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The Liberation, Part 1
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Before you read this, I have dedicated this chapter to my allies by somehow putting their names in the chapter. For those of you who fall under that category, look for your names. For those who do not, I am not trying to single anyone out, and I still consider you my friends. Enjoy the chapter!

The Liberation, Part 1

Everything was burning. Team Avatar watched in horror, speechlessly. There was one thing going through Zuko's mind. "Where is Uncle?!" He shouted.

"Hold on, Zuko. We'll go to the Jasmine Dragon." Aang replied. It did not take long for the heroes to reach the Jasmine Dragon and hop off of Appa. Katara had to keep a water bubble around everyone including Appa so they would not be burned.

"Uncle?!" Zuko called out. There was no response. "Uncle?!?!" The Fire Lord screamed it this time. Suddenly, there was a blast of fire from above and several Firebenders came down from the ceiling. Katara launched multiple tentacles from the water bubble and knocked them out of the tea shop.

"Come on, let's get back on Appa!" Sokka shouted.

"But-" Zuko started.

"Zuko, there is nothing we can do! Come on!" Katara yelled. Zuko hesitated and before he did anything, the Firebenders came back and launched another attack. Toph countered by making an earth wall outside the bubble. Zuko nodded and with that, Team Avatar ran out of the Tea shop and jumped on Appa. The Firebenders were not quick enough and failed to catch them in time.

"Yip, yip!" Aang said. As soon as they were back in the air, Katara dissolved her water bubble.

Zuko had tears in his eyes. He could not believe his uncle was gone. Mai held him tight and did the best she could to comfort him. "How did this happen?!" Aang yelled. "What possibly could have happened when we were gone?!"

"And what was up with those Firebenders back there?" Toph wondered.

Zuko sighed, tears still in his eyes. "It's all my fault. I should have told you before." He said.

"Told us what?" Suki asked.

"When the war ended, at first everything was peaceful. The world was finally back to normal. But it didn't stay that way. Soon after, there were revolts in the Fire Nation, Rebels who were unhappy with the world's current peaceful state who wanted things back to the way they used to be." The Fire Lord started. "I tried to tell you when you first told us about Jun, but I thought it was best for me not to say anything. I thought Jun might have been their leader and that Azula was working with them as well but I was wrong. However, Mongke and the Rough Rhinos were working with them. I realized it when we were in the desert. They told me they were unhappy with me because I partially ended the war by becoming Fire Lord. But then, Mongke apparently left the Rebels and joined up with Jun and his colleagues but still had the same goal with a different motive. And now, the Rebels have invaded the city and have caused this. The only thing I don't know is how." Zuko finished.

Everyone stared at him in disbelief. It was Aang who spoke first. "Why didn't you tell us about the rebels sooner?!" Aang yelled.

"I didn't think it was necessary for you to know. I didn't want to worry you." Zuko replied.

"Really? You didn't think the Avatar should know?!" Sokka added.

"I'm sorry I-" Zuko started.

"We could have helped you stop them! We could have helped stop Ba Sing Se from burning to the ground!" Aang shouted.

"Hey, calm down, guys! You're not helping!" Mai screamed. Everyone looked taken aback by her outburst. "Give him a break! He didn't know this would happen! The man just lost his uncle and you guys are yelling at him like he has just committed a crime!!" Everyone was silent for a while.

"I'm sorry, Zuko." Aang apologized.

"Yeah, me too." Sokka said.

"It's alright." Zuko said.

"No it's not." Aang protested. "I had absolutely no right to treat you like that, it's just, I'm so frustrated. "The entire Earth Kingdom capitol is in flames, I just found out there are Fire Nation Rebels out there and who knows how long it will be before those two are awake." Aang pointed to the still unconscious bodies of Jun and Azula.

"Let's go to the Royal Palace and see if it is not completely destroyed yet." Katara suggested.

"Good idea." Suki agreed. Team Avatar finally reached the palace and saw something very strange, it was completely fine! It wasn't burned at all and everyone knew why, the leader of the Rebels must be inside.

Appa landed and Team Avatar prepared to enter the palace. But before they could do so, they were suddenly Earthbended underground. As they looked around, Team Avatar saw people under there and after a few seconds realized who they were. "The citizens, they're all here!" Toph said, happily.

Two figures approached them with happy looks on their faces. "Hey, guys it's us!" A girl yelled.

The young heroes saw them at once and most of them recognized the two. "Smellerbee! Longshot! You're alive!" Katara said.

"Hey, you guys are just in time! We're about to storm the palace!" Smellerbee informed them.

"Who is 'we'?" Aang inquired.

"The resistance." Smellerbee replied. "There is Omar now!"

A man who appeared to be the leader of the Resistance stepped up and prepared to give a speech.

"Citizens of Ba Sing Se, you will soon walk in your city in freedom! The resistance will now storm the Royal Palace and take back this city!" Omar shouted.

The small crowd cheered. It was sad to see that only this many citizens had survived this terrible onslaught.

"I promise you this: by the end of the day, we will no longer be forced to live underground! We will defeat these monsters and return to our peaceful lives!"

The crowd cheered even louder this time.

Omar had finished his speech and stepped down. Team Avatar rushed to greet him. "Hi, Omar, my name is Aang." The Avatar said.

"Aang? As in Avatar Aang?!" Omar said with disbelief. "Avatar Aang, it is an honor to meet you." Omar said. "Let me introduce my colleagues." He motioned to several resistance members standing near him. "This is Loki and Schiva." He started. "Over there is Li, she is a Firebender. We call her number 896 since that is what her number in her unit in the Fire Nation was. "Over there is Cheng, he likes to be free. I guess you could say he's as free as a bison. "Right there is Lin and his twin sister Ling."

"Oh my gosh, it's Katara!" Said Lin. "Hi, I'm a huge fan!"

"Ugh, would you stop geeking out about it." Ling said. "I mean big deal she's just a Liquidbender."

"You did not just say that! She is the ultimate Waterbender! There is no such thing as a Liquidbender!" Lin retorted.

"Whatever." Ling replied.

"And finally, over there is Ai. She's really nice. She likes to love, hope, and dream."

"Hi, it is nice to meet you!" Ai said. She then saw Aang's arrow. "Oh my gosh, are you the Avatar!" She asked.

"Yeah, I sure am!" Aang replied, somewhat cheerfully.

"Oh, wow! Hi, I thought you were just some random person! By the way, I'm not from Ba Sing Se, I'm from Omashu."

"Really? Do you like it?" Aang wondered.

"Like it? I love it, Omashu rocks!" Ai responded.

"Alright, enough talk." Omar said. "We need to get up there, now."

"Agreed." Aang said.

"Hang on!" A voice shouted. Zuko recognized it and turned around instantly. Everyone saw Iroh running towards them. "Good, I am not too late." He said while catching his breath.

"Uncle!" Zuko shouted with joy. He embraced the old man and started tearing up again.

"I am glad to see you made it back safely, Zuko." Iroh said, calmly.

"Uncle, I thought I lost you!" Zuko said.

"No, Zuko. Thankfully I escaped." Iroh replied. "Now, let's go. We have a city to take back." He said.

"Hold on, everyone." Omar said. He, Toph, and the other Earthbenders launched everyone back to the palace above ground. There were Firebenders already there, waiting for them. They launched many fire streams at the resistance. Lin and Ling countered with an earth wall while Zuko and Li created fire whips and knocked them off their feet. The resistance proceeded to the Royal Palace and got to the steps. There were Rebels waiting for them. They shot charged attacks at the resistance. Katara extinguished some of the fire with her Waterbending. Toph transformed the steps to a slide and Earthbended everyone up the slide. On the way up, Aang shot a few gusts of air at the rebels while Mai threw several knifes at them, and Longshot took some of them out with his arrows. Once they reached the top, Sokka slashed through them with his sword while Suki worked her way through several of them as well. Aang busted down the first door and led the resistance through. He then busted down the next two doors and as he busted down the fourth door, he was shocked at what he saw, at least a hundred Rebels and Dai Li agents. Everyone saw that they were clearly outnumbered and surrendered. They were led through the next door, into the throne room.

"Hello, welcome to Ba Sing Se." A woman said. Everyone was completely shocked to see who sat on the throne. "My name is Joo Dee, I will be your ruler as long as you are in my wonderful city."

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