Azulon is 40,Ilah is 38,Iroh is 7,'Fire Lord Sozin is 97,Fire Lady Hiramamakio is 92

    Azulon walked into the palace breakfeast hall and sat at the head of the table. Iroh and his mother followed soon." Why hello Azulon your up way to early!" Ilah said." Hello you two I was just getting ready to go to the infirmary and then see how the gala party is coming along." "Oh Azulon I'm not pregnant again, I told yesterday I fell fine!" Ilah said.

"Daddy can we please start my training ! In a week I'm 8 years old and I can't say I have had a true lesson in firebending! It's not fair!" "Fine so we can go and train in one hour and ... you servant go to the infirmary I already explained and go see how the party is going "Azulon said.

Later that day Iroh ran into the training room."Yaa bending!" He exclaimed as his father climbed the stairs."Alright son settle down and pay attention." Iroh did so. "Son fire is the most powerful element and I am going to teach you what I know about." "You see firebending can be done in two ways. You can make your own flames or you can manipulate other fires.Pay close attention." Azulon said.

Azulon stepped up and blasted a small ball of fire."Making your own fire." he explained Then he  held out his hand to a torch and the fire flew to him and danced around him. " Do you know what is easier for your!" Iroh rose and nodded. Then he manipulated the fires in two torches and the flew towards him almost.

Fire Lord Sozin made the flames go out and Azulon bowed. So did Iroh."Why hello grandson" Sozin said

"Hi grandpa are you her for daddy's lesson as well" Iroh joked. "Oh I am here to assign General Azulon to the Taraqura Tin provinces and he leaves in two days." Sozin said "Father do I have to go right know my son and I where just about to...." Azulon was cut off by his son. "Don't worry about it I'm just fine here I can figure it out on my own!." Iroh said.

Then the same servant from breakfast ran in."Prince Azulon your wife is pregnant wife you second son!"

see next time for Sozin's decision, Iroh's training,and the new fire prince.



Fire Lord Heir to the throne
Sozin   58 BG- current Azulon birth-current

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