight in Night
  4. Closing In
  5. Rise to Power and a Fall from Grace
  6. Yangchen Part 1
  7. Yangchen Part 2

Book 4 - The Last Stand

  1. A Challenge of Heart
  2. Strength of an Armadillo-Lion
  3. Sun Warriors Curse
  4. Secrets of the Mind
  5. Dark Prelude
  6. Poison of Spirit Part 1
  7. Poison of Spirit Part 2


Despite being a moderately known series, The Lost Air Temple has received generally positive feedback from other users. So far, the chapter with the most known readers is the finale, a chapter that finishes of Book 1. The chapter Siege of Sages was nominated by the council to the Fourth Fanon Award and won.

This fanon got a 4.6/10 rating by reviewer Mageddon725. - See here.

This fanon got a 5.92 rating by subscriber and editor Minnichi. - See here.

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This fanon got a 8.7/10 rating by subscriber Omashu Rocks. - See here.

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  • Credits, AcerEvan (former Acer Indonesia) designed the main page layout and Firebender896 is the illustrator.
  • Book 1 was originally Book 3.
  • The time period is based on the time shortly before the end of the Middle Ages.
  • The series was only going to have 2 books, until the 3rd chapter.
  • No guest writer has appeared, yet.
  • Kuzonkid's favorite character is Baizken.
  • Sven's wife may or may not appear in the series.
  • De-motivation because of a stagnant fan base caused this series to go on hiatus.

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