"The Western Air Temple"
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The Legend of Vega



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August 12, 2016

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Chapter 1: The Journey Begins


Chapter 3: The Island of Kyoshi

After about two and a half days of flying, Vega finally reached the canyon in which the Western Air Temple resided underneath.

"We're here, JoJo, the Western Air Temple. It's almost breathtaking." Vega landed over by some monks, who watched over many bison.

"Hello, sisters," greeted Vega.

"Hello, Avatar," replied a familiar voice.

"Is that you, Master Akio?" Vega questioned, not having visited in two years.

"It is 'Sister Akio' now, Vega," Akio corrected.

"You were elected to the High Council?" Vega responded.

"Indeed, Avatar, I am now a Sister of the Council Of Elders," stated Akio.

"I'm surprised, you are usually meditating closer to the canyon," said Vega.

"Yes, normally I am, but I am here to help some of the children with selecting their first flying bison," said Akio.

"That sounds like fun. It is a very important day in their early training," Vega responded.

"Would you mind if I leave JoJo here with you and the children while I head into the temple? With your permission of course," asked Vega.

"Well of course you may leave your bison here with us," Akio answered.

"Thank you very much, Sister Akio. Tell the children to be careful with their apples around JoJo, she's a bit hungry, along with myself," Vega chuckled.

"We'll be happy to feed JoJo while you're visiting," Akio responded.

"Thank you, I'm gonna head into the temple," said Vega.

"Sarah has been waiting for your return. She's gonna be so happy to see you again," said Akio.

"That's why I decided to leave the temple at the time that I did," replied Vega.

"And Vega, remember to knock this time," Akio informed with a slight snicker in her voice.

"Yes, Sister Akio, "I'll remember to this time haha," Vega replied with a laugh.

Vega started down the staircase that lead into the temple. Vega entered the temple and smiled, remembering the fun times he had here with Sarah, a female Air Nomad he met at a bison polo tournament in which she won.

"Ahh the Western Air temple, so beautiful," Vega said, taking in a breathe of fresh air.

"Sarah is in her room, Vega, and please try not to make her angry again. We don't want to deal with more of your broken ribs," Akio said sternly.

"Hey, you still remember that whole thing?" Vega replied.

"The crack is still their," replied Akio.

"Haha, sorry about that again, Akio," Vega replied. "I'll be on my way now, Akio," said Vega.

Akio looked at Vega with a nervous look on her face. Vega started walking towards the dormitory where the monks would sleep. Before Vega could reach the dorms, he heard a sound that he could vaguely remember. "Is that, a combustion wave?" Vega question with only a split second to dodge out of the way of the explosion. "What in the heck?" Vega beckoned, waiting to see if there would be another wave coming, so he could see where it was coming from. A split second later he heard the noise followed by a combustion wave striking the temple.

"What in the world is happening, Vega?" Akio beckoned with an amount of fear in her voice that Vega had never heard before.

"There's where it's coming from," Vega said before blasting into the air on air jets shooting from his feet.

"Vega, what are you doing?" yelled Akio.

"I'm protecting the temple," Vega said with almost no amount of fear and not even an ounce of hesitation.

Vega flew through the misty fog of the canyon to see very high in the sky an airship with an insignia of the Fire Nation on the side. The waves stopped once Vega broke all the way through the shrouding fog. Vega reached the airship without any resistance. He stopped right in front of an opening on the side of the airship, right in the sights of a teenaged Fire Nation female.

"Who are you and why are you shooting at the temple?" shouted Vega with an uncommon anger in his voice.

"There's a temple down there?" responded the girl, looking down to the ground, not seeing anything but the canyon fog and some large hills near the cliff.

"What do you mean? You do know that this is the location of the Western Air Temple?" Vega shouted.

"I had absolutely no idea, honest," responded the girl with a very honest voice. "I am so sorry. I hope I didn't hurt anyone," she said with a terrified look in her eyes.

"It is almost impossible to see the temple from up here, but you should've seen it on a map," Vega question.

"The map I carry is a very old map that doesn't show the locations of the air temples," she responded. "Let me land my airship, and I'll hand myself over for punishment," she said with a sense of conviction.

Once the airship landed, the girl unboarded from the ship and before Vega could say anything else, he'd seen something that reminded him of his firebending training. "What is that on the breastplate of your armor?" Vega said, beckoning towards the object.

"This is the royal insignia of the Fire Nation," she replied.

"Wait you're, you're Kyyo's granddaughter, aren't you?" Vega questioned.

"How do you know my grandfather?" the girl responded with another question.

"He was my firebending master," Vega stated.

"Wait, you're the Avatar!" she responded in awe.

"Yes, and you must be Kyya, the renowned firebending prodigy," Vega responded back.

"I wouldn't say I'm a prodigy," Kyya responded.

"Take off your helmet, so I can actually see your face," Vega asked politely.

"Okay," Kyya responded, taking off her helmet and waving her hair.

"Woah, aren't you a pretty one," Vega said with a chuckle.

"Haha, thanks, I geuss," she said slightly blushing.

"I'm glad that you don't look like Kyyo, haha," Vega said with a laugh.

"Haha, you're funny," said Kyya with a chuckle.

"Well, I guess we should head into the temple so you can explain what happened to Sister Akio," said Vega.

"Okay, but how in the world are we gonna get down there?" Kyya questioned.

"Well, umm, climb up on my back, we'll have to fly down there," Vega answered.

"Well, this is gonna be terrifying," Kyya said with a bit of fear in her voice.

Vega ran towards the cliff and jumped off, shooting jets of air from his feet and started flying towards the temple. Kyya slipped from Vega's back, but Vega was able to quickly grab her hand just in time to fly right into one of the temple pillars.

"I'm okay," Vega said with a muffled voice.

"Need some help?" Kyya asked.

Vega picked himself up off of the ground. "That was easily the second hardest wall I've crashed into," noted Vega.

"Okay, let me help you up," Kyya said while picking up Vega.

"Vega, are you alright?" said an concerned Sister Akio.

"Yes, I'm fine, all my bones are still intact," replied a slightly tattered Vega.

"What were you thinking, young lady? You could've killed the Avatar!" yelled Akio.

"It's okay, Akio. She couldn't see the temple nor did she have a map that even showed its location," informed Vega.

"Ohh, I guess you were thinking this would be a beautiful home," said Akio.

"Yea, sorry, ma'am," apologized Kyya.

"Well, sorry for the disruption, Sister Akio. We're gonna head to Sarah's room," said Vega.

"Remember to knock," Akio informed again.

"How many times are you gonna tell me that?" Vega replied with a chuckle. Vega and Kyya headed for the dormitory and walked up the stairs to get to Sarah's room.

"Well, here's her room," Vega said while entering Sarah's room, totally forgetting about the whole knocking thing.

"Ahh, Vega, get out!" screamed a half dressed Sarah, who managed to cover up just in time.

"Gahhh, sorry!" apologized Vega.

"Umm, Vega, how many times did Sister Akio tell you to knock?" asked Kyya with a slight laugh.

"About three times," exclaimed Vega. Vega proceeds to knock three times on Sarah's door. "May I enter now, I'm sorry about before," apologized Vega yet again.

"Yes, come on in," said Sarah. "Long time no see, Avatar Vega," Sarah said with a humorous tone. "What brings you here? Want me to kick your but in another bison polo tournament?" laughed Sarah.

"No" Vega said embarrassed.

"Haha, then are you here for Avatar training?" asked Sarah.

"No, but it has something to do with that," Vega replied.

"Then what are you here for, silly?" giggled Sarah.

"I was wondering if, for your birthday, which is tomorrow, I haven't forgot haha, I wanted to invite you along on my Avatar journey," asked a hopeful Vega with his trademark smile.

"I would love too," Sarah replied with a big hug.

"That's great, so you should pack some extra clothes and stuff like that," replied an ecstatic Vega.

"Okay, wanna come in and rest up a little?" asked Sarah.

"Sure, why not. Come on, Kyya, take a load off, and by load I mean that armor. It looks bulky and heavy," asked Vega.

"It is bulky but isn't it improper to undress in someone else's home?" replied Kyya.

"It's fine, Kyya was it? You know, that name is very familiar," questioned Sarah while packing.

"I'm the Princess of the Fire Nation," replied Kyya.

"Ohh, umm, should I bow or ...?" Sarah asked.

"Oh, please do not bow, I hate being royalty," exclaimed Kyya.

"Well, while you ladies are getting acquainted, Imma take me a rest," Vega said, taking off his vest and shirt.

"Woah, for a airbender, you have some actual muscles," Kyya said, while taking off her heavy armor, revealing a slender waistline and an undershirt.

"Ohh, thank the spirits you have clothes on under your armor," Vega said in relief.

"Umm, that's an unusual response from a guy," said Kyya with a slight smile.

"Yeah, Vega isn't like most guys. He feels it's disrespectful to the girl if he sees their exposed bodies," said Sarah.

"Yet, he has yet to master the art of knocking," chuckled Kyya. "Where should I rest at?" asked Kyya.

"Just push Vega to the side and lay down on the bed. It won't take me long to pack," replied Sarah.

"Okay then," Kyya responded with a push to Vega, knocking him off the other side of the bed, where he just crawled back up and laid back down at the foot of the bed.

An hour later, Sarah is all finished packing. "Wake up, sleepy head," said Sarah, poking Vega in the head with her glider.

"Wahhh, is it morning time?" Vega said in a sarcastic tone.

"Ahh," yawned Kyya.

"Wake on up, it's time to go," Sarah said with a laugh.

"Okay, let's get on the road, and by road, I mean a flying bison," Vega said while putting on his shirt and about to leave the room.

"Hey!" said Sarah, grabbing the back of Vega's shirt collar. "Don't forget your vest," Sarah said, handing him his Air Nomad vest.

"Ahh, thanks," said Vega.

"Let's go," said Sarah, grabbing Vega by the hand and running down the halls. "Did you bring JoJo?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah, of course I did. I know how much you love JoJo," answered Vega with a smile. "She's right outside the entrance of the temple," said Vega. Sarah proceed to yet again grab Vega and run to the stairs with Kyya right behind them.

"JoJo! I've missed you!" Sarah screamed out with joy.

"Rahhh," JoJo roared out in response.

"Long time no see, girl," Sarah said, petting JoJo's head.

"Umm, we should drop off Kyya by her airship, so she can bring it back to the station," Vega stated.

"Station? Those are my family's personal airships," responded Kyya.

"Nice giant floaty death balloons," Vega said laughing.

"We'll come with you to your whatever you want to call it," Vega said with some confusion.

"It's technically my 'Palace' is what my father calls it. I just say training quarters, haha," Kyya snickered out. They flew off to her airship, then proceed to her home.

After about fifteen minutes of flying, they reached where Kyya lived.

"Umm, that's a big 'training quarters'," said Vega.

"I would call that a palace," said Sarah in awe.

"It's not as big as the actual Royal Palace, which is huge," said Kyya before unboarding her airship and then climbing up on JoJo for the quick ride to the steps of her palace.

"Halt, who are you and why are you in the presence of the Princess?" screamed a Royal Guard.

"Oh man, it's a Royal Guard," Vega said sarcastically.

"We will not repeat ourselves, step away from the Princess," ordered the guard.

"I've got this," said Vega with something in mind. "Well, mister guard, we have taken your Princess and we plan on tickling her until she screams for more—wait did that come out wrong," Vega said, pondering his words. With great speed, the guards attacked simultaneously. Vega dodged the first one and jumped over the second. He then floated down behind them poking their shoulders. "Man, remember when you were fighting that one guy," Vega said, laughing. The guards swung around and missed Vega by a couple of inches with him simply sidestepping them and unbalancing them just in time for Vega to come face to face with Kyya.

"Okay, boys, playtime is over," said Kyya while chuckling.

"They're with me, boys," Kyya stated to her guards.

"Well, that was fun," Vega said with a laugh.

"Vega," said Sarah.

"Yes?" replied Vega.

Sarah proceeded by punching Vega in the arm. "Don't do that, you could've got hurt or worse," screamed Sarah.

"But it was so fun," Vega chuckled, getting back up.

"I mean it, I don't know what I would do if you died or got seriously hurt," Sarah said in concern.

"I'm sorry," apologized Vega.

"Let's head inside," said Kyya. The three of them walk into the palace, which must have been a former war room from centuries ago.

"This place, it's not just a typical palace," Vega asked with a wonder in his voice.

"No, unfortunately it's from the Fire Nation's fractured past," said Kyya with a hand on one of the portraits of her ancestors.

"That's Fire Lord Sozin," Vega stated with a slight amount of anger.

"Yes, this is why I don't like being part of the Royal Family. Our ancestors were barbaric," Kyya said in disgust while looking at the painting. Vega put his hand onto the nameplate of the portrait. Then something happened. Suddenly it seemed like a lifetime's worth of images flashed past his eyes. Vega eyes flashed white and all of a sudden, he collapsed.

"Vega!" screamed both Sarah and Kyya. Vega woke in the palace infirmary.

"What the ... where am I?" Vega said, jolting to his feet in fight stance.

"You collapsed after touching the portrait of Fire Lord Sozin," said a terrified Sarah.

"Something happened," said Vega, getting out to stand.

"I've seen a thousand different images flash past me, then I felt a surge of energy that I have never felt before," said a concerned Vega. "I saw thousands of Fire Nation naval ships, and then I got a image of two Fire Nation teenagers, one had the Royal crest hair piece in his hair and the other was a bit taller, and they were sparring," said Vega confused.

"You said Royal crest hair piece, worn by the crowned prince," said a concerned Kyya.

"Then I saw what looked like a birthday celebration, and then it flashed to a bunch of people kneeling before the tall one," said Vega enraged. "What does it mean?" Vega screamed in an almost uncontrollable anger.

"Vega, please calm down, I hate seeing you like this," Sarah said, holding Vega by the arm.

"Kyya, do the sages still hold the history of the Fire Nation's ancient past?" Vega asked with a voice that seemed dyer.

"Yes, I believe they still hold it on an island not to far from here," Kyya replied.

"Have you packed your things?" Vega asked.

"Yes, I did. I didn't want to leave you here at first, but Sarah reassured me you would be okay," said Kyya.

"I need to go to the Fire Sage's temple, something is calling me there," Vega replied.

"Okay. It's not to far from here," responded Kyya while heading towards the palace exit. Suddenly Vega sensed something.

"Get Back!" Vega said with just enough time to grab Sarah and Kyya and jump down into a side hallway just when an explosion rocked down the main hallway.

"What was that?" wondered Sarah and Kyya.

"Some sort of attack on your life, Kyya," Vega thought concerningly. "There are more ways out, correct?" asked a concerned Vega.

"Of course there are. There's one this way," pointed Kyya.

"Okay, listen up, here's the plan: you two get out of here, and I'll go this way and create a distraction," said Vega.

"What, no way, Vega," said a terrified Sarah.

Vega walked towards Sarah and grabbed her by her arms. "Listen, I'm doing this so atleast you two can get out safely. Take JoJo and I'll jump on once you're in the sky," Vega said sternly.

"Vega, take my glider, you're going to need it," Sarah said, holding back tears.

"We'll be fine," Vega said with a kiss.

Then Vega headed towards the other exit to find himself face to face with a dozen of what looked like chi blockers. Vega combated the first three with a powerful gust of air, then he caught another three in quicksand. The other six fell back, but Vega pursued them, just in time for another six of them to join them. When he saw a glimpse of the chi blockers take down both Sarah and Kyya. All of a sudden the images popped back into his mind, this time he saw the tall firebender, but his eyes were glowing a white hot. Then suddenly he could see himself, his eyes were glowing a white hot. He was having an out of body experience, he had no control. He saw himself wipe out the entire chi blocker force, then his body lowered itself and hovered a foot above the ground. He heard a voice calling to him, the voice sounded familiar, but he couldn't put his finger on it.

Then he saw a dragon, and the voice said, "you have managed to reconnect with one of your past lives." The Fire Nation Avatar Roku appeared in front of him. "You must reconnect with all the Avatar spirits that came after me, Vega, so that you may properly connect with the energy of the Avatar Spirit and reawaken all the past lifes of the Avatar Spirit," said Roku.

"But how do I do that? Where should I go?" Vega asked.

"First, you must go to where Avatar Aang awoke after being frozen for one hundred years. You must head to the Southern Water Tribe sanctuary. That is where you can reconnect with the past life of the Air Nomad Avatar before you," Roku informed. Then Roku disappeared, and Vega could see Sarah and Kyya standing in front of him, and he could feel Sarah's hand reaching up to grab his own hand.

"The power of love and friendship will light the way, follow the path and your possibilities could be endless," Roku said before Vega awoke in his own body. His eyes went back to normal and he fell to his knees.

"Vega, are you okay?" cried out Sarah.

"Those chi blockers knocking us out unlocked some sort of hidden power in him," Kyya said, wondering.

"It triggered his Avatar State," Sarah replied.

"It's a state of limitless stamina and power," stated a weakened Vega. "I now know what happened in your palace. When I touched that portrait, I reconnected with Avatar Roku," said Vega. "He said to go to the Southern Water Tribe," Vega informed.

"Okay, and we can stop at the Southern Air Temple on the way there," said Sarah.

"Sounds like a plan, let's go," said Vega now on his feet. "To the Southern Air Temple," said Vega, climbing onto JoJo. They flew off into the sky, heading towards the Southern Air Temple.

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