"We will fight
even against the benders
and strive to stretch
beyond the cosmos""

Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Legend of Sasuke in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Eventually going to have 36






The Legend of Torque

"Win back the Republic or suffer. Take the risk or minimize the losses. Lose sense of yourself. You are it. It is you"

Sasuke is a firebending prodigy who goes to Republic City Academy of Benders. Little does he know what he is destined to face. He finds out his duty too late and when The Great Phoenix attacks there is no savior. Will there be an Avatar? Who can stop this menace? This saga is part of the Mega Saga, The Louberry Tales.


Main Characters

Sasuke- A firebending prodigy who is scared of many things. He is later discovered to be the protagonist

Tina- A studious, quiet girl who will not let people change her ideas. She can be headstrong when the time calls for it especially with her waterbending. She is nice most of the time.

Kael- The tritagonist of the plot who provides comic relief. He is serious when the time calls for it though. For a non-bender who hails from the Earth Kingdom, he gets around well.

Ozam- The antagonist of the plot who wishes to bring back the Great Phoenix.

Major Characters

Abbot Paitsu- An airbending monk who rules the Air Nation.

Fire Lord Hitzai- A prestigious Fire Lord. He is a kind ruler who is out to help the world.

Minor Characters

Spiritual teacher- Sasuke's spiritual mentor who guided him until his death at the invssion of the United Republic of Nations.

Flat Characters

Sasuke's parents

History teacher


Book 1- Facing Destiny

Chapter 1- The Prodigy

  • Sasuke has recently moved into the Republic City Academy of Bending, his dream school. He is a prodigy even amongst the best of the school. He is reveling in his newfound prodigious skills until he finds out his responsibilities.

Chapter 2- Professional Bending

  • Sasuke tries to run from his new duties and feels he is too cowardly to face what is ahead. He runs away from school and signs up as a probender and hopes to be able to hide.

Chapter 3-The Ambush

  • When Sasuke returns, everyone at school is missing. Will he be able to save them before its too late?

Chapter 4-The Southern Air Temple

  • Sasuke travels to the Southern Air Temple, hoping to find shelter from the invasion of the United Republic of Nations.

Chapter 5- The Avatar State

  • Sasuke hopes to master the Avatar State in order to free the United Republic of Nations. 

Chapter 6- Secrets Revealed

  • Sasuke sneaks into the United Republic of Nations to find valuable information about the enemy. He also plans to get the other nations on his side.

Chapter 7- Peacekeepers

  • The Air Nation tries to remain neutral in the conflict and attack no one. Sasuke wants to get them on his side.

Chapter 8- Retaliation

  • Kael plans to invade and own a small amount of land with his small forces to use when mounting the large invasion.

Chapter 9- The Ring of Fire

  • Ozam's ships are heading to the South Pole and Sasuke must stop them.

Chapter 10- South Pole

  • Ozam mounts his invasion of the South. Will the South Pole be able to learn how to defeat then before it is too late?

Chapter 11- Takeover of the South

  • The citizens of the South Pole are being abused. Sasuke tries to help them without revealing himself.

Chapter 12- Siege of the Temple

  • The Southern Air Temple is sieged. Will Sasuke be able to take a stand and defend his new home?

Book 2- Energy

  • TBA

Book 3- Phoenixes

  • TBA

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