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The Prodigy
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The Legend of Sasuke


Book 1: Facing Destiny


Running from Destiny


Chapter 1: The Prodigy

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Professional Bending

Sasuke was waking up and ready for his favorite class, sparring. He was ready to challenge his best friend Tina. She was a gentle, talented waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe. She was also a very studious student. But on the battlefield she was very powerful and Sasuke learned not to underestimate her.

"Ready Tina?"

"I'm always ready!"

Tina shoots a blast of water but Sasuke ducks down and kicks fire at her with a low sweep. She falls on the ground and laughs.

"I'll get you next time Sasuke!"

"Not on my watch!"

The two head to History class.

"Today we will be learning about Avatar Torque, the one who restored airbending to the Air Nomads. He used-"

"Energybending, the same 5th bending Avatar Aang used to take away Fire Lord Ozai's bending away during the Hundred Year War," the Spirits teacher interrupted

"NO he used modern technology to restore their bending. A 5th bending element is nonsense!" the history teacher yelled, infuriated by the interruption.

"Get out of my classroom!" he expressed with huge slam of earth sent to the other teacher.

The simple monk dodged the attack with airbending.

"Sometimes I wish Torque hadn't restored airbending..." the History teacher sighed.

"I was just coming to get Sasuke, I need to have an important meeting with him."

Sasuke followed the Spirits teacher with fearfulness in his eyes. He was sweating and words kept repeating in his head.

Am I in trouble? Will I be expelled? But he is such a nice teacher what could go wrong? What did I do?

The Spirits teacher sensed the fear in Sasuke and comforted him as he led him up the stairs. When they finished the long walk they saw a big door which the teacher quickly opened. The room it led to was filled with ancient artifacts- and paintings of the past 4 Avatars. Roku, Aang, Korra, and Torque. Sasuke felt a strange energy as he sat down. His parents and teachers were also in the room. He took a deep breath.

"Sasuke, do you know what Spirits are?", the teacher asked.

"Yes they are immortal beings who watch over us"

"Do you know what the Avatar Spirit is?"

"Yes, it is a spirit that watches over us by reincarnating into physical bodies"

"And which element has the spirit been born in to at this time?"


"And do you know who it is?"

"Am I supposed to know? Am I going to be expelled?", Sasuke exclaimed with surprise loudly

"No, the new Avatar spirit is you Sasuke"

"ME! How long did you know this?"

"Ever since you were born"

ME! ME! Avatars always undergo pain and responsibility! NO! My whole life was an illusion!

Sasuke's expression changed to a face mixed with surprise, sorrow, anxiety, fear, and rage. When Sasuke returned to class he was unusually silent. When the school bell rung and Sasuke was about to head to his dorm Tina caught up to him.

"What's wrong Sasuke?",Tina softly said.

"Nothing!" and with that Sasuke stormed into his dorm.

Sasuke packed up snacks, medical supplies, and books.

"The world doesn't need me. They'll just mock me. Everyone is happy as they are and I'm just-different," Sasuke sighed as he opened the creaking door and left the room.

The End! Stay tuned for more episodes!

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