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The Southern Air Temple
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The Legend of Sasuke


Book 1: Facing Destiny


Adventures of the South


Chapter 4: The Southern Air Temple

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The Ambush

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The Avatar State

"Thank you Abbot Paitsu."

"Anything to save the Avatar."

Sasuke was resting with Tina, Kael and a squad of men from the United Forces who had survived. The bed that Sasuke was resting in was like a cloud, its material so fluffy and warm. In fact, it was specially made out of the same material of a cloud. Tina got out of bed and yawned. Sasuke got up and sat in bed.

"Are you feeling good Sasuke."

"No, I remember... I was almost dead."

"Don't worry, you saved us, Sasuke."

"No, I did not, I wasn't your Avatar."

"In our eyes, you are a hero."

"I don't feel like one..." Sasuke muttered to himself.

"Let's wake up Kael."

"Guys, I have a plan for how to win back the United Republic of Nations."

The men who were saved looked at Kael in an interested fashion after his comment. They were eager to win back their home.

"We just have to get the other four nations on our side."

"And how will we do that Kael?" Tina said, considering the fact that they cannot just instantly communicate with all four leaders

Kael described the plan in detail. Since Sasuke hailed from the Fire Nation, he would negotiate with the Fire Lord. Kael would negotiate with the South Pole. After that, he would take a boat to Ba Sing Se. Since he hails from the Earth Kingdom, it would be easier to negotiate with the Earth King. Tina would use her waterbending to travel to the North Pole and negotiate with their chief. Kael's plan seemed foolproof.

"I need to learn airbending from the monks here."

With that comment, Sasuke walked out the door.

"I wish to train with you, Abbot Paitsu."

"It would be a pleasure."

Abbot Paitsu was the leader of the Air Nation. He was an old, wise man with a beard who had a strong sense of humor.

"You must be patient and compassionate to master airbending."

"What should I do to work on this Paitsu?"


The men in the military, on the contrary, were growing restless. They wanted to free their nation and be heroes. The fact that Kael told them to wait made them furious.

"How much longer *sigh*, Commander Kael?" said one of the members.

"Listen! I want to free your nation as much as you do! We need to wait a few days!"

"Why can we not attack now! You have not even commenced with your plan!"

"We all need time to rest! You do not know what we have been through!"

Their voices kept rising every time they spoke.

"We were in the army! We saw our men being taken-"

"Do you realize how much Sasuke has been through? Give him a break!" Tina interrupted.

After that comment, Tina went out the door and slammed it upon her exit. She went outside and found Sasuke meditating.

"Okay, that is enough meditation for now, my young pupil."

"Is it time to start airbending?"

"No, it is time to rest because tomorrow you will be taught about the Avatar State."

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