The First Avatar

Before the Story Starts...

This story is told from the perspective of Aang. Aang was told this story by Monk Gyatso and is telling it to the Team Avatar before they head off to bed.

The First Avatar

"Hey, you know what, I got an idea guys," said Sokka, after dinner one night soon before the day of Sozin's Comet. There was an awkward silence, so Sokka tried to break the ice. "Any takers?" he asked " Okay fine, how about this one scary story I know, it's called The Man with a Sw-"

"Sword for a Hand, yeah Sokka we've all heard that one," Toph interrupted.

"I haven't heard it," said Zuko. Katara spoke up to point out to the newly redeemed Zuko that he wouldn't want too. Katara then turned to Aang.

"Aang, do you have any interesting stories that you know that maybe the monks told you or somthing?" she asked.

"Yeah, like the orgin of Airbending or why Appa has an arrow on his head or even why you have an arrow on your head or-or- the way our world was created!" screamed Sokka. He rambled on until Suki slapped him. Everyone laughed at Sokka's quirks. Once they quieted down, Aang started to speak.

"Well, not too many of those are stories that I know of" Aang explained "I do know this one story that Monk Gyatso told me a long time ago. It's the Legend of The First Avatar."

"That should be a lot better than The Man with a Sword For A Hand" says Toph 

"Urghh! Well you know what Toph-" started Sokka, infuriated.

"Be quiet! Aang is trying to start!" snapped Zuko.

"Thanks Zuko. As I was saying, the legend of the first Avatar starts in the 5th century, when humanity was starting to understand the world around them. Which means that there would soon be an unbalace in the world because of people's greed. 

The world at that time was being governed by five supreme animals, and each controlled one part of the world. The animals that ruled over where the Earth Kingdom is were the Badgermoles. The animals that ruled over the land where the Fire Nation is were the Dragons. The animals that ruled the artic regions where the Water Tribes are were the Moon spirit and the Ocean spirit, which I'm not sure if they had assumed their current forms, but anyway they ruled over the people in those areas. Then, the animals that ruled over the Patola Mountains, which is where the Air Nomads were from originally, were the Sky Bison. Isn't that right Appa?" Appa growled to show his agreement.

Aang continued. "All of those animals besides the spirits reported to Giant Lion Turtles. The spirits soon taught the people of the artic how to bend Water, and the dragons soon revealed there secrets to the Firebenders, and the Sky Bisons taught us how to bend Air, but the badgermoles didn't do to much for their people, since they had wars among the small villages and soon the others spoke of fighting too. The animals and spirits soon lost control of the people and the lion turtles, who have the ability go into the Spirit World, went and reported what was happening to the other spirits. They knew that this wouldn't be good so they went to the all-knowing Universe and asked what should be done. The Universe decided and sent down his son, the reincarnation of the Earth itself known as the Avatar (that's me), to be able to keep balance in the world. The Avatar learned how to bend all of the elements and would keep peace amongst the people of the world. But soon he fell in love with a mortal woman and had a child. When word reached the Spirit World, the spirits said that he would never be able to join them again. And so as his punishment would be that he was trapped in the mortal world forever where he would always be; living, dying and being reincarnated. Avatar went to the Spirit World and begged for forgiveness from the Universe to they would take him back. The Universe then allowed Avatar to be the bridge between the Mortal World and the Spirit World. So the Avatar left and became a mortal just like the ones he was to watch so that he would understand them. He married his love but for the rest of his life he never truly felt whole. The Universe longed to see the Avatar but knew if it did, no one would ever trust him or listen it's authority. One day, late in Avatar's life, the Universe came to him and transformed into the image of a human. The Avatar did not know who it was but soon confronted the person. As the Avatar was walking towards his parent, the Universe ran to its son and grasped the man in its arms. The Avatar was confused at first but then the Universe said, ' My son, my son, I have missed you so.' The Avatar was relieved and felt that his life was now fulfilled, and he was to know now that he was to be accepted. The day he had longed for years finally came."

"Wow. So after all of that, the Avatar still had hope that the Universe would come to him and accept him? That must have been so hard for the Universe." Katara pointed out. "I only wish my father was as loving as the Universe, but I completly understand the Avatar's pain of being banished and disowned," Zuko said as he turned away. He ran his hand down his scar as he looked away from the group.

Suki added in,"Yeah, and how he was sent by his father keep balance. Even though it created a rift between them"

"Kinda' like the inbalance between me and my family. It does fell like there is a void between us, growing bigger" Toph sniffled. She let a few tears pass then became annoyed when she heard Sokka starting to snicker. She caused a ridge to go between his legs with her Earthbending.

"I also think it was about how love has it's ups and downs and can have consequences, but will turn out for the better in the end" pointed out Aang as he glanced over at Katara. Sokka stood up and stretched.

"Well that was a good story, but not as good as the story about the Man with a Sword for a Hand," Sokka said.

"Yeah because that is such a great story," Suki said sarcastically. Everyone laughed and bade each other good night

The End

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