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The Legend of Ong is a one-shot by AvatarRokusGhost that takes place twenty years after the war in the Southern Water Tribe with Aang, Katara and their three children.


Aang beheld the icy shores of the South Pole gradually approaching over the horizon. The warm sun illuminated the shiny water with its midday light. Appa's fur shook slightly with the cool breeze blowing gently over his massive body. At last the Avatar was home. He found his three children waiting for him in front of their village.

"Hello," said Aang while leaping off his sky bison to greet them.

"Hi Dad," Tenzin reciprocated.

Kaddo nodded. "What up Pops." This made Aang raise an eyebrow.

"Welcome home, Daddy," Vameira added, giving him a small hug.

"Tenzin – sorry, but I packed your glider with me when I went to the Southern Air Temple. You must've been missing it." Aang pulled the long wooden flying stick out of his bag and handed it to his son.

"Thanks," said Tenzin, taking back his glider. "But it was no trouble at all. I just borrowed Vameira's while you were away."

"Oh, good," said Aang. "Vameira, that was very sweet of you."

"Well, then," Vameira growled "I believe it's time for me to have my glider back now."

"Ugh – fine," sighed Tenzin. With that, he ran off to fetch his sister's glider, which he had "borrowed" against her will when he was unable to find his own.

"How's your mother doing?" Aang asked Kaddo and Vameira.

"She's been good," said Vameira. "Busy with running the show around here and teaching Waterbending."

"Oh, how's your Waterbending training going Kaddo?" asked Aang.

"Terrible," Kaddo responded irritably. "Mom insists on teaching me how to heal instead of the real stuff."

"Oh, I'm sure she'll teach you some attacks soon," said Aang cheerfully. "But the value of healing is not to be underestimated. It's a very firm discipline and takes years of dedication to learn how to do correctly. So it's good for you to start on it now."

Kaddo shrugged. "Ummm...didn't Mom do it her first time without even trying?"

"What do you mean?" said Aang quizzically.

"She said she learned it by accident when you burned her hands while practicing Firebending."

"Oh yeah," uttered Aang uncomfortably. "Well, she had other lessons, you know."

"When?" asked Kaddo. "How come we never heard about them?"

"Just drop it, okay," Aang told him firmly.


"So how was your trip to the Southern Air Temple?" Vameira asked.

"It was fine," Aang answered. "I met with the Council of Elders to deal with some official business. But I need you two to get packed and changed now. We'll be leaving soon to visit Zuko and his family. I don't want to keep him waiting."

As Kaddo and Vameira went to get ready for their departure, Aang entered the hut he had called his home for the past fifteen years and found his wife there – still as graceful and welcoming as the day she found him in the iceberg.

"Hello Aang," she said, smiling. She had lit a fire in the center of the room and sat with her bare feet in the hair of the polar leopard-skinned rug Aang had forced himself to accept in to his house as one of the many compromises that marriage brought.

"Hello Katara," Aang returned. "Ready to go to the Fire Nation?"

"Almost," she responded. "What did the Council have to say?"

"Well, Tenzin's on the top of his Airbending game as usual. Vameira, on the other hand, still needs a lot of work. I think I'll make her train harder from now on."

Katara sighed. "Understandable."

"Did you get the mail?"

"Yeah, it's over there," said Katara, gesturing over to the corner. "I haven't had time to go through it yet."

Aang picked up the pile and looked at it, confused. "Looks like there's a very large scroll for Tenzin. Who'd be writing him a letter this long?"

"Strange," agreed Katara. "What does it say?"

"The Legend of Ong and the Crystalbenders: Siege of the Northeast Part 5 – what the heck is this?!"

At the sound of Aang's words, his son rushed into the room at airbending-enhanced speed and snatched the scroll from his father's hands faster than he could blink. "It came. It came. It finally came" Tenzin was jumping up and down – almost hitting his head on the ceiling of the hut.

"You seem pretty excited," said Aang, taken aback. "Were you expecting this?"

"Of course," Tenzin told him while removing the ribbon and unrolling his new arrival. "This here is the exciting climax of the first collection of The Legend of Ong and the Crystalbenders."

"What's The Legend of Ong and the Crystalbenders?" asked Katara.

"It's a story I've subscribed to," exclaimed Tenzin. "They send an issue with the newest chapters once every few weeks via messenger hawk. It's about Ong, the hero of the Crystalbenders, who is on a quest to save his people from the brink of extinction by defeating Zornai, the evil Shadowbender king."

"A Crystalbender – so that's like an Earthbender who bends Crystal?" Aang wondered aloud. "And what exactly is a Shadowbender?"

"How did you find out about it?" asked Katara. Vameira and Kaddo had now entered to see what all the commotion was about.

"Anyone who's anyone reads it now," answered Tenzin matter-of-factly. "Of course, I have all the chapters and I've read them multiple times. At first Ong was alone in his journey, but now he has his companions Priscilla, Gorko and Smoto to help him out."

"You say everyone our age is into this?" asked Kaddo skeptically. "Not me."

Tenzin stuck out his tongue at his younger brother. "That's because you're not cool!"

"Can I see it?" asked Vameira.

"Get your own!" barked Tenzin.

Vameira folded her arms and stuck her nose in the air. "Hmph!"

"So all your friends read this now?" Katara asked Tenzin, trying to keep the conversation civil.

"Yep – even Princess Neinei."

"Zuko's daughter reads this, too?" asked Aang disbelievingly.

"Yeah – get us all in a room together and we can talk about it for hours," said Tenzin proudly. "It's a great way of bonding, although we do have our disagreements – particularly about the ships we support. I'm a fan of Prisong, but my friends are all Gorscillians – except for my friend Yuan, who likes Wartsmoto, but he's crazy. That's a total crack ship."

"A ship – you mean like a boat?" asked Aang.

Tenzin shook his head. "No – not that kind of ship. It's where you combine the names of two characters and you picture them in a romantic relationship together." Both his parents gawked at him, speechless.

"That's so sick and immature!" snapped Vameira. "Are you sure you're my older brother?"

Katara shot her a look. "Vameira – that wasn't very nice. But she does have a point, Tenzin..."

"No, no, you've got it all wrong," Tenzin said, waving a finger. "Shipping can actually be quite intellectual and artistic. Let me show you something." Tenzin pulled a small painted canvas out of his tunic and held it up for them. "Here are some drawings that my friends and I made as a dedication to some of our favorite ships." With this, everyone else's eyes widened in shock.

"Vameira – don't look!" Katara put up her hand to cover her daughter's eyes, but she soon brought it back down again to cover her own mouth.

"Alright, that's it!" Aang declared angrily. "Like I said before, you three need to pack. We will be leaving soon." And so Vameira and Kaddo left the room in a hurry. Tenzin followed right behind, tucking his canvas back into his tunic..

When they were left alone, Aang turned to his wife. "Katara, why do we let our kids read this trash?"

Katara, however, smirked. "They can do whatever they want as long as they handle their chores and other responsibilities." Katara had picked up the scroll and began reading it when Tenzin left it behind. "And actually, this is pretty good. I know they say it's a children's story, but I think its mature enough that adults can enjoy reading it as well. The themes are deep and the characters are all fascinating in their own way. Still, I can't help but wonder what this Priscilla person – if she existed in real life – would think about her being 'shipped' with all these people..."


  • Although Katara had healing lessons in the canon show, we never saw much of that. The author of this thought it seemed like she picked it up a little too quickly.
  • The character's reactions do not necessarily reflect AvatarRokusGhost's views on Avatar or the culture surrounding it. It is just meant to be a fun parody – and anything that's really good is worth making a parody of.
  • This one-shot takes place in the "Energyverse" between Chapter 11: Changing Winds and Chapter 12: The Calling Statue. Aang was at the Southern Air Temple in the prior chapter and in the Fire Nation with his family in the latter chapter.

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