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Lightning Domain
Physical information

Northern Earth Kingdom


Second largest nation in the world


Yang Dao

Form of Government


Head of State

Lightning Prince

Religious authority





Lightning Prince Lu Chen (As of 175 AG)


Lightning Prince Lu Chen


Lightning Prince Lu Chen


The Lightning Domain was founded by Pang, the first lightningbender in 175 A.G. After Pang's establishment of a new nation, he declared himself the Lightning Prince. After some time, the country came to full development with the help of the Earth Kingdom.

General Information and History

The Lightning Domain is positioned in the Northern Earth Kingdom and is the second largest nation in the world. When the Lightning Domain reached full development, miners discovered that the land was rich with natural resources, even more so than the Fire Nation. Before Pang's death, he had a son with his wife, Terra. His son, Lu Chen, learned the art from him. Upon Pang''s death, Lu Chen ascended the throne of the Lightning Domain.

Three years following Lu Chen's ascension to the throne, his identity as the Avatar was declared by the Fire Sages. As Lu Chen had responsibilities as Lightning Prince, he had to select teachers to instruct him. His mother, Terra taught him earthbending. He had mastered Earth and Lightning. When he finally mastered air, fire, and water, an attack was launched by the Freedom Fighters to take the sovereign state for the Earth Empire.

In 172 AG, Pang built the Lightning Temple; a place to house the Lightning Monks and Lightning Nuns. The Lightning Brother and Sisterhood consists of people whom wished to devote their lives to mastering the element of Lightning and teaching those who want to learn those who wish to learn it. The temple was attacked once by Freedom Fighters and attacked twice by the Earth Empire forces. The people of the Lightning Domain are described as having strong regard for ethics, and have a great capacity for kindness and mercy.

War With The Freedom Fighters

The Lightning Domain's war with the Freedom Fighters fortunately began after Avatar Lu Chen's mastery of the five elements. When his homeland's army reached its full power, the other nations stopped sending reinforcements, as they were appreciated but no longer needed. Like firebenders, a lightningbender's power comes from within them, and they don't need a natural presence of their element, as waterbenders and earthbenders do. Half of the Freedom Fighter's army are waterbenders, so taking them down was easy for lightningbenders, as water conducts electricity very well. The Lightning Domain eventually defeated the now grown and expanded and more powerful Freedom Fighters after several harrowing battles. Be sure to note that Yao killed the last surviving member of the original Freedom Fighters: Longshot.

He took over the Freedom Fighters and expanded it into a great and powerful formal army.

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