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The Liberation, Part 2
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The Resistance stared upon Joo Dee with such shock. "You did this?!" Zuko asked her as if he did not believe it himself. "You are the leader of the Rebels?!"

"I am now." Joo Dee replied. "There was this old fool in charge of them, someone named Bujing. However, my Dai Li agents disposed of him quickly." She said.

"Zuko, how do you even know who she is?" Katara asked her friend.

"Because, when Ba Sing Se was conquered during the war, she was appointed by my sister as Supreme Bureaucratic Administrator." Zuko explained.

"What shall we do with them, your highness?" One of the Dai Li agents asked.

"Have them executed. I do not want them to cause any more trouble." Joo Dee responded.

The Rebels and the Dai Li agents prepared to take the Resistance down to the execution room. Before they could do so, Aang's eyes and tattoos lit up and he unleashed an incredible blast of wind that blew the Rebels and Dai Li agents away. "We are not going anywhere until you tell us how this happened!" All of the Aang said with the voices of all the past Avatars.

"Very well, Avatar." Joo Dee agreed. "After you and your friends left Ba Sing Se, there was no one here to protect it. That Jun character had eradicated The Earth King's defense and The Earth King himself had been severely injured. All it took was for me to quietly gather the Dai Li agents that had been banished by Princess Azula and secure the palace. It was then that I ordered them to allow the Rebels to enter the city and strike fear into the hearts of the citizens. When the citizens refused to listen to me, I ordered them to burn this city down. I told the Rebels that once you returned, you would be quickly disposed of and with you out of the way, I would rule over all as their new Fire Lord." The deranged woman finished.

No one could believe what they just heard. "I always knew you were crazy, Joo Dee but now I realize you are completely insane!" Katara shouted.

Joo Dee chuckled at this. "Silly girl, petty insults will not save you. Face it, you have nowhere to go and there is no one that can stop me." Joo Dee declared her last words. She dropped dead as the bolt of lightning struck her in the chest.

Everyone turned around and saw who was behind them. "Oh yes there is." Jun said. "From now on, I'm the head of this operation! Does anyone have a problem with that?" Jun asked in a threatening tone. None of the Rebels or Dai Li agents said anything. "Very well then." Jun said. "You may execute these pitiful Resistance dogs but I shall kill The Avatar and his friends myself." Jun said. "And dispose of that while you are at it." Jun pointed to the dead body of Joo Dee.

"Dogs are we? I don't think so! We will get out of this and when we do-" Omar started. The Resistance was led out of the room before he could finish.

"Do you want me to help you with that?" Someone else entering the throne room asked. It was Azula.

"Yes, of course Azula." Jun answered.

Aang, still in the Avatar State lunged at Jun with a mighty yell. Jun barely had to move a muscle. He grabbed Aang by the forehead and after a moment of concentration, forced him to exit the Avatar State. "How did you-" Aang started, bewildered at what had just happened.

"You thought you could beat me just because you entered the Avatar State." Jun assumed. "Our last battle was just a test. I needed to assess your skills in the Avatar State and after that I can see that this will not be nearly as hard as I thought." Jun concluded. He created a fire bomb and launched it at Aang or at least that is what Aang thought. He was surprised to see it missed him and went directly at Katara. The explosion was huge. The young Waterbender was swiped off her feet and hit the ground with a loud thud.

Aang instantly began to tear up and ran over to her. "KATARA!!!" He screamed. Katara was not moving.

Jun let out a maniacal fit of laughter. "One down, eight to go!" He yelled. "And it looks like you will have to fight me without the Avatar State!" Jun added. Once again, Aang's eyes and tattoos lit up and he had the most furious expression on his face that he had ever had. "How- How did you-" He started. Aang bent all four elements at Jun at once and caused the throne room to burst open. Everyone else shielded themselves for cover.

"Leave this city and never return!!" Aang said.

"Not a chance!!" Jun retorted.

Back inside the palace, Azula was cornered by the rest of Team Avatar. Zuko saw the look on her face and knew what she was thinking. "You are not going to escape this time, Azula." Zuko said.

"I'm sorry, brother but you are wrong." Azula jet propelled herself out of the massive hole in the ceiling and sprinted away. On her way, she saw Jun and Aang fighting. Jun was weakened by the battle. He saw Azula and had the same idea that she did.

"Goodbye, Avatar. I will leave you to the funeral of your girlfriend." He said. He and Azula sprinted away from the palace.

Aang went back inside and went over to Katara. "This cannot be happening!!" Sokka screamed.

"It's not over yet." Aang said. Still in the Avatar State, he went over to Katara, covered his hands in water and began to heal her.

"I didn't know you could do that." Toph said.

"I can when I am in the Avatar State." Aang replied. "And because of that it is twice as strong as any normal healing." When he finished Katara still did not move. Aang exited the Avatar State and began to cry. It was then that Katara got up and ran over to Aang. "Katara, you're-" Katara ended his sentence with a kiss. Aang and Katara passionately kissed for a while.

Team Avatar heard the door to the execution room open and saw the captured members of the Resistance step out. "We have driven the Rebels out of the city." Omar said. "Now, everything can return to normal." Everyone saw that there were several holes in the walls of the execution room.

"It will take some time for us to rebuild." Ai said, sadly.

"Don't worry. It will be alright." Loki assured her.

"In the meantime, we need to find another home." Suki said.

"We can go to the Fire Nation Royal Palace." Zuko suggested.

"I don't think that is a good idea, Zuko." Iroh said. "With the rebels in the city, you could be in danger."

"Don't worry, Uncle. Most of the rebels are to the outer wall by now. The very few still left in the Fire Nation will be dealt with, quickly." Zuko replied.

"Then it's settled." Mai said.

"Did you guys take care of Jun?" Smellerbee asked.

"No." Aang sadly replied.

"Don't worry. You guys will get him eventually." Longshot said. Everyone looked surprised by him speaking.

"Alright, time to go." Aang announced. Everyone hopped onto Appa.

"Hold on." Iroh said. "I want to come with you."

"Alright, climb onboard!" Katara said.

"Yip, yip!" Aang said.

Appa flew off the ground with a low growl.

Meanwhile, in the Foggy Swamp, Hong Wu and Mongke were going about their business when a dark figure approached them. "Master!" Hong Wu said, startled by the sight of Jun.

"You're back!" Mongke said, also shocked.

"Why are you so surprised?" Jun asked.

"Master, what are we going to do? We cannot just keep running away like this!" Azula said.

"Do not worry, Azula. We will soon be in a new location, one where they will never find us. And when the time is right, they will all die." Jun answered.

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