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The Legend of Korra


The Legend Of Vega Chapter 1: The Journey Begins


I am Avatar Vega. I'm the newest reincarnation of the Avatar. I was born to Sister Mio, great-great-great granddaughter of Jinora, oldest child of Tenzin, who is the youngest son of Avatar Aang and Katara, in the Western Air Temple.

Once I turned four, they shipped me to the Northern Air Temple where I met Hui Po, son of the Avatar before me, Sizu, and he was also the monk who cared for me until I turned sixteen. My father is also the Head Monk at the Northern Air Temple; his name is Monk Apongo. My Uncle is the Head Monk at the Southern Air Temple; his name is Monk Cashi. My aunt is the Head Sister at the Western Air Temple; her name is Sister Akio, and my other Aunt is the Head Sister at the Eastern Air Temple; her name is Sister Siala. The only reason I know they're my family is because I'm the Avatar, and I could never disconnect myself from the world unlike the great monks. Plus, the monk that takes care of me is my father's cousin. I am also the first Avatar to master the art of generating lightning. I first traveled to the Northern Water Tribe, learning under Master Pannaq. Then I traveled to Omashu to learn the ways of Earthbending from Master Xumi. Then I traveled to the Fire Nation to learn under Master Sage Kyyo.

I've already mastered every element, its special techniques, and the Avatar State at the age of fourteen. I even mastered the ancient art of Energybending. I struggled with Shadowbending at first but mastered it as well.

I'm ready to take on the world and the now resurfaced Equalist army lead by an actual non-bender name Koh. He wishes to wipe out the art of Firebending by killing every single Fire Nation citizen. But the only problem Koh, the leader of the Equalist, is the result of Koh The Face Stealer joining spirits with a human infant when they were born, which somehow started an Avatar-like cycle that transcends all four nations in the opposite of the Avatar Cycle: Air, Fire, Earth, and Water. They call it the Koh cycle. It started halfway through Avatar Korra's reign as the Avatar, and the leader of the Equalist, Koh, is the Air incarnation of the Koh cycle.


  • Avatar Vega: The newest incarnation of the Avatar. He is the first Air Nomad Avatar born after the Hundred Year War. He's from the Northern Air Temple where he was raised. He's a bit optimistic and wise cracking like his father. Plus he likes an Air Nomad from the Western Air Temple.
  • Hui Po: A Monk from the Southern Air Temple, where he was raised by his father, Sizu. He's a well mannered Monk, who really enjoys a good hot cup of tea and a good game of Pai Sho. He also loved practical jokes.
  • Master Pannaq: Born in the Southern Water Tribe, he's a descendant of Chief Unalaq. He now lives in the Northern Water Tribe. He loves to spar with other people.
  • Master Xumi: Xumi's a rough and arrogant yet funny Earthbender from Omashu. He's the youngest son of King Chin Xu. He's a master Metalbender and a master of Seismic Sense. He's never liked being royalty.
  • Master Kyyo: A rough and tumble Firebender from the Fire Nation's Capitol City. He's the Fire Lord's brother. He to never cared about being royalty. He also loves to play a good game of Pai Sho.
  • Sarah: An Air Nomad girl from the Western Air Temple. She learned under the tutelage of Sister Akio and received her tattoos at age 14. While visiting the Northern Air Temple for the 257th Bison Polo Tournament, she met a Northern Air Temple boy by the name of Vega. She fell for him instantly. She created a new Airbending form called "Air Jets".
  • Sister Akio: A 45-year-old master Airbender from the Western Air Temple. She's a no nonsense monk and is found meditating in the Western Air Temple Canyon.
  • Monk Cashi: High Monk at the Southern Air Temple and a very powerful airbender for a 75-year-old man.
  • Monk Apongo: High Monk at the Northern Air Temple, as well as Vega's mentor.
  • Kyya: Princess of the Fire Nation, granddaughter of Master Kyyo, and friend of Vega.
  • Yara: A Waterbender who saved Sarah, Kyya, and Vega on Kyoshi Island.


  1. The Journey Begins
  2. The Western Air Temple
  3. The Island of Kyoshi
  4. The Southern Air Temple
  5. The Southern Water Tribe

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