"The Southern Water Tribe"
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The Legend of Vega



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August 14, 2016

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Chapter 4: The Southern Air Temple

"All your questions will soon be answered," said a mysterious voice, causing Vega to bolt awake.

"What the ..." Vega said, breathing heavily.

"Vega, what's wrong?" asked a concerned Sarah.

"Huh, yeah, I just can't sleep," replied Vega, standing back up.

"I thought it was getting colder out here, the Southern Water Tribe" Vega said, gazing at the Southern Water Tribe.

"It's freezing out here," said Kyya, shivering.

"Here, take this," Vega said, handing Kyya a blanket.

"We can buy you a nice coat when we land," replied Vega.

"We can?" Sarah asked.

"I don't know how ... much will five copper get us?" Vega remarked, smirking.

"Ugh, Vega, do you ever carry more than that?" asked Sarah.

"I never buy anything," Vega said, laughing.

"You're so lucky there's one good thing about being a princess," replied Kyya.

"You never have to clean your own room?" Vega said, sarcastically.

"No, I always have gold," replied Kyya. JoJo took them in for a landing inside of the walls of the Southern Water Tribe.

"Welcome, weary travelers," greeted Vega's good friend.

"Pannaq, you're a lousy greeter," replied Vega, jumping down in front of him. "Fancy necklace, didn't your father tell you to never take his things?" Vega laughed. "How is the Chief anyways" asked Vega.

"You're looking at him," replied Pannaq.

"You're joking, right?" replied Vega.

"I'm the new Chief of the Southern Water Tribe," replied Pannaq.

"Nice job! Anyways, which way is it to your shops again?" asked Vega.

"That way, Vega," replied Pannaq. Team Avatar walked over to the clothing shop.

"So, what can I get you, young man?" asked the shopkeeper.

"How much can this get me?" Vega said, slamming down the five copper on the shop keepers table.

"That'll get you a well placed boot in your butt," replied the shopkeeper.

"Vega, move over. How much for a nice cozy jacket for a nice Fire Nation girl as myself?" asked Kyya.

"What did you want to offer?" asked the shopkeeper eagerly.

"My boot in your ass. Now point me to the coats," Kyya responded with a slight smile. The shopkeeper pointed to the coats politely.

After about thirty minutes of looking, Kyya found a good coat. "How much for this one, sir?" asked Kyya.

"Forty five gold," replied the shopkeeper.

"Jeez, a bit steep. I've seen assassins who would work for less," joked Kyya. "You're lucky though you are in the presence of royalty," Kyya replied, handing him the forty five gold for the coat. "Thank you," Kyya said with a wave goodbye.

"You're finally done," said Vega.

"Yes, had to make sure it was a good coat," replied Kyya, putting on the coat.

"I'm going to the sanctuary, alone this time," said Vega, walking towards the east entrance of the Southern Water Tribe.

"Wait what, Vega, stop!" yelled Sarah and Hui Po almost simultaneously. "We should come with, what if something happens?" asked Sarah.

"What if something does happen? Kyya is already injured, I don't need any more friends hurt," replied Vega.

"Vega, I'm not letting you leave here without me," demanded Sarah.

"Fine, only you. Everyone, if we're not back in three hours, get help," said Vega, walking in the direction of the sanctuary.

After about a twenty five minute walk, they arrived at the Southern Water Tribe sanctuary. Out of nowhere, three Equalists sprang out of the snow in front of Sarah and Vega. "What the hell ... more Equalists," said an enraged Vega. "I am going to end you three before you can start," said Vega. With a swift wave of his hands straight up and clenching his fists, Vega froze all three of them in ice before they could move. "Well, we have ourselves three Equalist ice cubes, now let's see who you are," replied Vega, unmelting the ice around their heads. "So which one of you should I unmask first?" Vega asked. Vega reached and pulled the mask off the middle Equalist. "Woah, wait what, Lei?" Vega responded in shock.

"How do you know my name?" said Lei, looking up and locking eyes with Vega. "Wait, Vega, you're the Avatar?!" Lei responded in surprise.

"What are you, you're a Equalist?!" Vega said in surprise.

"It's not by choice," replied Lei. Vega unfroze Lei from the ice and helped her up.

"What do you mean, 'it's not by choice'?" replied Vega confused.

"Do you remember the fire in my village many years ago?" asked Lei.

"Yes, I remember the monks talk about it. They said there were no survivors," replied Vega. "It wasn't a storm like the Monks thought, was it?" asked Vega.

"No, it were the Equalists. They used the cover of the storm to raid and kidnap us for use as soldiers in their army," replied Lei. "And then they killed anyone who didn't cooperate," said Lei.

"Grr, I'm getting tired of all this useless bloodshed," replied an angry Vega.

"I never thought you would become the Avatar," replied Lei. "I now have a new sense of self," Lei responded. "You're the first to defeat me and my friends in combat and not torture us afterwards," replied Lei.

"Who tortured you?" asked Vega.

"Our instructors. If we didn't perform a move or attack perfectly, they would beat us and torture us," said Lei.

"Why would anyone stay?" asked Vega.

"Because if you attempted to flee, you would be killed," replied Lei.

"Damn. Well, if you join us, that will not happen," replied Vega, placing a hand on Lei's shoulder.

"I knew you would help me one of these days. Thank you, Vega," replied Lei.

"No problem. Well, time to go inside the sanctuary," said Vega, entering the Southern Water Tribe sanctuary. When the sanctuary doors shut, a glow emanated from the sanctuary. Then, like out of thin air, a tall, thin Air Nomad appeared in front of Vega. "Avatar Aang," said Vega.

"Hello, Avatar Vega, we finally meet," said Avatar Aang.

"It's been a long time since an Avatar has sought my wisdom," replied Aang.

"Roku told me to come here. He said if I could reconnect with the Avatars after him, I might be able to finally find a way to actually know who I'm up against," said Vega.

"Avatar Roku is a wise man. Do you know why he told you to come here?" replied Aang.

"No, not at all. I thought I would connect with you at an air temple or something along those sorts," replied a confused Vega.

"I decided to will you here, where I returned to the world after being frozen for one hundred years," said Aang.

"A hundred years ... oh boy, I think I remember the monks speaking of a Last Airbender who was frozen for a hundred years, only to awaken to be the last of his kind," replied Vega.

"That was me. Trust me, if I didn't do that, I would've died along with them," replied Aang.

"I guess so ... Wait, that statue in the sanctuary. I saw a vision of a Water Tribe girl," replied Vega.

"That was the girl who found me in the ice, Katara, one of the greatest masters of waterbending I've ever seen," said Aang happily.

"The monks told of a waterbender girl who was said to be the true savior of the Air Nomads and the Avatar Cycle," replied Vega.

"Indeed. She saved my life on numerous occasions," said Aang.

"Wait, wasn't she your wife?" replied Vega.

"Yes, she is the reason there were more airbenders. She was a great woman," replied a happy Aang.

"What should I do now, Avatar Aang? How am I supposed to know where to go next?" asked a confused Vega. "When the time is right, she will show herself to you," Avatar Aang said, disappearing out of view.

The Water Tribe sanctuary doors creaked open, and Vega stepped out from inside. "What happened, Vega?" asked Sarah wondering.

"He told me he decided to will me here because this is where he resurfaced after being frozen for a hundred years," said Vega clearly. "I also think that he wants me to rest my mind until she calls to me," replied Vega, trying to think about what Avatar Aang told him in the sanctuary.

"Well, we could take a little bit of a relax time," replied Sarah.

"Let's head back into town," said Sarah.

"What about my friends?" asked Lei.

Vega, with a swift movement of his hand, unfroze the other two Equalists.

"Thank you, Avatar," said the two other Equalists.

"Take off your masks, so I can see your faces," asked Vega. They took off their masks, revealing two Water Tribe female faces. "So, they even kidnap Water Tribe children?" replied Vega. "Which Water Tribe do you two hail from?" asked Vega, giving them a hand.

"We both hail from the Southern Water Tribe," replied the two girls.

"How? The Equalists wouldn't dare kidnap someone out of such a large city," replied a wondering Vega.

"We were vacationing on Kyoshi Island when they kidnaped us two," replied the two girls.

"What are your names?" asked Vega.

"Joi and Vei," the two girls answered.

"Pretty names," said Sarah.

"Come with me, you two. I know a perfect place for the two of you," replied Vega, walking back towards town. "Pannaq always hated my gifts when he was training me to waterbend, but he might like this gift," said Vega.

"What?" asked Joi and Vei simultaneously.

"Pannaq has yet to assign at least two non-bender members to his council," replied Vega.

"And you know that how?" asked Sarah.

"I know Pannaq very well. He must have just gotten the rank of Chief, otherwise he would've told me of it by now," replied Vega.

"Ohh," replied Sarah.

"Plus, Pannaq was never one for getting things done on time," Vega said with a laugh. "He would rather travel and use his cheesy pick up lines on girls just for them to shoot him down," said Vega, laughing a little harder.

After about another twenty five minute walk, they reached the main city of the Southern Water Tribe. "Finally, we're back! And look at that, it's lunch time," said Vega, looking in the sky. They arrive at the eastern gate of the Southern Water Tribe. "Hello, guard, could you please open the big doors?" Vega asked in his most humorous of voices. The guard looked at him, then opened the doors. "Thanks!" Vega said, walking in.

"Welcome back, Vega," said Hui Po.

"So, Vega, what happened at the sanctuary?" asked Pannaq.

"Talked to Avatar Aang. He told me to relax a little and that she will reveal herself when the time is right," replied Vega, bowing towards Pannaq. "Pannaq, I have a gift for you, my friend," said Vega.

"Vega, please, no stick bombs," replied Pannaq, backing up.

"No, this is a nice gift," said Vega. "Let me ask, have you assigned a full council?" Vega asked.

"I still need a couple non-bender members," replied Pannaq.

"Well, I've got two people right here for you. They kind of also need a home and some better clothes," replied Vega, gesturing towards Joi and Vei.

"They're Equalists," Pannaq screamed, bracing to attack.

"Wait, I'll explain. They are from the Southern Water Tribe," replied Vega.

"What?" said a still braced Pannaq.

"They were kidnaped as kids on Kyoshi Island," replied Vega. "What? So the Equalists on Kyoshi Island?" asked Pannaq, calming down.

"Yes, they invaded the island a while ago and like all they're raids, they probably took the young non-benders and are using them as soldiers," replied Vega.

"That's about right, and if you refused, they would torture you until you caved in and accepted their training," replied Lei.

"So, where are we heading next, after we leave here, Vega?" asked Kyya, walking over to the rest of the friends.

"Umm, well, we could go to the Earth Kingdom and visit a good friend of mine?" replied Vega.

"Vega, are we really going to Omashu?" asked Sarah.

"Of course, I want to slide on their delivery system again," said Vega, smiling. "Let's eat, I'm hungry," said Vega, walking towards the banquet hall.

"Oh yes, we prepared a feast for you for this evening," replied Pannaq.

"Yay, food, my favourite thing to eat," replied Vega jokingly. Team Avatar feasted before leaving for the Earth Kingdom the next day.

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