"The Island of Kyoshi"
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The Legend of Vega



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August 12, 2016

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Chapter 2: The Western Air Temple


Chapter 4: The Southern Air Temple

After three days of almost constant flying, Vega decided that he needed a break. "So much flying," said Vega.

"That's coming from the Air Nomad," Kyya said sarcastically.

"Wait, I've got an idea," said Vega. "Who, wants to relax on the beautiful beaches of Kyoshi Island?" Vega said with a smile.

"Shouldn't we stick to our plan, Vega?" replied Sarah.

"I need some time to calm my mind, and I can't do that when I'm always flying you know," said Vega.

"But, umm, I don't own a swimsuit," Kyya said concerningly.

"Swim what?" Vega said, raising a brow.

"You know, a swimsuit. It's what you wear when you go swimming," Kyya replied with a chuckle.

"Umm, Kyya, most airbenders don't wear swimsuits," chuckled Sarah.

"Oh, you swim..." Kyya said confusingly.

"No, not that, we just wear our underclothes," informed Sarah.

"So, you wear your underwear?" Kyya asked still confused.

"Well, not exactly, I wear a sleeveless undershirt and a pair of air nomad pants that we wear under our actual pants," Sarah said with a laugh.

"Oh, okay, that's a little less weird than," Kyya said jokingly.

"I just wear a typical pair of good ole' fashioned Air Nomad underpants," Vega said with a strong laugh. Kyya looked at Vega with a surprised look on her face. "What, all Air Nomad guys dress like this when swimming," Vega said, laughing almost uncontrollably.

"Oh boy," Sarah said blushingly.

"Well, Kyoshi Island is about ten minutes away, so get ready for a relaxing beach day," Vega said with a chuckle.

Ten minutes later, they landed on Kyoshi Island and lied down on the beach. "Kyoshi Island looks very pretty," Kyya said, looking around at the beaches.

"I know right?" Sarah said overlooking the ocean.

"I'm gonna see if I can reach Roku again," said Vega, getting into meditation position.

"Well, while he's doing that, I'm gonna take a swim," said Sarah, undressing to her undershirt and pants. "Come on, Kyya, the water's fine," Sarah said with a wave.

"I guess I could wear my undershirt, but I don't have any pants under these like you do," Kyya said wondering.

"I brought two more pairs with me, you could use one," said Sarah, motioning to JoJo's saddle.

"Thanks, where could I change?" Kyya asked, looking around. With a swift punch of the ground, Vega rose a tent with a small entrance facing the ocean.

"There you go, is that good enough, Kyya?" Vega said, getting back on his feet.

"I didn't mean to disturb your meditation," Kyya replied.

"No, you're fine, I'm gonna take a dip," Vega said taking off his shirt. "Don't worry, I'll leave my pants on so you don't weird out," Vega said laughing.

"Hahaha, that's funny," Kyya said with a sarcastic tone. Vega kicked his heel into the ground, and two smaller pillars of stone shot from the ground.

"Let's see, ahh, there's one," Vega said looking around. Vega grabbed a semi straight piece of driftwood. "This could make a good curtain pole," Vega said, grabbing a small blanket from JoJo's saddle. "Just fold the blanket over the stick and then place it in the groove between the poles and tent, and now bam, tent entrance," Vega said after placing the blanket covered stick on the tent entrance.

"Thank you, Vega," said Kyya, entering the tent. Vega ran towards the water making an ice ramp and then sliding on it and diving into the water.

"Wooh," Vega said, hitting the water.

"Nice jump, Vega, could you splash me more?" said Sarah.

"Are you challenging me?" Vega said jokingly.

"Vega, how long can you hold your breath again?" asked Sarah.

"I don't know," replied Vega before Sarah dunked his head under water. Vega surfaced with a smile.

"Hahaha, that was a good one," responded Vega, spitting out a mouthful of salt water. "Kyya, come on in, the waters fine," said Vega floating on his back.

"Sure, why not," said Kyya, entering the water. "Oh this water is nice," said Kyya, swimming towards Sarah and Vega. Vega, Sarah, and Kyya swam around in the water for a couple hours before getting out and drying off.

After drying off, Vega, Sarah, and Kyya decided to get ready for bed. "Let's gather some firewood," said Sarah.

"I've got this," said Vega before rushing off into a small patch of trees. "This one should be good," Vega said before using waterbending to cut down the tree and splitting it into quarters. Vega stomped his foot on the ground and raised a circle of stone. "This is so much better than having to collect rocks," said Vega, chuckling. Vega placed a piece of the tree in the fire pit and lit the fire with a small fire blast. "Man, this sure beats having to carry flint rocks" Vega said with a laugh.

"Aren't you one lucky guy?" Sarah said with a snicker.

"Well, I'm going to hit the hay," Vega said with a yawn.

"Well, I guess I'll stand guard," Kyya said, sitting in front of the fire.

"Guard?" said Sarah and Vega at the same time.

"Don't Air Nomads have someone who watches over the camp at night?" Kyya asked.

"Normally Monk Apongo just meditates in front of the fountain, which overlooks the temple entrance," replied Vega.

"Yeah, normally the High Monks and Sisters would meditate at night," responded Sarah.

"Oh, I guess it's because I'm royalty," replied Kyya, standing back up and entering the tent. "It's nice in here," said Kyya, lying down inside of the tent.

"Nice, comfy sand," Vega said, lying down on the sand.

"I'm going to have so much sand in my hair in the morning," said Kyya, looking at the sand.

"Here, use this," Vega said, taking off his vest and handing it to Kyya.

"Thanks, but won't your vest get all sandy though?" Kyya asked, setting the vest on the sand.

"I can blow it out," Vega said before taking off his shirt and handing it to Sarah.

"Thanks, Vega, but what about you?" asked Sarah.

"I'll be fine, sand is a lot easier to get out of short hair," Vega replied with a laugh.

"Sarah, you sure did find the nicest guy in the world," Kyya said to Sarah after lying down.

"I know right, Vega isn't perfect, but he's got his perks," replied Sarah.

"Like my humor, good looks, and cunning personality," responded Vega.

"Definitely all those things," Sarah said with a giggle.

"Good night, ladies," Vega said before shutting his eyes and going to sleep.

"Good night," replied Sarah and Kyya lying down and going to sleep.

After sleeping through the night, Kyya awoke to find herself all alone in the tent. "Hello, where are you guys?" Kyya said, spotting Sarah on the beach, meditating. "Okay, there's Sarah, now where is ..." Kyya asked herself.

"Hi," Vega greeted from behind.

"Ahh!" Kyya screamed, firing a blast of fire, just for Vega to block with some airbending. "Don't do that!" Kyya shouted ferously.

"Someone is not a morning person," Vega said with a grin on his face.

"Grr ..." Kyya grunted.

"Here's a comb for your hair, princess," Vega said sarcastically. Kyya snatched the comb and handed him his vest. "Sandy," Vega said, blowing the sand out with airbending.

"So, where to now, all wise Avatar?" Kyya said, combing her hair.

"I don't know, breakfast most likely," Vega said with a smile.

"Why don't we head into the village for breakfast?" suggested Sarah, standing up and walking towards Kyya and Vega.

"Sure, why not," said Vega, putting back on his shirt and vest.

"Well, let's go, air boy," Kyya teased, only to see Vega standing absolutely still. "Vega, are you okay?" Kyya said worriedly.

All of a sudden Vega raised his hands quickly, allowing him to redirect two arrows heading towards Kyya and Sarah. Vega then lept into the air, dodging an arrow intended for him.

"What the ... what's happening?" asked Sarah, getting into a defensive stance.

"It's coming from the forest," replied Kyya.

Kyya spotted a pair of archers. She took a deep breath and released a combustion wave towards them, blasting the archers from the forest. Then the other archers came out of hiding and dropped their bows. The archers ran towards the three of them carrying electro poles. Vega stood and waited for one of them to lunge at him with one of the poles. Side stepping and grasping the assailants arm, he disarmed them.

Oblivious to what Vega was doing, Kyya took a more blunt approach. Firing off two blasts of fire, then kicking one of the pole, breaking it in two.

Sarah, in her defensive stance, dodged every strike with ease, flowing like the wind and elegantly dodging the electro pole.

"Sarah, do you need help? Go on the offensive," Vega said, knocking out his attacker. Vega ran over to backup Sarah, just when her attacker connected with his pole, knocking her out with the shock.

Enraged, Vega attempted to blast the attack with fire, but the attacker dodged to blast running towards Vega. Kyya attempting to help Vega, forgot about her attacker, who was able to connect with his electro pole. Vega, seeing Kyya go down, blasted her attacker with a powerful air blast, launching him into the water. Vega turned around just in time for his attacker to make contact with both of his electro pole. Shocking Vega with a large amount of electricity, knocking him to his knees. Before Vega could retaliate, the attacker was blasted by a huge wave of water, rendering the attacker unconscious. Vega standing back up, clutching his ribs, looked over to see what looked like a female waterbender. Vega then proceeded to fall over clutching his ribs. The girl ran over to Vega, taking out some water, which started glowing.

"You're a healer," Vega groaned in pain. The girl just looked at him and moved her hands, healing his ribs. She then ran over to heal Sarah, running her hands over her chest, where the attacker made contact. She then got up but before she could help Kyya, she was already standing.

"Are you okay? let me heal you," the girl motioned to Kyya's upper thigh, which happened to be bleeding.

"Healing?" Kyya replied confused.

"Kyya, let me help you," Vega responded, picking Kyya up in his arms and walking her over to JoJo, who had just landed at the scene.

"Vega, I'm fine, really, ahh!" Kyya responded with a shriek of pain. Vega walked her over and set Kyya down next to JoJo.

"There's a first aid bundle in JoJo's saddle," Vega motioned to JoJo. Vega walked over to Sarah, who just came to. Vega picked Sarah up in his arms and walked her over to JoJo.

"What ... happened, Vega? Where you able to stop them?" said a weakened Sarah.

"They're gone now, thanks to her," Vega motioned over to the waterbender girl. Vega climbed into JoJo's saddle and sat her down. He jumped back down to see the waterbender girl finishing up healing Kyya.

"We owe you a big one," Vega said to the girl.

"The name's Yara," replied the waterbender.

"Yara, huh? Sounds like a Southern Water Tribe name. What are you doing way up here?" Vega asked, picking up Kyya and setting her inside JoJo's saddle.

"That's because I'm from the Southern Water Tribe," replied Yara.

"Thank you for the healing. So why are you here on Kyoshi Island?" asked Vega.

"I was here as a visitor with my family before the attack," replied Yara.

"Attack, what attack?" Vega wondered.

"The Equalists, that's who. They invaded the island a week ago," replied Yara with a sad look on her face.

"There's more to this than what your saying," Vega asked.

"Those, those bastards," Yara replied, dropping to her knees crying. Feeling her distress, Vega walked over to her, kneeled in front of her, and put a hand on her shoulder. Before he knew it, she jumped into his arms, crying into his vest.

"It's okay, let it all out," replied Vega with a hand on her head.

"They, took my entire family from me," Yara cried out. Vega, hearing what happened, was for the first time speachless.

"When I was a kid, I was taught to detach myself from the world, but I never could. I didn't know why at first, until I turned sixteen, and I was informed that I was the Avatar," Vega spoke softly. "At that moment I knew, I could never truly detach myself from the world, because my duty is to the world," Vega spoke again in a soft and calm voice. "I was taught by the Monks, that to reach inner peace, one must sever all their earthly attachments," said Vega. "Our guilt and fears, holds on down," said Vega, calming his mind.

"What does that mean?" Yara replied, wiping off her tears.

"Even though you lost your family, doesn't mean they're truly gone," Vega said, lifting her head up. "They will always be alive through you," replied Vega. "And when you lose one family you love, you gain another," Vega said, standing back up and offering a hand. "Come with us, become part of our family," asked Vega.

"Yes, I would love to come with you," Yara replied, grabbing his hand.

"Come on, let's go before more Equalists show up," Vega said, helping Yara into JoJo's saddle. "Yip yip," said Vega.

"Where are we going to go?" asked Yara.

"The Southern Air Temple," replied Vega, sitting down inside JoJo's saddle, flying towards the Southern Air Temple.

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