The Legend of Sava
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MakorraIsBae/ Demurity


MakorraIsBae/ Demurity


The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Sava is a fan-written sequel to The Legend of Korra, based 300 years after Korra's generation.


Sava, the new Avatar, is born to a world where people do not bend anymore and spirits are gone for centuries.

It is written by Demurity on wattpad which can be read here:

Sava Besi

In the first book, Sava Besi is 17 years old.

On the way, she meets many of her future friends including; Kan, Amira Shi, Zaho, Katara and Ren.

Sava has blonde hair and brown eyes. Her weapon of choice is two ropes that can stretch very widely, she uses them to tie them around branches so she can swing herself up to the trees. Also, she uses them to whip her enemies when fighting. Later, when she unlocks her firebending, she begins to lift the ropes on fire. She found her ropes in her parents' room before she ran away, just after they got murdered. The ropes were originally created for firebenders.

If Sava Besi was born 300 years before, her nationality would be the Earth Nation since the Avatar was meant to reincarnate into an earthbender. However, no one in the world has a nationality anymore, they all come from the same place; the Avatar World.

When Sava ran away, she built a tree house for herself outside of the Capital City; a super modern city with nothing but technology and giant motorways high in the air.

Sava also has a pet Macaw Parrot that she calls Yew.


Book one

After Sava unlocked her firebending, she begins having weird voices in her head that she later find out that it is Raava and Korra. When Korra's spirit contacts her and tells her that she is the Avatar, Sava knows that the world has been lied to for over 300 years. But by who?

That person was Master Wei, one evil scientist that could steal bending from other people by some simple syringes and tests.

Book One: Bending | Chapter One: Kan

Most of the book is in the point of view of Sava, put some are also in the point of view of her friends.

In the first chapter of the book we find out where Sava lives, she has no idea of bending at all, only about some tales her mother used to tell her before her parents passed away.

She helps out a boy, Kan, to escape from the city guards who were chasing her. While fighting the guards, she unlocks her firebending.

Love Interests for Sava Besi

When Kan and Sava travelled to the Shi Library in hope of finding some old books about the spirits and bending, they have bonded a lot and Sava held onto Kan tightly as they rode on Maney, an ostrich horse on the way.

When Amira, Sava and Kan visited The Foggy Swamp to get answers from the Banyan-Grove Tree, they met a boy, Zaho there who has been quite mean to them but helped them out and stayed with them at the tree house. Sava and Zaho grow close and have their first kiss in an old abandoned light house.

Book Two: Peace

Book two is coming out on the 18th of January 2015.

It follows the gang in the North Pole as they come across and ancient lake that draws Sava's attention. Kan is missing since Book One, since the bombing in the old Pro-Bending Arena.

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For the collective works of the author, go here.

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