"The Journey Begins"
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The Legend of Vega



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August 12, 2016

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Chapter 2: The Western Air Temple

Hi my name is Vega, an Airbender who is also the Avatar, and my life was just like any other person's. Everything changed once I turned 16, when the monks informed me that I am the newest Avatar. So like every Avatar that learns about what they are destined to be, I asked, "When and where will I learn the other elements?" My airbending teacher and good friend Monk Apongo informed me that the High Council thought it would be best if I trained at and around the Northern Air Temple where I lived and grew up almost my entire life. That was 2 years ago, and now I can finally get away from this temple and start my journey.

It was a nice sunny morning when I woke up.

"Ahhhh" yawned Vega. "Finally the day I can leave the temple and actually travel the world like all the great Avatars of the past is here," Vega said while walking to his dresser to find his one change of clothes that he has ever had. "Well, I guess I should pack, hahaha," said Vega grabbing his one extra pair of clothes. "Well, shoes tied and lemme grab this one pair of clothes and ... All done packing."

Vega starts walking towards his door like he did every morning during his entire life, but then he got that one feeling. "Ahh Ahh Chooooo!!!" sneezed Vega straight through his bedroom window, falling one floor onto a basket of apples. "Oooh look, apples," Vega groaned out in pain.

"Vega, what in the world?!" yelled out High Monk Apongo.

"I can explain, Master," Vega said while he took a bite from an apple.

"What made you fall from your room this time?" said Apongo.

"I sneezed," Vega Chuckled. "I'm fine master, the apples padded my fall," said Vega.

"Try not to sneeze off of a mountain next time," beckoned Apongo.

Vega went on with the rest of his normal morning routines: he brushed his teeth, combed his short hair, ate his favourite apple tart for breakfast. Only thing he didn't do that he normally did, was his morning meditation.

"So where are you heading first, Vega?" Apongo asked.

"Heading to the Western Air Temple first. Then, if I don't manage to somehow cause some war somewhere, I would be heading to the Southern Air Temple," told Vega.

"Ohh, my boy, I know why you're going to those two specific temples," chuckled Apongo.

"Girls and great Pai Sho," Vega chuckled back.

"I know you have a specific girl you're going to visit," said Apongo.

"Who said I was just visiting her?" said Vega.

"You normally always visit Sarah whenever you head to the Western Air Temple," said Apongo.

"Yeah, but this time I plan on bringing her with me when I leave," said Vega.

"Ohh, she is about the same age as you, isn't she?" said Apongo.

"Yes, she will be 18 in 3 days, which is nice because that's just enough time for me to get there," said Vega.

"Well, be careful on your journey and tell Sister Akio I said hello," replied Apongo.

"Farewell, Master," bowed Vega, climbing onto JoJo, his Flying bison. "Yip yip!" commanded Vega, his bison flying off into the sky. "Wait, the Western Air Temple is the other way," said Vega, turning around his bison. "Well, next stop the Western Air Temple," said Vega, starting his journey around the world after two long years of training.

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