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The Life of Avatar Aang pt 1
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Sozin's Comet Returns



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November 17, 2012

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Saving the Avatar

The Life of Avatar Aang pt 1 is the fifth chapter of Sozin's Comet Returns.

The Life of Avatar Aang pt 1

"I just can't stand all those people dying and being burned." Korra said to herself. "I have to stop them. But how, I need someone. I got it. I need Aang." She continued speaking. After breathing twice, she mediated and saw Aang right in front of her.

"You're right, Korra. All the past Avatars, all their experience and wisdom is available to you if you look deep inside yourself." Aang said wisely.

"Aang, I need your help to defeat the Dragon Men. They said I did something to them in a past life." Korra asked.

"Korra, I need you to go to the Southern Air Temple, my home. Go to the most spiritual place in the temple, and speak with me there." Aang ordered.

"Okay." Korra replied.

The next morning, everyone was awake except for Korra. When she woke up, she saw Katara waterbending. "Impressive job, Katara." Korra praised. "You are a true prodigy. Why don't you rest up? We have a long journey to the Southern Air Temple." Korra asked.

"You're right mom. Thanks." Katara replied back. Korra and Kanna decided to send a messenger hawk to Rohan to let him know they're coming.

1 day later
Rohan and the Council of Elders are speaking about the other Air Temples. "Meelo and the Northern Air Temple are the most technological of all the Air Temples. They have radios and Satomobiles almost everywhere. They use radios to announce air ball games all the time there." one elder stated. A messenger hawk had just landed on the balcony. Rohan sees and reads it. "Monks, Avatar Korra is coming here for a visit to speak to my grandfather. This place must be clean, organized, and spiritual." Rohan said, as the other Elders bowed and left the room.

The Next Day
A massive airship overshadowed the Southern Air Temple. Everyone on it got off and it was parked in a garage made especially for it. Rohan, not noticing the shadow, continued mediating. "Like grandfather, like father, like son." Kanna stated.

"Ah ah, very funny." Rohan said back. He showed Korra the most spiritual place in the Southern Air Temple. Korra mediated and realized that she was in the Spirit World. She saw Aang and Appa flying towards her.

"Come, Korra. It's time you learned of my past. Our shared past." Aang remarked as they left. Korra then realized that she was in the Fire Nation where she saw some 70 old man battling a volcano. The man was shown to be a powerful bender.

"Aang, why are we in the Fire Nation watching a man battle a erupting volcano?" Korra confusingly asked.

"That is Avatar Roku, the Avatar before me." Minutes later, she saw another man come down from a dragon. "This is Fire Lord Sozin, the instigator of the Hundred Year War." Aang stated. Korra was too busy watching them fight the volcano as she was impressed. Some minutes later, however, she saw Roku collapse to the ground from a natural gas and ask Sozin for help. Sozin left him to die.

"Oh, I understand how the Hundred Year began now." Korra said. They continued flying until they were in a room. Korra noticed it was the same room that she was mediating in. "Aang, that's you, isn't it?" Korra asked. Aang nodded tearfully. They fast-forwarded 100 years. She saw Aang in an iceberg.

"Korra, I was frozen in a iceberg for 100 years. I'm not really 66. I'm 166." Aang finished. "Korra, who do you think that is?" Aang asked her. She saw the girl and she looked oddly familiar.

" Wait, is that Katara?" Korra asked.

Aang nodded again. "And that is Sokka. They were the first ones to find me in a iceberg." Aang finished. They next went to the Northern Water Tribe, where Korra saw Aang learn waterbending. After that, they went to the Earth Kingdom where they found another member of the group.

"Toph seems so boyish." Korra said.

"But she was an excellent earthbender and was my earthbending teacher." Aang said. They fast forwarded until they were in Ba Sing Se. She saw Aang enter the Avatar State and then fall immediately from a lightning bolt. "That is Princess Azula." Aang said. "She is the grandmother of Luzan, and is Fire Lord Zuko's little sister. Korra, if you are killed in the Avatar State, the reincarnation cycle will be broken and the Avatar will cease to exist. In this case, Katara saved my life with some spirit oasis water." Aang said.

The two Avatars were now at the Western Air Temple, where she saw Zuko approaching the group. She saw Zuko ask for forgiveness t join the team and teach firebending to Aang. Katara brutally smacked him with waterbending.

"Why did Katara whip Zuko with waterbending?" Korra asked.

"At that point, we didn't know Zuko was serious. We thought he was going to capture us." Aang said. "We would later trust him and join us." She saw the group watch Zuko and Aang practicing their firebending. She then saw Aang standing on top of a huge rock filled with other smaller rocks. She saw a man bending fire towards the forest, burning it. "That is Fire Lord Ozai, Sozin's grandson and Luzan's great-grandfather. You're going to see the end of the Hundred Year War." Aang stated proudly.

Korra was watching for minutes the power of Sozin's Comet and analyzing it. She was also watching Aang and Ozai's battle and taking notes on what moves to use. She saw Aang and Ozai battle until Aang hid himself in a rock. She saw Ozai overwhelmed him as he hurt himself into a sharp rock. She was amazed, but a little scared of Ozai's bending. She realized that if Ozai was bending like this just for the hour Sozin's Comet arrives, she was thinking what Luzan could do in a whole day. She was surprised to see Aang enter the Avatar State.

"I don't understand. If the Avatar State was shut down, how could you use it?" Korra asked.

"When Ozai shoved me into that rock, it re-opened my chakra, allowing me to enter the Avatar State." Aang stated. Korra saw Aang easily overwhelm him and take away his bending away. "That's enough for today, Korra. We will continue tomorrow and I will tell you everything you need to know." Aang said. He returned her back to the physical world.

"I wonder what I'll learn tomorrow." Korra whispered to herself.

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