Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Life of Team Avatar in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Life of Team Avatar is a fanon story that tells about the life of Team Avatar before the series begun. It is made by Sameershal and its ideas are being worked out before the fanon. It will begin soon in a couple of weeks.


Before the series of Avatar: The Last Airbender begin, the life of Team Avatar tells about them and their time. Aang's life tells about him being born by 2 Air Nomad and sent to the Jongmu Temple and was kept protected from harm by Air Nomads because he was the Avatar, and was told he was the Avatar. Katara's and Sokka's life are kind of the same but both have a different time because they are different. Toph's life tells about her being mostly protected by her parents because of her blindness since her birth, not learning top level Earthbending, running away from her home, living as a secret, and has wealth because of her family. Zuko's life tells about his life in the Fire Nation, being protected by his mom, been not important to Ozai, Azula threating him, the meeting that cause him to have a mark on his eye, and being banished from the Fire Nation.

Production History

Sameershal begin planning and writing this series after he read all of the episodes in, Fanon: Avatar: Guardian, and then decides to make a fanon of the life of Team Avatar before the series begun. He started to talk with his family, especially his dad and sister because they both watch Avatar and talk about his ideas and made a first season episodes list in one hour, the episodes list in this fanon that he made are mostly the important times that are to be included and maybe not to be included. His episodes now are being written in the fanon portal, he is still working on the first season, he has made plans for the season and third season but will do after he completes the first season. Now he's writing and the first season will be release and complete by middle of February, if for sure.


For now, the first season's episodes are here and being worked at and be available soon.

Season 1 - Aang Season 2 - Katara Season 3 - Sokka Season 4 - Toph Season 5 - Zuko
Ep 1 - The Birth of Aang

Ep 2 - The Western Air Temple

Ep 3 - The First Time
Ep 4 - Avatar Relics
Ep 5 - Time to Leave
Ep 6 - Life in the Jongmu Temple
Ep 7 - Airbending Lesson
Ep 8 - Air Scouts
Ep 9 - Relationship with Appa
Ep 10 - Meditation
Ep 11 - Gyatso's Help
Ep 12 - It's too much
Ep 13 - Air Nomad Friends
Ep 14 - Attack by Northerns
Ep 15 - Vision of Aang
Ep 16 - The Comet
Ep 17 - 30th tier in Airbending
Ep 18 - Staying in the Temple
Ep 19 - Who is the Avatar?

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