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The Avatar State
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The Legend of Sasuke


Book 1: Facing Destiny


Adventures of the South


Chapter 5: The Avatar State

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The Southern Air Temple

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Abbot Paitsu woke up in the cold, early morning. Especially up in the mountains, it was freezing. The Abbot came into the sleeping quarters of Sasuke and his friends, but did not find him sleeping in there.

"Here you go Bamboo! A nice basket of apples for you and Bobo!" he heard Sasuke say outside.

"Hello Sasuke, I see you are playing with the sky bison and your messenger hawk, Bobo"

"I'm sorry that I am playing right now it's just that its too-"

"I know Sasuke"

"Can we start training now?"

"I think you already are training"

Sasuke was left puzzled by the abbot's remark.

"You see, the sky bison was the one that taught us how to airbend"

"So it is the true airbending master?"

"Precisely, yours is young just like you and I think that will help in a bond between you two"

"Should I take lessons from him"

"When you get the chance you should, but now you must learn about the Avatar State"

The abbot led Sasuke into the inner chambers of the temple, where the statues of all of the Avatars were. It was very huge. The statues circled around the room.

"To master the Avatar State you must lose connection with all of your senses and let the power of Raava take over"

Sasuke sat and meditated as the abbot spoke.

"First, close your eyes"

Sasuke followed that command easily.

"Second, lose your sense of smell"

Sasuke tried hard and cut off his sense of smell.

"Third, lose you sense of touch.

Sasuke became numb and lost his sense of touch.

"Fourth, stop thinking"

Sasuke made his mind blank and was constantly blocking off a new train of thought from coming to his mind.

"Fifth, stop hearing"

Sasuke turned off his sense of sound with ease.

I think I did it! Oh no! I just thought! Oh no! I'm going to keep thinking!

"No!!!" screamed Sasuke, seconds away from the Avatar State before interruption.

"Maybe next time" sighed the abbot.

Meanwhile, Kael made the arrangements for the team to split up and commence with the plan to get the nations on their side.

"Bye bud" said Sasuke to Bamboo as he and his messenger hawk were about to depart.

"Bamboo is yours to keep" said the abbot.

"Thank you, I will take care of him well"

"Bye guys!" Sasuke said to the others as he and his pets faded in the moonlight.

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