Air Nomads
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The Legend of Sasuke


Book 1: Facing Destiny


Adventures of the South


Chapter 7: Peacekeepers

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"Okay this is our route men," Kael explained to the monks, soldiers, Sasuke, and Tina in the war room.

"The Fire Nation will take their battleships and land troops on the West coast of the United Republic of Nations."

"The Water Tribes will take their ships from the North and South on the coast and take control of all the surrounding shores to close off all routes of escape from the sea."

"The Earth Kingdom will fortify the border between the invaders and Earth Kingdom territory and seal off escape while tanking forward into battle."

"Then Sasuke will come with Tina and I and our battalion."

"Finally, the Air Nation will come on sky bison and gliders and will assault from the skies using airbendin.g"

Cutting off Kael's plan, Abbot Paitsu firmly stated, "The Air Nation is not to take part in conflict because we are pacifists."

"But we need all four nations to cooperate to successfully launch—"

"No Kael, my decision is final."

Kael's face turned red with fury. He stayed up for many days and nights mapping routes, strategies, and back-up plans for the battle and now they were turning his back to him. Sasuke was also angered by this and decided that he needed to stand up for Kael.

"You have to help us!" Sasuke cried.

"No, the Air Nomads have been pacifists ever since humans walked the earth."

"You are not the Air Nomads!"

"We are supposed to follow their traditions."

"Avatar Torque gave you acolytes airbending so that you could use it responsibly and for a good cause."

"Avatar Aang told us to follow their principles and traditions."

"But you must also fix their mistakes!"

"They were flawless masters of peace who we try to learn from."

"But they did not think of their future..."

"Why are you insulting our role models in their old temples?"

"Why are you so short-sighted that you aren't preparing to have a standing army to defend yourselves from another genocide?"

"I will be asking you to leave my nation alone, Avatar! You are promoting violence in our nation! Looks like you will be learning airbending on your own! If you are even pacifistic enough to be able to use it!"

When Sasuke heard the abbot's last remark, he stormed out. Tina, Kael, and the troops from the United Forces.

Team Avatar left the Southern Air Temple and moved to the Southern Water Tribe. They were greeted with hospitality and given a big icy hut to stay in.

"Our next goal is to take a small amount of land from those invaders that we can use later to mount our invasion later," Kael explained to the troops.

"Yes Sir!" said the troops in great respect of Kael.

In the United Republic of Nations

"People of the Society of Phoenixes hear me out! We have conquered a part of the Overworld! The Avatar has been traced to the South! The Great Phoenix is on the path to being reborn. We have lived underground and hidden ourselves for so long! We shall use phoenixbending to end the Avatar and restore our Great Phoenix! I, Great Elder Ozam, shall rule you well and restore our true ruler!"

The crowd shouted with joy.

At the South Pole

Sasuke looked outside at the icy sea from the bridge along with Tina as the moon shined bright.

"Tina, how will I learn airbending now?"

"We will find a way Sasuke"

A tear flowed down Sasuke's cheek. He always thought of Abbot Paitsu as his mentor and guardian ever since the Spirits teacher was taken away.

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