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Princess Yue's Second Chance



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May 30, 2013

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A Hard "Move On"

Moving on from the reality that no one can control their own stories was a normal part on the lives of many. Yue was still asleep. The Sun's rays penetrated her bedroom's curtains and made the room more bright than it really was. It enhanced the unique brown-colored wallpapers draped on the earth wall. Yue did not close the window before sleeping last night to let air freely flow. The wind flapped the curtains and made delicate sounds indicating it was going to be a windy day. Yue was draped in her red-colored Fire Nation sheets, her bed an imported Earth Kingdom green-colored spring bed. But what Yue loved the most from her comfy bedroom were the different Water Tribe polar bear fur-covered lamps. It reminded her of her homeland. Her messenger hawk, whom she named Shi-Zhe, squawked constantly inside its cage and made Yue flinch repeatedly and then finally woke her up. She woke up with a severe headache and she didn't knew the cause. "By the moon! My head hurts a lot. I wonder if they have healers here in the city, I bet they have" Deep inside, Yue knew she was just recovering from the events of the day before. Sokka's words were still fresh from her memory.

"Errr, this is all your fault Yue! If you haven't returned, this wouldn't have happened!"

All the automobiles' constant honking were audible from her room, all the more reason to have woken her up. Together with Shi-Zhe's squawking, the room now seems vibrating all throughout. Yue decided to find a way to find a place of peace and quiet...and also a place to distract herself from what just happened. So she went off from her bed, took a bath, and then changed to new clothes. Her head was still throbbing, like a bird monkey punching its way out on her skull. She decided to do a little exploring outside so she went downstairs and went to the streets of Republic City. Across the road was the messenger hawk aviary, the door to it said Close. So instead she observed other skyscrapers. She was busy watching the different buildings that she did not notice a man running towards her. The man also did not notice Yue because he was busy looking towards his back. The man seems to be running from a group of men. It just dawned to Yue someone was about to bump her and...too late. Both Yue and the man was thrown to the ground. The man had a big sack held in his left hand. "Next time, don't block the way!!!"

Mysterious News

Mr. Redentoris, the professor from Ba Sing Se University, was back from the Earth Kingdom. Ever since the disbandment of Team Avatar, Aang was left to sleep alone in his bedroom. Aang, who was snoring loudly from his sleep, was woken up by the loud knocking of the temple doors. He stretched his arms and made an air ball that directed him towards the doors. Aang opened it and was surprised to see the professor. He didn't expect him to come that day as he wasn't notified that he will be. Aang welcomed him and directed him to one of the chairs. The Avatar tried to greet the fat and bearded professor.

"Good morning Mister Redentoris sir. I didn't exp-"

But Mr. Redentoris shushed him and said, "Avatar, there is no time to spare. I've been sent here personally by King Kuei to tell you a really bad news. Toph Beifong has been missing for two days now."

The Avatar then said, "What?"

"Unfortunately, her disappearance is still a mystery. We interviewed every professor and student present in the university but all of them doesn't know a thing." Aang didn't knew what to say at the sudden bad news choked down on him. He just listened for more he has to say. "Worse of all, I have a missing student. The King sent a search party all over the world to search for the both of them. We still haven't had a word for Toph but the search for Patience-"

Aang then interrupted him, "-Wait, Patience?"

The professor continued, "Yes. Patience. That's the name of the missing student." Redentoris took out a missing flyer from one of his pockets and handed it to him. The drawing on the missing flyer looks a lot like the new appearance of...Yue. Redentoris then proceeded to tell him more. "The King wants your help Avatar Aang. The United Forces and the Earth Kingdom military has signed a contract to find the missing student Patience. Our intel says Patience was somewhere here five days ago wearing green kimono. Coincidentally, that was what Patience was last wearing the night before she disappeared."

The professor stood up and went to the kitchen. "I'll get us some tea if you don't mind?" Aang, who was still on the process of understanding it all said, "Uhh, sure sure."

Arrest of an Innocent

"Next time, don't block the way!" the man said. The sack that he was holding was revealed to be a sack of yuans. After Yue and the man bumped on each other, the sack flew from his hands and scattered the yuans all over the sidewalk. The metal-bending police metalbent the metal wires from their wrists and the metal wires wrapped around the man's arms.

"Uhhh, get this thing off me! If this lady over here didn't block the way, I would have been richer than Sato!" the man exclaimed. Yue dusted herself after hitting the ground, her white clothes has been dirtied by the ground. One police then silenced the captured thief, "Sir,you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law and by the United Republic Council." The other police proceeded to pick up the scattered yuans all over the ground. Another police went to Yue to apologize for what the man did, "I'm so sorry for the mess-" But the police speaking to Yue stopped talking, he was sure that-"Men, I think we have found the missing student."

Yue didn't understood what the police just said because, as far as she can remember, she wasn't enrolled to any institution. "What? Look I think you're referring to another person." But the police did not respond, instead he metalbent metal wires to her wrist just like the arrested thief. Both the confused Tribal princess and the thief were led to the police van across the street and let them enter inside the back of the vehicle. The thief sat down while Yue was still standing up from utter confusion and disbelief.

"Hehe, looks like we're in it together beautiful." said the thief. Something is really wrong.


  • This is the first chapter not to feature Sokka and Katara; the second chapter not to feature Suki. (She wasn't present during Chapter 1

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