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The Long March
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The Meeting Table

The Phoenix Army's march is taking longer as unexpected explosions occur all across their camp.


Hit and Run Theory

"General, we are ready."

"Very well, out on the march. Let's go."

"I'll go out into the front, the men need some leadership after all."

"Alright, sir."

"Stop..Moving!" Yelled Sky in a hushed tone. "They're not supposed to see us. Now, look here we follow them through the woods, and when they're not looking, sneak in and destroy!"

"Yes, sir!" Whispered back the 5-man squad.

"Now, let the master teach you how it goes down, eh lads? Alright, then. Follow me." Said Sky, heading slowly for were the men were marching. The men followed him, and now they were just several feet away. So far, so good.

Poon eating

Getting some Grub

"Order a stop. It's hot, and this armor's annoying. Let's hit the sacks, and get some grub, eh?" Said the General to his Commanders.

"Yes, Sir!" Said the Commanders in unison, and they ordered their individual battalions to rest. It took about half an hour, but soon most of the men had take of their clunky armor, and were resting. All but the guards.

"Go! Go!" Whispered Sky, with a reaffirming nod from Mian. His group had merged with Sky's. The men moved slowly and steadily towards the closest guard, who was, lucky for them, not facing their direction. With a quick bonk on the head, with a boomerang, the man crumpled to the ground. His compatriots soon followed him.

Sky took the left side, with his Island's Armor, he fit in, perfectly. He moved silently into the rear part of the camp, and began to move quickly towards the center, where all the supplies were. Wait, he almost forgot his own rules of blending in. Aha! He grabbed the nearby bucket of water and started to march as if with a purpose. Always look like you're doing something, that way nobody would question you being there. Classic. And they were buying it, suckers. But, there was a Colonel looking at him with suspicion. So he hastened towards the cafeteria, but it was just a big tent with lots of pots. He moved toward the closest cook, a man of perhaps 30 or 35 and offered him the water.

"Yeah, um...lee told me to give this to you." Said Sky, there had to be a Lee in this huge camp. This was confirmed with a nod from the cook, and he turned back to the pot of food. He grunted a thank you, and resumed cooking.

Secret Orders

Sky left the tent, and headed for the "barracks", just some tents where the soldiers would sleep at. Good, the colonel wasn't looking; Sky snuck in close to the barracks, and was surprised at seeing such a huge tent. The Central Command! He got closer and with an ear to the tent, he eaves dropped on the General and his Commanders.

"...So, shall we attack from the rear or?" Said a man with a deep voice

"No, sir. We can rather just wait at the..." Said a younger man. Sky could barely hold in a snicker.

"What was that?" Asked another man, he stepped outside, there was nobody there.

Sky cursed himself, but moved to the rendezvous point with Mian. Here it was. Sky stopped at the 3rd tent on the left side of the camp. There was another soldier, who nodded, and proceeded to do an agreed upon handshake. Mian.

"Alright, the men are here. Let's hit the supplies!" Whispered Mian

"Alright, organize them. Follow my lead." Sky whispered back, Mian gestured to some men nearby and they moved towards him.


Barracks, marked for explosion

Sky picked up a nearby stick, and held it to Mian, who put it ablaze. Mian then did so for everyone, and the team organized key points throughout the camp. Sky and a man went for the storage. Mian and another man left for the Central Command. The remaining went to different places, including the barracks, cafeteria, weapons storage, etc.

"FIRE!" Yelled a soldier.

"What? Where? HOW?" Yelled the General

"We don't know sir, they just exploded..."replied the Soldier

The culprits were already miles away.

After running for several miles, Sky stopped the team, and gathered them around him. Mian was grinning.

"You're a professional. Ever considered going into business?" He said, chuckling quietly.

Sky shrugged "Been there done that, not that fun." He then turned to the rest of the men.

"Alright, now you all know the plan. Me and Mian..." He began

"Mian and I" Mian corrected

"Alright, then. Mian and I..." He shot an annoyed look at Mian before continuing "have to head back to Omashu, you guys keep up the good work, and send a messenger pigeon our way if something weird happens."

The Group nodded, and moved to set up camp for the night.





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