"The Southern Air Temple"
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The Legend of Vega



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August 14, 2016

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Chapter 3: The Island of Kyoshi


Chapter 5: The Southern Water Tribe

Vega woke after a couple of hours of flying. "Ahh, well I think I see the Southern Air Temple," Vega said rubbing his eyes. "Sarah, time to get up, we're here," said Vega, nudging Sarah awake.

"Ahh, are we there?" asked a groggy Sarah.

"Yes, we're here, and I should wake up Kyya," replied Vega. "Kyya, wake up," said Vega, poking Kyya's arm hesitantly.

"Huh, what, are we there?" greeted Kyya now stretching.

"Yes, we have arrived at the Southern Air Temple," replied Vega, offering Kyya a hand getting up. Kyya accepted Vega's offer and stood with a slight groan.

"Ugh, damn Equalists," Kyya responded, holding her leg.

"Yara, wake up we're her-," said Vega, being interrupted.

"I'm awake, I couldn't sleep," replied Yara.

"Okay, well we'll be landing in five minutes," replied Vega with worry on his face. "Take us in, JoJo," responded Vega, looking towards the temple.

A few minutes later, JoJo landed on the bison landing platform. "Welcome back, Avatar," greeted High Monk Cashi.

"Since when did you become so formal, Cashi?" Vega said with a bow.

"Hahaha, I thought you would remember. So what brings you to the Southern Air Temple?" replied Cashi.

"Thought I would come and visit. I'm heading to the Southern Water Tribe," replied Vega.

"Ohh, and you brought some lady friends as a gift," chuckled Cashi.

"No, you old coot, they're my friends. Sarah, you remember her, don't you?" responded Vega.

"Yes, she's the girl who loves kicking your butt in bison polo," Cashi said with a smile.

"Ha, anyways, this here is Princess Kyya," replied Vega.

"Hello, Princess. I'm an old man trying to find love," responded Cashi, laughing slightly.

"Stop it. And this lovely young waterbender is Yara," said Vega.

"Hmm, she looks troubled. What troubles you, my dear?" Cashi replied kindly.

"Cashi, it's a very long story. By the way, where's Hui Po?" asked Vega.

"He's somewhere," replied Cashi. Right above them flew an airbender.

"Woah, who's that unf-" spoke the airbender, crashing into a temple pillar. "Oww" groaned out the airbender.

"Speaking of Hui Po, he falls from the sky," Vega responded with a chuckle. Hui Po stood back up and dusted himself off.

"Well, wasn't my worst crash," responded Hui Po, walking past Sarah, Monk Cashi, and Vega. Hui walked right up to Yara and bowed. "I've never been in the presence of someone so beautiful," responded Hui Po.

"Umm, what," replied Yara confused.

"I am Hui Po, Vega's good friend and Air Nomad," Hui replied with a smile.

"Hui, stop bothering Yara," said Vega.

"No, it's fine, Vega, I think he's sweet. How many guys crash into a pillar, walk up and bow, and then say something so kind?" replied a blushing Yara. Sarah and Vega looked at each other, remembering the first time they spoke to each other.

"Well, Hui is a nice guy," Sarah said snickering.

"Hui, let's head to your room, so we can rest and do some catching up," replied Vega walking towards the dorms. "Do you still have that huge dorm, Hui Po" asked Vega.

"Yes, why would I not?" replied Hui Po.

"Good, let's head there, I need a nap," replied Vega.

"Is this your first visit to an air temple, Yara?" asked Hui Po.

"Yes, it is, and it's breathtaking," replied Yara, looking around the temple in amazement. "I remember seeing an old picture of this temple. My grandmother said its beauty is breathtaking, and its view stunning," said Yara. "She was right, this temple is amazing. I never thought it would be this big," said Yara, slowly reaching and grabbing Hui Po's hand. "My grandmother also told me of how kind and nice the Air Nomads are," said Yara, blushing again.

"We're here. Hui, toss me your key," asked Vega. Hui Po tossed Vega his dorm key and grabbed Yara's other hand and looked her in her eyes.

"Your clothes, they are torn and tattered, what happened?" asked Hui Po before Vega opened his dorm room door.

"It's because this are all the clothes I have. After the Equalists attacked Kyoshi Island, they wiped out most of the village and took my family from me," replied Yara holding back tears.

"That's terrible. Let's get you into some fresh clothes," replied Hui Po in a calm voice.

"Okay, thank you for being so nice to me, Hui," replied Yara, walking into Hui's dorm room.

"Hey there, lovebirds, finally came in to join us," Vega said jokingly.

"Umm, Sarah, could you give me a hand?" asked Hui Po.

"With what, Hui?" replied Sarah.

"Yara needs some new clean clothes. I was wondering if you could help find the correct fitting lady delicate clothes thingies," said Hui Po politely.

You mean a bra and panties?" Sarah said with a snicker.

"Guh, you know I'm like Vega. There are certain things we can't look at or say," replied Hui Po.

"I know, I'm just teasing, hahaha," laughed Sarah. "Come on over here, Yara, let's get you some nice clean clothes that aren't all torn up," said Sarah, gesturing Yara over to the closet. "Hui Po, why don't you stand over there by Kyya," replied Sarah.

"Okay. Hi, Kyya," greeted Hui Po, walking over to the corner couch.

"Hey," replied Kyya.

"So, let's see. Umm, take that shirt off first, so we can see if you'll need an extra bra for when we are traveling," asked Sarah.

"Okay," replied Yara, taking off her shirt.

"Okay, so your bra is still okay. So let's see, what size are you? Hmm this one looks like it fits," said Sarah checking to see if the bra she picked for Yara fit. "So, now that's done with, let's get you some nice comfy panties," said Sarah chuckling in Hui Po's direction. "These look good. Now if you want, there's a shower in the bathroom over there, so you could freshen up and try on some other nice clothes," replied Sarah.

"Ohh, I would love a nice shower in water that's not all salt water," replied Yara, walking towards the bathroom.

"Okay, Kyya, you can uncover Hui Po's eyes," said Sarah.

"So why exactly are you here, Vega?" Hui Po asked.

"I'm heading to the Southern Water Tribe," replied Vega.

"For what? I know you well, Vega, you wouldn't go somewhere so far out of your way for no reason," replied Hui Po.

"I was able to reconnect with one of my past lives, one that the monks said I would never be able to contact," replied Vega.

"Woah, who was it? And how did you connect with them?" asked an intrigued Hui Po.

"I made contact with something from my past life, a portrait of Fire Lord Sozin," replied Vega.

"Fire Lord Sozin ... I can't for the life of me remember who he is," wondered Hui Po.

"He was the Fire Lord who used the great comet to—" Vega said, stopping short.

"My ancestor Fire Lord Sozin used his comet to wipe out the Air Nomads," Kyya said angrily.

"You contacted the last airbender?" Hui Po asked unsure.

"No, I contacted Avatar Roku," Vega said, ending Hui Po's confusion. "But I think Roku wants me to make contact with Avatar Aang," replied Vega.

"Ohh, that makes sense," Hui Po replied.

"Kyya, what's wrong?" asked Vega.

"I don't feel right being here at this temple," Kyya sighed.

"Why?" asked Vega, standing back up.

"How can you befriend someone whose family tried to wipe out your entire race?" Kyya said crying.

"Kyya, what your ancestors have done in the past has nothing to do with who you are right now," replied Vega, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Look back at your life. I remember one time hearing about a certain girl, who was the first firebender to learn to use combustion without a third eye tattoo," Vega replied.

"How did you know? I never told you," Kyya replied, wiping tears from her face.

"Your grandfather, Kyyo, always spoke so highly of you, Kyya. He told me that you were a prodigy, that you were single handedly the most powerful firebender alive currently," Vega replied.

"He said that?" replied Kyya.

"Yes. Why did you think I was so honored to meet you? Not just because you're royalty, but because of your amazing skills," said Vega smiling.

"Thank you, you are such a nice guy," said Kyya with a hug.

"Remind me to stop being such a nice guy," joked Vega.

"Right, nice try, fly guy," Kyya said with a chuckle. Yara exited the bathroom in a towel.

"I forgot my clothes," Yara said chuckling.

"Now I see what Hui Po likes in her," Kyya snickered.

"Here you go, Yara," replied Sarah.

"Thanks," replied Yara.

"Well, I think I'm going to go meditate," said Vega, walking towards the door.

"Umm, Vega, are you okay?" asked Sarah.

"I haven't been okay since Kyoshi Island," Vega replied, closing the door.

"What is really wrong with Vega?" asked Hui Po.

"He's been going through more than he thought since he started his journey," replied Sarah. "Kyya, I'm going to see what's wrong. You're in charge," said Sarah, leaving the dorm room. Sarah walked down the hall and exited the dorm area.

"The Southern Air Temple sanctuary," Vega said, looking at the sanctuary doors.

"Vega!" yelled out Sarah.

"Sarah, what are you doing here?" replied Vega.

"No, you're not. I know you're confused. You're angry that people are dying and you don't know how to stop it from happening," replied Sarah hugging Vega.

"You know me so well, but why have you grown so attached, it's not like an Air Nomad," said Vega.

"Because like you said to Yara: I know that my duty is to do something else," replied Sarah.

"The Southern Air Temple sanctuary," said Monk Cashi, walking towards Sarah and Vega.

"Monk Cashi, what are you doing here?" asked Vega.

"This is where Avatar Aang first contacted Avatar Roku," replied Cashi. "You and Sarah may enter the sanctuary," replied Cashi, bowing and walking away.

"Well, are you ready, Vega?" said Sarah, looking at the sanctuary doors.

"I've been ready for a long time," said Vega, getting into a stance to open his side of the door. Sarah and Vega fired off two gusts of air, starting a chain reaction opening the sanctuary doors. The doors opened with a loud creek, revealing a large room composed of thousands of statues.

"Woah, it's humongous," Sarah said awestruck. "Vega?" Sarah said, looking at Vega.

"Avatar Aang," said Vega, starring at an Air Nomad Avatar statue.

"How do you know it's him?" asked Sarah.

"I just know it's him. It's hard to explain," replied Vega, placing a hand on the statue. Suddenly more images flashed across Vega's eyes, before pulling his hands away from the statue. "Ahh, more images, what are they telling me?" Vega screamed, echoing inside of the sanctuary.

"Vega, calm down. You know where to go to contact Avatar Aang," replied Sarah.

"I know, let's head back to the dorm," said Vega, exiting the sanctuary.

Sarah and Vega arrived back at the dorm of Hui Po, entering to see Hui Po meditating while Kyya and Yara were napping.

"Welcome back, Vega," said Hui Po.

"Get ready, we leave in the morning," said Vega.

"What's the rush, Vega?" asked Hui Po, standing back up.

"I need to get to the Southern Water Tribe soon," replied Vega. Everyone proceeded to go to sleep.

"Good morning, Southern Air Temple," someone screamed.

"Hui, I will end you!" Sarah screamed viciously.

"What did I do, ahh," groaned Hui Po.

"That was Monk Cashi," replied Vega, looking out the window.

"How long have you been awake?" asked Sarah.

"I decided to do my early morning meditation," replied Vega.

"Where's our stuff?" asked Sarah.

"I packed it in JoJo's saddle this morning," replied Vega. "I left each of you a pair of clothes to change into," replied Vega.

"I'll wake the rest of Team Avatar," said Sarah.

"Team what?" asked Vega confused.

"Our group. We should call ourselves 'Team Avatar'," replied Sarah.

"Okay, well, I'm going to get some breakfast," replied Vega. A couple of minutes later the rest of Team Avatar arrived at the mess hall.

"Welcome, sleepyheads," greeted Monk Cashi.

"Sarah, save me from these things," Kyya asked, being surrounded my young airbenders.

"Looks like you have some more friends," said Sarah.

"Hey kids, why don't you go jump on Hui Po," said Kyya.

"Oh crap," said Hui Po, running from the kids.

"Join us, guys," asked Vega.

"Sure, why not," said Kyya. After eating Team Avatar headed over to JoJo.

"Well, it should take about five hours of constant flight to reach the Southern Water Tribe," said Vega.

"Well, let's get flying," said Sarah. Team Avatar took off into the sky, heading to the Southern Water Tribe.

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