Shadowed Katara
The Ambush
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The Legend of Sasuke


Book 1: Facing Destiny


Takeover of the Republic


Chapter 3: The Ambush

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The Southern Air Temple

Sasuke's face turned as pale as the moon. He found no evidence of bending. There were no signs of retaliation at all.

Did they just go by free will?

Did they just leave me?

His tears flowed down his cheeks as they turned into ice in the cold night. He heard rain pounding on the windows followed by screams.

What happened... Should I check it out...

Sasuke walked outside of the school to see strange benders bending a strange flamelike bending source that was flowing like water and strongly radiated.

"Where is the Avatar!", said one of the offenders as he was threatening an old man.

"I do not know! Please do not hurt me!", the old man screamed in fright, as if calling to the Avatar to save him.

Adrenaline and anxiety rushed through Sasuke's heart, supplanting the calmness and fragility of it.

I must not refrain. I must save his life. I must not be scared...

"I am the Avatar!", Sasuke screamed while blasting fire at the offender.

A swarm of the attacking benders rushed to Sasuke and fiercely attacked. They sent a huge unified blast out of their hands.

Oh no!

The furious blast instantly hit Sasuke and knocked him back. It did not do any physical damage but he felt like he lost his energy. He could not move.

Ugh! Egh! Argh! It doesn't hurt physically but I feel so nauseous and paralyzed.' '

"If he were the Avatar he would have used all four elements on us."

"He is tricking us."

"Hey kid, next time you try to trick the Society of the Phoenixes when the Great Phoenix is reborn you should be ready for an instant death."

"We spared you."

"With phoenixbending at its peak we could have easily killed you."

They left him paralyzed lying on the cold road. After a few hours, control of the body returned to Sasuke. Sasuke saw a phoenixbender standing next to a large cave. Sasuke crept behind the phoenixbender and kicked him down into the cave. He slowly crept down without making a sound.

"Sasuke help!", said a soft voice.

Its Tina and Kael!

"Tina, Kael its you!", Sasuke whispered as he walked into their cell.

"Sasuke, its you! Where have you been?"

"It is irrelevant Tina."

After this comment, Sasuke freed them from their chains.

"Lets get out of here," said Kael in a firm voice. They all rushed out. Panic and screams were in the air. The army of he United Republic of Nations as losing. At last, General Lock was paralyzed along with more than 95% of the army. These remnants of the army were now a small squad of men. It was imminent: the United Republic of Nations was destined to fall.

"Fall back men! I will lead you to safety!", said the Avatar, realising his destiny was sooner to come than he thought.

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