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The Legend of Korra

The Lightningbenders is a Fanfiction story that follows the story of the re-discovery of Lightningbending, and follows the life of Korra's successor as the Avatar, Avatar Lu Chen.


Because of the Air Nation's current status, the spirits have endowed Pang with the knowledge of the lost art of Lightningbending. Upon his discovery, he and his wife Terra defeated the Northern Barbarian Chiefs, and brought their territory under their rule; creating the Lightning Domain

He bequeathed this new territory the Lightning Domain, and declared himself the first Lightning Prince. Later, he and Terra had a son together, the new Avatar. Years later, people migrated from their homes to learn lightningbending, and others left to make a fresh start. Many of the immigrants from the other five nations became fascinated with the skill, and devoted their lives to mastering it.

In spite of this, Wei Fung constructed the Lightning Temple in the wilderness to house those who chose to devote the remainder of their lives to mastering lightningbending. The Lightning Nuns and Monks took up residence in the temple, and most of the immigrants from the other lands studied under the masters there. Others, were taught by Pang and Terra themselves, or relatives.

Upon the death of Longshot, the last living original member of the Freedom Fighters, a young man named Yao took control of the group, and increased its military strength greatly. He sent agents going around recruiting powerful benders that were against claiming of the northern Earth Empire, now ruled by Kuvira. Slowly, his power grew in the shadows, and when his power reached its peak, he attacked the Lightning Domain.

His soldiers stormed the Lightning Temple, and when Wei Fung came to the inhabitant's defence, the powerful lightningbender was killed in battle. Lu Chen, being only ten years old at the time, was severely hurt by this. The temple was saved, but at what cost? I don't want to spoil anything else, so that's all you guys get for now! This is the abridged version, the real one is available at


Lightning Prince and Avatar Lu Chen: The current Lightning Prince and Avatar. He learned lightningbending from his parents with whom he shares great mutual love, and Master Yang, a Lightning Nun, and Master Jin, a Lightning Monk. These two are his favourite Lightningbending Masters, and his best friends. He has nearly mastered each element, but has had difficulty Earthbending, as it is his natural opposite. He has mastered even the subskillss of each bending art, even those of Earthbending, but still has difficulty mastering the basic art.

Life Status: Alive

Wei Fung: The re-discoverer of Lightningbending, father to Lu Chen, husband to Terra, and co-founder of the Lightning Domain. He was responsible for the construction of The Lightning Temple, and loved the art of lightningbending so much that he sacrificed his own life to keep it, and those who love it, alive. He is a very powerful lightningbender, and the very first. He was born a non-bender.

Life Status: Deceased Cause of Death: Killed in Battle

Lightning Queen Terra: Mother of Lu Chen, Co-founder of the Lightning Domain, and former Earth Kingdom Noblewoman. She is a very powerful lightningbender, and defeated the female waterbending chief of the Northern Barbarians by electrocuting her with her own water. When Yao usurped the throne of the Lightning Domain, she stayed with Lu Chen and helped to invade her own country to restore her son to power. She is very loving and caring, and loves her son and his kingdom very much.

Life Status: Alive

Master Yang: The Lightningbending master that helped teach Lu Chen Lightningbending. She is a very powerful lightningbender, and teaches at the Lightning Temple. She is descended from two soldiers in the first Lightning Army. She fought in the invasion of the fallen Lightning Domain to restore Lu Chen to power. She was born a firebender. She was also entrusted with protecting the new students at the Lightning Temple when it was attacked.

Life Status: Alive

Master Dao: A lightningbending master that teaches at the Lightning Temple. He is a very powerful lightningbender, and aided in the invasion of the fallen Lightning Domain to restore Lu Chen to power. He was also entrusted with protecting the new students when the Lightning Temple was attacked by the Freedomom Fighters. Not only is he a powerful Lightningbender, he is a skilled earthbender as well.

Life Status: Alive

Master Jan Su: A powerful Lightningbending Master. He lives and teaches at the Lightning Temple, and was born an airbender. He protected the new students when the temple came under siege. He is also an airending master, and is a powerful bender of both elements.

Life Status: Alive


Book 1: Lightning

Chapter 1: A Brewing Storm

Chapter 2: Howling Winds

Chapter 3: Pouring Rains

Chapter 4: Eye of The Storm

Book 2: Water

Chapter 1: Deposed

Chapter 2: Kyoshi Island

Chapter 3: The Plot

Chapter 4: The Invasion of Lu Chen

Book 3: Fire

Chapter 1: Restoration

Chapter 2: Refuge

Chapter 3: Of Fire and Lightning

Chapter 4: The Phoenix Flight

Book 4: Air

Chapter 1: The Power Within

Chapter 2: The Four Elements

Chapter 3: Up At The Temple

Chapter 4: An Early Battle

Book 5: Winter

Chapter 1: Badgermoles

Chapter 2: Ravaa

Chapter 3: The Light and Guide

Chapter 4: The Return of Yue

Book 6: Spring

Chapter 1: Original Earthbenders

Chapter 2: The Warriors of The Sun

Chapter 3: The Defenders of Kyoshi Island

Chapter 4: Lake Laogi


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