Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Legend of Toka in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Legend of Toka
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Decemeber 18, 2012 - Unknown


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Avatar nut4

The Legend of Toka tells the story of the fearless Earth Kingdom Avatar after Korra, Toka.


Book 1 : Fire

Toka, The Fearless Avatar.

Toka was a prodigy, mastering earthbending and metalbending at a young age.  It always came easy to him.  He was known as 'Fearless' all throughout the city.  He was well known all over the city.  He was very independent and determined to protect his family and the city no matter what. However, once he finds out that he is the Avatar his life changes forever, and his 'fearless' title slowly diminishes as he learns that he is the world's protector.

While on his journey to master all the elements, he travels to the even further technological Republic City to stay with Jinora's son, Taio, and his family on Air Temple Island.  While there, he learns that the entire police force has been possessed by an armed leader, their task is to bring him down whatever it takes.

The Legend of Toka: War of the Two Worlds (Book 2) **Name may change**

Book 2 continues Toka's adventures in Republic City as the new Avatar!

In Book 2, Toka has mastered firebending.  However, he doesen't continue to learn airbending.  Something comes up that takes him out of practice and onto the battlefield.  Spirits break the separation from the mortal world and the Spirit World and wreaks havoc on the everyone. The spirits of the past Avatars join Toka and his friends in a fight against the spirits that will deteremine the fate of the world and everyone living in it. 

Once again war breaks out, but this time it's on a whole new level!


  • Toka: The 'fearless' Avatar
  • Jina: Toka's loving mother
  • Narak: Toka's hard-working father
  • Wae: The Earth King, and Toka's grandfather
  • Taio: A member of the Order of the White Lotus, and Toka's new guardian

I will add more characters as they make an appearance in the story.


  • ===Book 1: Fire===

Chapter 2 is still being written.

  • Chapter 3: Troubled Waters
  • Chapter 4: The City of Dreams
  • Chapter 5: Love Reborn
  • Chapter 6: Friend or Foe

More chapters will come as soon as possible.

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