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The Legend of Sasuke


Book 1: Facing Destiny


Adventures of the South


Chapter 6: Secrets Revealed

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The Avatar State

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Sasuke stuffed an apple in his mouth as he gazed at the beauty of the Fire Lord's palace. He could see the happiness of the city around him as he landed. This was the happiness the day before the invasion. Sasuke would not let down his guard this time.

"You will not pass unless you tell me your name," a grouchy sentry snapped.

"I am Avatar Sasuke and I am here to tell the Fire Lord of horrid news."

"Oh, you little puny child as an Avatar? Hahahaha!"

This seemed to be the guard's only bit of humor.

"I am! And I'll show you if you don't let me in."

"Ha! Then bend all elements."

Sasuke turned pale as he reached a realization. He had not even completely mastered his home element yet and not even learned the other three. This caused him great distress.

"What is all this screaming about?" the Fire Lord said as he walked down the royal garden.

"He says he is the Ava-"

"Goodness! It is Avatar Sasuke! I have heard of your heroism in the United Republic of Nations and how you have realized your duty," the Fire Lord said as he bowed down to Sasuke.

"I need to talk to you about that. I need to settle some diplomacy."

"Follow me down the Grand Hallway and we shall discuss in private."

In the North Pole
Tina was impressed by the high display of waterbending that was shown in the North Pole as she surfed closer to there on her waterbending wave. Tina was welcomed to the North Pole, being a strong waterbender. She was taken to the chief quickly.

"Hello, do you need any help?" said the chief.

Back at the Fire Nation Royal Palace
"So, what have you come here for, Avatar?"

Being called Avatar instead of Sasuke made him feel a loss of personality. It made him feel like he was not human but an item.

"I must ask for two things."

"Okay, what is the first."

"As you know, the United Republic of Nations was attacked by a mysterious force."


"My team is trying to make an alliance of all nations to win it back and defeat the invaders."

"We will be willing to join the cause, Avatar."

That word again. It made him shudder.

"Thank you, Fire Lord Hitzai."

"What is the other thing you needed?"

"Do you have any information about this menace?"

"In fact, I do! My troops gathered this information when the invaders captured our port."

"Perfect, a scroll that seems to be a history recording."

0 E.A.D
All hail our lord and god, the Great Phoenix. May his glory and wisdom be spread. We must bend the soul like the Phoenix. When the Phoenix falls, he always rises again. He shall be reborn when the sun's shine corrodes the moon. We shall rise and kill the Avatar, whose radiation will not let the Phoenix be reborn. Only then will our master be truly reborn.

10,000 E.A.D
The day of no moon has been drawn. We have wreaked havoc on the cities that have resided above us for years. The Council leader's heir has been decided. Chitapadda's successor Ozam. He shall rule the good lands and the foreign land above us as we free the Phoenix. Pheonixbending can destroy the spirit of anything. The spirit of the Avatar is bendable and destroyable. Just as the chi we bend. We are the Society of Phoenixes

Sasuke jumped on his sky bison as the Fire Lord wished him good luck on his journey to the port city of the Fire Nation. As Sasuke approached the city he saw firebending guards guarding it.

Great! The Fire Nation took it back!

Sasuke took a closer look. Phoenix guards were also standing there. The Fire Nation guards, even though clearly outnumbering the Phoenix guards, took orders from them without hesitation. He landed and saw the agony on the faces of the soldiers.

"Save us! They attached tags to us that drain our chi instantly if we don't listen to them! They can kill us!" a Fire Nation soldier whispered.

"What did I just hear?" said a Phoenix guard as he instantaneously paralyzed the soldier.

"You can't do this to them!"

"Soldiers capture him!"

The Fire Nation soldiers obeyed even though they did not want to carry out the order. They encircled Sasuke and injured his sky bison, Bamboo. Just when Sasuke thought he had lost the world to these invaders he saw something in the distance.

"Earthbenders! Fire at will!" Kael commanded as he steered his squad of earthbenders on dragonflies.

The earthbenders attacked the Fire Nation soldiers lightly. The soldiers acted as if they were in so much pain that they could not fight until they rest. The phoenixbenders screamed as they shot waves of aggressive phoenixbending out of their hands. Suddenly, icicles shot the phoenixbenders and pinned them down.

"Attack!" said Tina aggressively.

A fleet of Northern Water Tribe cutter sailing ships docked at the bay as waterbenders attacked.

"Get out phoenixbenders!" the general ordered as they evacuated.

"Victory!" Kael said as he patted Sasuke on the back and helped untag Fire Nation soldiers.

"How did you get those cool dragonflies?" Sasuke said, still stunned by the recent events and the sudden reconquering of the port.

"Its a long story in the Ba Sing Se Zoo... By the way, next time we go to Ba Sing Se we need to steer clear of the zoo."

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