The Legend of Zoru - Chapter 1: The Beginning
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The sun light up the room. Specks of dust were visible and everywhere. Zoru opened his eyes and leaned up.

"Perfect day for Firebending," Zoru stated. He was an amazing Firebender. He could beat the Fire Lord himself. His father made him practice for hours, hoping that one day Zoru would follow in his footsteps, becoming a general.

"Too bad I have to go to school." Since his father was a general, he attended The Royal Fire Academy for Boys. Zoru was the troublemaker at school, he got three teachers fired in the last two years. The first one was fired after being dragged along in a food fight that Zoru started, but then the principal came in and demanded to know who started it, and she found out it was Zoru, but he said it was the teacher and he gave her the puppy dog face and the teacher was fired in a heartbeat. The second in a rampage about textbooks that he knew nothing about. The third in a spatula incident, that no ones dares speak about.

His thoughts were interrupted by the opening of his door.

"You must wake up if you want to be on time for school," said Sayo. Sayo was Zoru's favorite servant, and good friend.

"May I know what time it is?"

"It is the seventh hour. You must wake up."

"I shall get dressed."

Sayo dressed Zoru and put his hair in a top-knot. After he finished dressing he made his way to school.


"So what's the plan?" Zoru asked.

"When he opens his desk, purple liquid will explode in his face," said Jayan. Jayan was Zoru's best friend. His father was head general, but always had to worry about his son's behavior, because Jayan was the biggest troublemaker you have ever heard of. Zoru and him are the best of friends and troublemakers.

"Purple liquid?"

"Don't ask."


The bell rang.

"See ya in class," They both said in unison.

They made their way to class, took their seats, and began their studies. Zoru was the smartest person in the class, though he hid it so people didn't treat him like a freak.

"So do you really think this is gonna work?" Zoru whispered to Jayan.

"Zoru would you tell us all what yuo were telling Jayan," said the teacher.

"I was just telling him how much I love your haircut. Oh, I left my brush in class and someone said they put it in your desk, would you mind getting it for me?"

"Yes, I shall get it for you."

He made his way over to the desk. Zoru had to bite his tongue very had to stop from smiling.

"I don't see it - AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!"

His face was a purple mess. All the students were laughing so hard, you wouldn't be surprised if the Earth Kingdom was sending complaints.

"What is this?!" exclaimed the teacher.

"You don't wanna know," said Jayan.

"You! Principal's! NOW!"

"But that's a really nice look for you," said Zoru.

"You! Principal's!"

They left the classroom and headed to the principal's. They had been to the Principal's many time, but this time they knew they were in big trouble. Zoru's father would be furious, if he knew Zoru had been to the Principal's office. He had never misbehaved at school like this before, he was probably never going to set foot outside of his room ever again. They finally made it to the Principal's office.

"You ready?" asked Jayan nervously.


They both opened the doors.

"Hello boys. I was told of you purple prank." said the principle.

"We know, and we're deeply sorry, we don't know what came over us. I promise it will never happen ever again," said Zoru, as he topped it of with a puppy dog face.

"I shall give you a warning, but I do not want this to happen again. Understood?"

"Yes ma'am!" they said immediately.


They both exited.

"That was easier than I thought," said Jayan.

"I know. School's out, so I guess I'll see you tomorrow," said Zoru


Zoru started walking home.

~ He opened the back door to his house. His house was big, but it matched all the houses on the street. The paint was a deep red color. The door was big and was kinda hidden, which seemed impossible. He made his way up the stairs and entered his room. He sighed and fell on his bed. All he did was stare at the ceiling. He thought about school, but then he had a bigger thought.

"What will happen to Jayan?" He questioned himself, "He'll be fine. Besides his dad is always out in war."

He got up from his bed and went over to the mirror. He looked at himself.

"Hello, handsome," he said to himself. He suddenly realized his his hair was windblown, and still blowing! "Okay, that's odd," He brushed his hair down, but forgot he had his top-knot in.

"I look presentable, I guess," he looked at his hair, which a sloppy mess. He decided he'd untie his top-knot. Chin-length hair fell down. He pushed his hair out of the way.

"I do look better without a top-knot." He decided to go down stairs, and see his mother. He made his way downstairs. He passed by a couple of servants and then spotted his mother sitting at a table all by herself. He went over to her.

"What shall we be eating tonight?" he asked.

"Platypus Bear meat, with Fire Flakes," His mother replied, "Your father is in the living room, and would wish to speak to you."

He headed toward the living room, but a million thoughts went through his head. "What if he found out about what happened at school today? No it's not possible." He finally got to the living room. His father was sitting in a chair. Hs father was a strong man, his muscles were visible through his uniform. His eyes were stern, as if he were to make you do five hundred push-ups, but they also had no love, just raging fire, which made Zoru think he was adopted. His father saw him and made a motion toward a seat next to him. Zoru sat in that seat, and his father began to speak.

"I received a hawk from your school. They told me of what you did to your teacher. Explain," his father said firmly.

"I don't like him. He was always giving me bad grades, and he did not do that to anyone else," Zoru said angrily.

"I do not see what is wrong with him pushing you further. You will come to realize what he did was good when you are planning for war."

"What? I don't know why you have to make everything about war! Maybe I don't want to fight! What will you think about my unfair education then!"

His father was outraged by the rudeness of his son. He brought down his fist, now flaming, but luckily was blocked by Zoru.

"I guess I learned something in all those Firebending lessons."

"Out of my sight!"

"Be glad to."

Zoru left the room, which was now burnt, and went outside. He ran out of the capital city and went to a small garden. He sat down on a rock, and talked to himself.

"He is so mean! I never want to see him again. Why did this have to happen to me?!" he asked himself. He sat there on the rock, his face buried in his hands. He suddenly heard a noise. He stood up, but as he did he was knocked out.


He saw a blur, when he started to wake.

"Where am I?"

"Under the Capital City," a strange voice said. Zoru had full vision now. He saw a man. He was middle-aged and average sized. His voice was soft but had some discipline.

"This is a secret place where the Fire Sages meet. I have something important to tell you," he said.

"Yeah, what?" asked Zoru.

"This is about your bending."

"Please do not mention it. Look, I know I'm a great Firebender, but do you have to talk about it?"


"Then spit it out, Old Man!"

"Okay! Are you always this annoying?"

"Pretty much"

"This will be hard to believe, but you are gifted with the ability to bend air."

"Yeah right, and my grampa can bend air," Zoru said sarcastically. He didn't believe a word the man said. Anyone knew that that was impossible.

"That is just what I was going to talk to you about. Your grandfather is the reason you can bend air. We do not know how it was possible he could bend air, the only clue we have is that he felt the energy bent inside of him."

Zoru couldn't listen to a word this loon was speaking."Sorry to leave so early, but I have to leave Wacko Land. Good-bye."

Zoru left the hideout, and walked back home. He went up to his window and climbed in to his bed. He thought deeply on what he was told. Was he really an Airbender? He had all the signs. When he was younger, his Firebending teachers said he was very light on his feet. He was the fastest person in school. His hair was windblown on a still day. He sat on his bed, wondering. He got up from his bed, and made his way to a desk in his room. He opened a hidden drawer, and pulled a necklace from it that his grandfather had given him. It was a wooden necklace with a symbol on it. Zoru knew what the symbol was. It was the symbol of Airbending.

To be continued...

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