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The Legend of Sasuke


Book 1: Facing Destiny


Running from Destiny


Chapter 2: Professional Bending

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The Prodigy

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The Ambush

"Bye Tina," Sasuke muttered as he passed her door and headed out of the dormitories. His light sigh of pain in the winter morning made a small puff of fog as he passed by all of the buildings in the campus.

Just run away and you will be fine Sasuke... I must run away from my past and start a new life. But where? I'm just a kid...

Sasuke made a loud scream of agony as he trembled and fell on his feet in the cold and silent Republic City streets. He could not suppress his fear. Suddenly, Sasuke heard a frozen twig snap.

"Hello little street dog," a stranger said as he walked towards Sasuke

"I am no street dog!"

"You must be new around here, so I'll make it simple."

Sasuke made an expression on his face of anger and confusion (feelings that he has felt so much in the preceding hour).

"You pay me the 100 yuans you begged and squirmed for on the street and I'll let you pass."

Sasuke in a fit of temper and rage made a huge leftwards kick of fire at the stranger. As he was sent flying back, Sasuke continued with four consecutive fire punches.

"I am not a weakling!" Sasuke exclaimed as the stranger was sent wriggling on the road, soon to be the roadkill of a Satomobile.

A man who looked like an earthbender stepped out.

"You fearlessly dealt with that bully! You could face anything if you want!"

He does not know how I ran from my destiny.

"No, I am not fearless," Sasuke sighed as he turned his back to the man and started walking away.

"I was just going to ask if you could join my professional bending team."

Professional bending. The words ringed in Sasuke's head. It was just what he needed to hide from his destiny. As a talented bender, he could make lots of money and do what he loves best. He could also mask himself. What teacher would guess that someone would hide in a bending arena to get away from a bending school?

"I accept your offer," Sasuke moaned, slightly less monotone than he usually said things after the recent information.

"Yes! Let me show you our training room!"

They walked down the streets as the sun slowly rose up into the air.

As they walked in the room they heard the voice of a young waterbending girl.

"I see we have a new person in our team."

"Yes our team is finally complete Kay," the man (who Sasuke later found out was named Rally) said.

"Well lets start training!" she said in a spirited tone.

The next day...

"It is time for the Twin Dragon Trio to face off against the feared Midnight Bats!" the announcer yelled out.

Both teams had a heated exchange of elements, neither side being able to knock one far enough. Sasuke, even being the Avatar, felt that he was not as much of a prodigy as it seemed when he was in professional bending. It felt confusing and different as it was not about the pure style of fighting. It was about how you used it to knock other people.

There is so much in my head right now! Ugh its too much!

Sasuke was thinking to long. A large ball of ice was coming his way and he was still in a sedimentary position. He got knocked back all of the zones and into the water. Sasuke woke up a few hours later, still drenched. On top of his other mixed feelings he now felt embarrassed.

"You are a disgrace to professional bending!" Kay angrily said as she stormed out.

Sasuke took his belongings. He walked on the sidewalk and saw the sun setting. It got dark very quickly and soon a strange constellation appeared in the sky. It looked like a huge phoenix. It somehow made Sasuke tremble. He started running back to school. He sneaked inside and it was silent. No one was in a classroom. No one was in the dormitories. No one was on the campus. Sasuke screamed and cried in his desperate isolation.

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