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The Letter "A"
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Journey's End




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Nathan Miranda


Nathan Miranda

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May 20, 2011

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Hi there! Welcome to the beginning of my newest fanon series, Journey's End. This chapter has two sections, one deals Aang. That's this page. Part 2 is about Azula. Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Avatar Aang

The Firelord emerges. Flames surround him. How can Aang defeat him?

Aang bends water, earth, fire, and air, but his opponent is too strong. What can he do now?

Sozin's Comet emerges overhead. Feeding its strength to every Firebender, including Ozai. Aang tries to defend himself.

Still, the battle is against him. His defenses are weakening. Panic enters his heart. What if he can't defeat Ozai?

Aang runs, but he can't run forever. Waves of heat surround him. What if the Firelord becomes to strong?

Aang blocks with water to shield himself. Ozai continues to attack. Aang wonders what to do. All seems lost.

With his last strength he bends the earth around himself. He buries himself in a shelter. All he can do now is wait....wait for the end.

He was the Avatar. The one who was supposed to save the world. Now he is at death's door. He mastered all the elements, and brought hope to others. Yet now, where it matters most, he can't defeat the Firelord. The shelter is getting hotter.

Aang remembers Katara. How he would miss her. The first moment he saw her, his destiny was entwined with hers. Love, that's what he had felt. Now he might lose her forever. Had she saved him for nothing? The shelter burns hotter, as Ozai pours waves over it.

Just like in Ba Sing Se, Aang remembers. He had pulled a shelter over himself. He had seen his demise. Azula had won. Yet in desperation, he had let go of Katara and found strength. How could he do that now? No, he wouldn't do that now.

How had he survived Ba Sing Se? With the Avatar State, of course. Maybe he could activate it without losing Katara.

Suddenly, Aang feels pain. Sharp utter pain. The shelter explodes. Ozai has broken in. Aang falls back. His wound burns with feverish hurt. Then he remembers his friends and family. His whole life is before him. Then, all goes black. Is this the end? He loses sight and focus. What could save him now?

His past lives combine. Aang lets go. He closes his eyes, then opens them, glowing white. Ozai stares in horror. Aang rises to save the world.

He is Avatar Aang.

The minds of the past combine. Aang is now Kyoshi, Roku, Yangchen, and Kuruk, all in one. The power of the past.

The Firelord looks at him in fear. Drawing power from Sozin's Comet, Ozai bends fire over Aang. Yet Aang uses its power too. The Avatar State protects him, as fire rains down from the Firelord. Aang rises into the sky, bending all four elements.

Ozai electrifies the sky with fierce lightning. Aang returns this with a gush of cold air. The Firelord falls back. He sends a torrent of red flames at Aang, to defend himself.

Aang bends water in a tube of icy liquid; sending it shooting at the Firelord. Ozai jumps into the air, riding on fire. He flies away waiting for the chance to strike.

Aang takes a huge stone from the earth. Lifting it into the sky, he shoots small earthen bullets from it. The rock is quickly gone, turned to bullets. Ozai panics and attempts to burn Aang with a burst of fire.

Aang turns on Ozai. Taking Sozin's Comet's power, he sends waves of fire at him. Ozai falls. He can't fight anymore. The spirits of the Avatars combine. They want Aang to kill. They want revenge on Ozai's crimes. Raising the elements, they try to kill the Firelord.

Yet, instead of violence, Aang takes control and stops Ozai's death. Using utter concentration, he reaches into Ozai's soul. He takes the evil out with his own energy. He searches for strength, and bends the Firelord's energy. Taking Ozai's firebending in his grip, he crushes it. The bending that hurt so many families, homes, and friends is gone. Ozai opens his eyes. He can't attack. He is helpless.

The battle is over, and Aang has won. Good has defeated evil. Aang smiles to himself. He really did accomplish his destiny. He is Avatar Aang.

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