Azula's breakdown
The Letter "A": Part 2
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Journey's End




Chapter 3

Written by

Moon Beam


Nathan Miranda

Release date

May 24, 2011

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The Letter "A"

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The Letter "B"


Special thanks to Moon Beam, who wrote this chapter. She did a great job, and I greatly appreciate it. Enjoy the chapter.

Note: This chapter features another character whose name starts with A, Azula.


She walks alone. Nobody by her side.

What was she to do now?

She had just lost the things that truly loved her, her friends.

She returned home the next day, alone.

She slept the next day, alone.

She was named Fire Lord, alone.

She was defeated, alone.

She chose the wrong side.

Being alone, was not something she liked.

She was Azula, Princess Azula. Rotting in prison.

The tormenter became the tormentee.

She was strong, no longer.

Once upon a time, it was her world.

Now, back to reality, she is nothing but alone.



Cold, and alone.

She will die alone, as she will never be able to redeem herself.

Until one day, she felt a feeling. Azula was back.


She was determined to become Fire Lord, by killing the beloved Zuko.

Azula lived once so strong.

Azula fell and was left to rot.

Azula awoke from a deep sleep.

Azula tried to take a life.

Azula failed.

Azula... Died.


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