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The Liberators
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Fire Nation Capital, Slums


Fire Nation, Fire Lord Zuko


Liberation of the Fire Nation


After Fire Lord Shinzo conquered the Fire Nation the people's army was disbanded and rebel factions fought for control while wrestling with the Neo Zaibatsu. The Liberators were formed by a coalition of several factions and the original idea was to have one single faction to fight back. However their original base was destroyed by Zaibatsu soldiers so they now temporarily take refuge in the financial district disrupting trade and supply routes.


  • Karak- Karak is a young 16 year old who was a promising Firebender with a wealthy background, as such his uncle (In exchange for arms) bargained with the Liberators to protect his nephew and to defend his family. He, after seeing the group's power is now looking to join and unfortunately put his uncle's investment at risk. He is an expert with his chosen weapon, the twin bamboo tonfas. He is young and reckless and charges blindly into most battles.
  • Damaz- Damaz is a grizzled War veteran who is not proud of his military past, he was present at the invasion of the North and also co-led the Coup of Ba Sing Se. This new War has brought his good side back however as he is sure this time he is fighting for the right cause. His chosen weapon a single sword known as "Fira" it has a razor sharp edge and is known to slice through even the toughest metals. In the Invasion of the Fire Nation he succeeded in destroying 4 Earthbender tanks single handedly.
  • Hong- Hong is goodwilled person who, although hates war, is willing to fight for the Fire Nation. Although he is only an expert in stealth he can hold his own in firefights and can even overpower the strongest men despite his small appearance. Hong is a master of stealth and has around 101kills to his name. He uses a mysterious blue acid to dissolve his victims so people struggle to track him.

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