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The Letter is the first chapter of Finding Ursa.

"Zuko, Zuko" said Mai.

"Yes Mai I'm over here".

"I sent out all the letters that you wanted me to send to Air Temple Island, Kyoshi Island, and Omashu." Mai proudly said.

"Good, the letters should reach them in 2-3 days and our wedding is in a month so that gives us enough time to decorate."

2 days later

"Mmm" Katara whispered. Dinner tastes good." Aang, wake up, dinner will be ready in about 5 minutes.

"Okay" Aang said, still half-asleep. Aang takes a shower and gets ready for dinner. "Hey, Katara."

"Yeah, Aang."

"Is that a messenger hawk". All of a sudden, a messenger hawk comes and swoops onto the balcony. A letter was attached to it. It said:

Dear Aang and Katara,

The day is here. We are finally engaged. We will be getting married in just over a month. We would like for both of you to come and enjoy this special day with us, Uncle, and everyone else in the Fire Nation Capital and around the world. Team Avatar is welcomed to come at any time that they want. We hope you can all make it.

Fire Lord Zuko and soon-to-be Fire Lady Mai

"I can't believe Mai and Zuko are getting married."

"I can't believe they're getting married either" Aang said. "Mai isn't exactly the perky, happy type of girl".

"Hey Suki, we just got a letter from The Royal Palace, it says that Zuko and Mai are getting married and we can go to the Royal Palace." Sokka said.

"Great, we can leave tomorrow morning" Suki said as Yue was in her hands.

"Hey Toph" King Bumi excitedly said. "You got a message."

"From who?"

Bumi replied back. "The Fire Lord."

Toph worriedly starting asking questions. "What happened to Zuko? What happened to the Fire Nation, are they okay?"

"Ah yes, they are fine. The Fire Lord and his girlfriend are engaged and will be married in a month. They want you to pack your bags and head for the Capital."

"Fine, I'll leave tomorrow morning." And just like that, everyone sets off for the Capital.

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