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The Living, The Dead, and The In-Between
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The Face Stealer

Fire. Air. Earth. Water. Long ago, the Phoenix was created to help keep balance among the four nations by making sure the Avatar would not neglect his duties. However, almost a hundred years ago, the Fire Nation started the war and the Avatar disappeared along with the Phoenix. Now, as the Fire Nation comes ever closer to victory the Phoenix has reappeared and I truly believe that she can help restore the world to its formal self.

Previously on Avatar:

Avatar Roku must have really powerful to make all of this. Erica thought as she looked around. 1 "Well, in short a large number of spirits came and attacked the tribe." said Jaco, a white haired tribesman, gravely'

"Spirits!?" Karoton alarmed "But how?"

"For some reason the archway in the Spirit Oasis is glowing, we think that they are coming from there." said Jaco 13

"No. You do not have the right to speak. Because of you the gateway to the Spirit World is stuck open and the most evil of spirits are free to run rampant in the real world."

"How did it get stuck open, I didn't do anything!" said Erica tears rolling down her face.

"When you left the Spirit World, you ran away so fast you left part of your spirit behind." said Emiko

"I left part of my spirit behind?" Erica asked shocked

"Yes, and because of that the portal remained open." 13

"I am the Oni, the most feared Spirit of all!"13

In a fit of, what seemed to her like, madness she knew what she had to do, Erica began running as fast as she could. Over the bridge and onto the grass she dived into the portal just as it closed.13

Erica emerged from the portal, tripped, and landed in a large pile of mud. She had once again landed in the swampy area of the Spirit World. She stood up, wiped the mud from her face and clothes, and looked around wondering what she was going to do now.

"Hommmm," a voice said behind her.

Erica turned and saw a monkey sitting cross-legged on a podium. However, that wasn't the oddest thing, the monkey was wearing clothes.

"Umm hello," Erica asked the monkey.

"Go away." he said

"Please I need..."

"Go away," the monkey said again.



"You don't even.."

"Leave!" the monkey said forcefully as it turned into a giant ape-like creature.

Erica screamed and fell backwards into the mud. When she stood up, she saw the monkey had returned to normal and had gone back to its meditating.

"Jerk," said Erica turning around.

She then began walking into the woods. She looked around as she walked but saw no one around. Soon she began to become unnerved at this lack of life.

"Is anyone here!?" she shouted.

Erica sighed and then began walking foreword again. Then out of nowhere, a tentacle of some kind came out of the trees and grabbed her by the leg.

Erica screamed as she was pulled through the trees. She then found herself dangling in the air staring into the eyes of a giant snake.

"Oh yessss." said the snake it's tongue darting out "Dinner."

Erica kicked the snake's tail, which held her in the air, and the snake threw her on the ground. Erica jumped to her feet and took a deep breath; she then punched a fist toward the snake. But nothing happened.

"What why isn't my firebending working," she said looking at her hands panic etched on her face.

The snake gave a hissing laugh.

"Foolissssh girl." it said "You cannot bent in the ssSpirit World."

"I can't bend!" Erica said alarmed.

"And now you die!" said the snake as it opened its jaw wide and lunged foreword.

Erica froze she felt helpless she didn't know how to fight without bending, maybe this was it.

Then suddenly an orange and yellow figure fell from the trees above them and landed on the snakes head forcing it to the ground.

Then the figure, who appeared to be a teenage boy, grabbed Erica's hand and said:

"Come on!"

He then began dragging her through the trees. Behind them came an angry hiss and a low rumbling sound.

Erica started to turn her head but the boy screamed

"Don't look back! We are almost there."

They kept going and Erica felt the breath of the snake on her back.

Then they reached a clearing and the boy pushed her to the ground.

There was a loud roar and an angry hiss then an even louder roar and then a rumbling sound that got quieter and quieter until it was silent.

Erica knew the snake was gone but was still frightened of whatever had scared the snake away.

The boy next to her got up.

"It's okay." he said "We're safe now."

Erica looked up and saw the boy had extended a hand toward her. Erica took it and he helped her up.

Erica looked around and saw a red dragon looking at her and an old man standing next to the dragon.

"That was a close call there," said the boy.

Now that they were standing, still Erica was able to get a better look at him. He appeared to be about fifteen, he was bald, had bright blue eyes, and was wearing an orange smock with a yellow shirt.

"Ya it was thanks." said Erica

"No problem, by the way my name is Anil." he said

"I'm Erica."

They shook hands.

"Come on I want you to meet someone." said Anil

He led her toward the old man and dragon.

"This is Fang," said Anil patting the dragon on the head.

Erica walked up to the dragon and patted its head also.

"Hello Fang." she said and after deducing the roars that had scared away the snake had come from Fang, she said, "Thanks for protecting us."

Fang gave a contented sound from its throat which Erica took to be a "you're welcome".

"And this is Roku," said Anil pointing to the old man.

"Roku?" said Erica confused looking at the old man "Wait, you're not Avatar Roku are you?"

"Yes I was, in life, known as Avatar Roku," said the old man with a small smile.

Erica's jaw dropped as she stared at the former Avatar. Then, after gathering her bearings, she bowed respectfully to the past Avatar.

"No need to bow." said Roku "We are all equals here."

"I just feel honored to have the chance to meet you." said Erica excited "I were an Avatar!"

Roku laughed.

"I am only one of many Erica." he said still smiling, then his smile faded and he said seriously "I owe you an apology Erica."

"What for?" Erica asked confused.

"My daughter's reaction toward you." said Roku somberly "She forgets that not everyone learns about the Spirit World at a young age as she did."

"I'm sorry Avatar Roku but, I don't think I have met your daughter," said Erica racking her brain trying to figure out who he was talking about.

Roku raised an eyebrow.

"Emiko never told you then."

"Never told me what?"

"That she is my daughter."

Erica's eyes opened wide and her mouth opened and closed several times before words came out:

"Emiko're her..."

Roku nodded.

"I never realized that the Phoenix could be the child of an Avatar." said Erica still trying to process the idea of Emiko being Avatar Roku's daughter.

"The Phoenix spirit is unique in that matter," said Roku.

"What do you mean?" Erica asked confused

"The Phoenix spirit always chooses a host that can best gain access to someone who is able to teach them their second element. And for Emiko that was as my daughter."

"Well if that is true, the Phoenix spirit must have made a wrong turn when coming to me. I was put in probably the worst position to master waterbending."

"That is not true." said Roku "You made it to the Northern Water Tribe, correct."

"Ya but it wasn't easy."

"I didn't say it was going to be easy." said Roku with a smile "It was a remarkable feat that you were able to make it to the tribe. And that wouldn't have happened if you didn't have Natsu, and if you were born into any other family in the Fire Nation you two wouldn't have met."

Erica thought this over; she had never realized this before.

Roku nodded.

"See like I said the Phoenix takes care of itself."

"So judging by your conversation I would say it is safe to assume you are the Phoenix" said Anil looking at Erica, who jumped forgetting he was there "So what's your second element? Can you create a tornado with Airbending, or can you move a mountain with Earthbending, or create a tsunami with Waterbending?"

"Well I am a Waterbender, but I can barely move a tiny wave of water, much less make a tsunami." said Erica

"Well I'm sure you will soon." said Anil confidently

Erica smiled at him, and then remembering what she was doing here turned toward Roku.

"So Roku can you help me?" Erica asked the past Avatar.

"With what?" Roku asked.

"I need to rescue the people who were taken from the Northern Water Tribe."

"I can try; do you know the name of the spirit who led the attack on the Tribe?" Roku asked

"Ya, the spirit called itself Oni." said Erica remembering the hooded figure.

"Hmm," said Roku "I do not believe I am familiar with that spirit."

"Oh." said Erica sadly then a thought came to her that she needed to ask Roku "Roku, how were Oni and the other spirits able to physically attack the Northern Water Tribe?"

"The conditions to which they crossed over allowed them to have physical contact with the physical world." explained Roku "Normally the only ways that a spirit can do this is crossing over around the time of a solstice or crossing over with the Avatar. But as Emiko explained to you: leaving part of your spirit behind also allowed them to physically pass through."

"Oh." said Erica subconsciously rubbing where Emiko had hit her before telling her this.

"Roku," said Anil thinking, "could this Oni reside in the Tundra?"

Roku's brow furrowed in thought.

"I would think so." he said after a moment, "That would explain why I don't know of it and also the violent nature of the attackers."

"Where is the Tundra?" Erica asked

"It is a very large part of the Spirit World where certain violent spirits live," said Anil.

"Sweet point me which way to go," said Erica excited.

"It's not that simple." said Roku, "The tundra is so large we could search for eternity and never find the Oni."

"And also it is dangerous." said Anil "In the Tundra spirits gain power, benders are able to bend again and animals gain strength. That snake that Fang scared away was nothing compared to what is out there."

"What are you afraid of?" Erica asked, "I mean you guys are already...well...dead."

Anil looked at Roku to explain.

"There are rumors," said Roku said after a moment of thinking "that there is a place where spirits go after the Spirit World."

"What is it like?" Erica asked

"No one is even sure it exists." said Roku "All we know is if a spirit is killed here they disappear."

"People also think that is also where spirits who became part of the mortal world will go if they are killed," said Anil.

"Then what can we do?" Erica asked desperately.

Fang growled quietly and Roku turned toward the dragon. One of Fangs whiskers reached out and touched Roku on the forehead. Both were silent for a moment until Roku spoke:

"Of course that might just work."

"What might work?" Anil asked

"Not far from here their lives an ancient spirit named Koh," began Roku "he might be able to tell us where in the tundra we can find this Oni spirit."

"Sweet then let's go find this Koh," said Erica happily.

"It will be faster if we ride on Fang," said Roku.

"Hey can I go with you?" Anil asked as he walked over to the dragon.

Once all three were on Fangs back; Roku in front, Erica behind him, and Anil sitting behind her, Fang bent his legs and took off into the air heading towards Koh's domain.

Notes from Saphira1001:

The numbers you see after the Previously on Avatar quotes are the chapter number that it can be found in.

Also the snake spirit's name is Hissy

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